Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


I can’t!!!




Kstar live

or Him

My blood pressure still goes up when I think of Love Alarm #2 - URGGGGGH

There is suppose to be a SEASON #3 - WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY




I’ll take him All DAY and TWICE on SUNDAYS!


Seriously? A third season? Is that really necessary?



what we just break Song Kang in half or what!???



That first GIF gave me the giggles.

I wasn’t even particularly upset with how the second season ended (truthfully, I was rooting for him from the beginning - not because I liked him better, but I thought he was better for HER), but after watching part of ep. 1 of 2nd season and skipping to the final episode, I just thought it was not very interesting or filmed all that well. What more could they have to say in a third season?


I didn’t like her - I loved him


(Song Kang)

and after waiting a YEAR - I was so ticked off!!! LOL


Meteor Garden / Boys Over Flower

This plot is so frustrating. I get so mad just thinking about how overhyped this show is. [Every version]

The constant make up to break up is irritating. Lots of misunderstandings that stretch over several episodes. ML acts like a dramatic boy the whole time, while the FL is childish and docile.


I love Minho - but don’t know if I’ll ever watch this - it is so old - there is so much more to watch now!
HUM - did you throw your laptop???



I have not seen Boys Over Flowers, but I did generally enjoy Meteor Garden (2018). It was really because of the cast, though, because there were certainly questionable plotlines with, dare I say it, toxic elements and tropes that are just downright ridiculous in any drama. For example parents/grandparents literally locking up their children in order to keep them away from a potential partner.


Age is just a number, right? LOL. I watched BOF because of Minho. I love him but I strongly disliked the character he played. I am not a fan of bullying but I suppose back when they were filming this, that was not the thing that it is now-a-days. Thankfully, his talent agency is helping him to make wiser decisions regarding dramas/films. As a young S Korean actor, he’ll always be one of my favorites!


I loved Boys Over Flowers the first couple times I watched it, years ago, but I think if I watched it for the first time now it’s be a throw your laptop drama, if you’re talking about the 2018 Chinese version of Meteor Garden I couldn’t finish it, wasn’t there enough drama in BOF? Why do they need double the episodes? Did it really need 12 more hours?


He needs to get his booty back doing a drama - I am waiting and waiting for Pachiko - but I want a Romance from MINHO - PLEASE!

I dream about him - ALOT - so weird


@kdrama2020ali I watched BOF because everyone was raving on about it. Minho is one of my fav. K-actors so I tolerated the plot for him. I barely restrained myself from burning my laptop. Lol

@my_happy_place It has a lot of toxicity. I watched BOF, MG2018, and Hana Yori Dango 2005. I didn’t see MG 2001 though. It’s so long. There’s even two seasons. :sweat_smile:

@sweetybirdtoo The draggy plot in the middle was unbearable I couldn’t finish MG 2018.


I have read the book, and it was so good. I didn’t know until very recently that they were doing this and that he would be in it.


Apple TV did it - I have been waiting FOREVER! but I know he is a gangsta!!! I need another historical or rom com from him!!! I love his silly self


Not in my opinion!


When I’m scrolling through the offerings on NF, I see The King: Eternal Monarch and am soooooooooo tempted. Maybe over the turkey day holiday I might take the plunge unless I do another SQUIRREL!!!

I should add that I have already watched this GEM.


People either really love Eternal Monarch or bash it.

I’m in the category that loved it. :wink:


@stardust2466_546 Do it! It is soooooo good.

@kdrama2020ali If they come out with Love Alarm season 3, I will scream with rage. But probably force myself to watch anyway because SONG KANG.