Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


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Can EVERYONE just stop hurting my BABY
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@kdrama2020ali Song Kang’s new drama!


A couple more dramas I wished I could burn:

The Liar and His Lover I only finished this because I liked the cast. The 2nd leads made it cute. edit: I am referring to the kdrama version.

Tempted with Joy & Woo Do Hwan I just hated the plot. Absolutely a mess. The ml here is the most punch worthy character ever. I couldn’t finish this one. I really like both Joy & Do Hwan though. Wished they had a better drama together.


Why is the word CRUELTY there - they always call him TOXIC - no no no - not another one where he is portrayed as toxic - cuz I never see him as toxic - I love him!!!


I love Woo Do’s broken bad boy - I have not finished it yet - But I know a lot of people had that reaction we shall see how I feel

He is so gorgeous in this outfit


I loved him in The King Monarch. I think it’s his best role. The plus side is there’s two of him! (He had a twin… sort of)


Woo Do is on leave and on his way home in January - I am so HAPPY!!!


I have sentiment to Hana Yori Dango (Japanese version) cause it was the first Asian drama that I watched but really can’t stand Korean’s Boys over flowers. The Main leads were annoying, FL behaved like some psychotic idiot, and ML couldn’t get my sympathy, but endlessly irritated me. All this long scenes that were flashing rich products and didn’t add anything to the plot were also unwelcome. 25 h of drama that felt too long for its own good. Not to mention of horrible hairstyle of Lee Minho… Poor guy.
The only things that I liked were OST “Because I’m stupid”, the second male lead, and pairing of Ga-eul&Yi-jung.
For me is a paradox that I love Japan’s version but despise the one from Korea.


There is a third category of people who think it was just fine / okay :wink:


Oh definitely! :smiley:

I’m a sucker for time travel tropes/parallel universes. I like that the plot was different and it wasn’t too predictable.


The closest I get to Boys Over Flowers is when I listen to the SS501 OST “Making a Lover.” Love that song!


Sorry this is going to be unpopular but this show is making me CRAZY - I am now realizing it is about 22 Eps of them trying to kiss - they get all cozy and then BAM something happens a tea kettle or a whistle or a smoke alarm - I have HAD IT

Throw the Laptop!



I dropped it before I got through the first episode


That sounds like it is a little too over-the-top with the trying to kiss teasing. I wouldn’t be able to handle that either. My patience does have its’ limits.


they do finally kiss and there is THE BEST FLIRT moment but the kisses are more steamy innuendo!!! Those parts are nice - rest too tropey for me!!!


This one is not a throw the laptop ending, nor is it a throw the laptop show. In fact, I was fully and willingly all set to give ‘Find Me in Your Memory’ a solid, no-questions-asked 10 rating. It was so beautiful - everything about it - but then near the end they threw in one of my despised tropes and made me want to scream. It didn’t last long, and the ending returned to the same level of beauty as the rest of the drama, but why on earth did they have to ruin a good thing, even for just a second?


It happens a lot I find writers think they have to do that to follow some pattern - don’t you think??? Like WWWSK the whole kidnapping or whatever was so weird throw in - I just didn’t get that in a rom com