Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


I don’t know whether it’s a pattern they feel they have to follow, or the fact that they have to fill ‘X’ number of episodes and therefore end up tossing in some tropes that completely mess with the flow of the rest of the drama, or maybe it’s something else. But it’s maddening.


I guess I will be watching this soon if you think it is a #10


It’s the first one in a while where I straight up binged it. I thought for sure I’d be seeing the sun come up before finishing, but I passed out around 3 a.m. and had to finish today.



The MONK - one of the sweetest - most romantic written characters! Everyone would want this guy for a husband! HOWEVER


The interrupted kisses - OVER THE TOP - INTERRUPTED kisses!!! Do they think that is CUTE - and throwing in the sad middle part - I get it - but why have a ROM COM turn into crazy sad tropesville at the end - I was so over the kiss by the time they kissed I didn’t even ask for a REWIND!!!





spoiler :arrow_down:

No, the ending wasn’t actually sad, more the back story of the brother and the noble idiocy trope near the end


Gonna be UNPOPULAR! Lover’s of the Red Sky

I really really wanted to love this drama! I was so hyper-excited about it after DOOM and 100 Day My Prince were so GOOD. It seemed to be a mix of historical and supernatural. The first few EPS - I did love and I loved their childhood connection. However the parts with the painting and trying to get the evil Ma Wang into it became repetitive. I actually didn’t feel the connection to the couple or to the show that I had hoped for and in the end I really just wanted it to be over!



What drama?


It took me a while before I went to watch the ending episode bc I felt romance was not given the chance in that drama, but I realized now that in her dramas there’s never too much chemistry between her and the ML. I think bc of her age they want to make a big deal about it. You can say I wanted to throw the laptop except I can’t afford to buy a new one.

The ending didn’t made too much sense to me but it doesn’t surprise me either. Nothing for you to be sorry about: the Writer, Producer, Director should be the ones apologizing since they could have done much better.


Lover’s of the Red Sky!!!


I think she is a GOOD actor - I think he is a GREAT actor - all of the actors did well.

and I liked the special effects

The story just didn’t do it for me!



That’s what was so sad about this whole situation: SUCH a waste of time and talent from those 2 wonderful great actor/actress. It could have been a perfect 10. But like I said; it doesn’t surprise me at all.


Honestly, I thought it could have made a really good movie because the production quality, special effects and cinematography were really good, but I didn’t feel like there was enough material to make a 16-episode drama. It got really repetitive, as @kdrama2020ali said.


They should have just made it shorter.


@my_happy_place @spaufler_89

The story plot was perfect for me bc it was kind of different (not like i’ve seen a lot of them). Those Joseon era? are not my favorite at all.

What killed it in my opinion? The burning and transfer of demon to Portrait; with the one done in the beginning, and one at the end, was more than enough for the audience/viewers to watch. They had to make room for more romance, but they were going in circle cycle like I always call it, took the actor’s TIME and TALENT away from us, the viewers.

That is why I said; it could be the fact of her age, that they always make a big deal about it. You forget with cutey Empress Ki boy? NOTHING much happened there either, and they made so many ridiculous comment bc she ‘‘lift her leg up too high’’ and she’s not suppose to do that blah, blah, blah Give me a break.

The 16 episodes was fine combined with special effects, great cast of actors if…they had just work more in the romance department. There was no romance to enjoy there.


I just finished Silenced with Gong Yoo, the movie was good, but so hard to watch, it’s based on a true story and the horror that the poor kids endured and then to traumatize them over and over with court, and parents settling out of court so charges can’t be prosecuted, then lenient sentences makes me so mad
Silenced (2011) - MyDramaList


Oh no, Sweety … this is on my watchlist … I didn’t read your spoiler but now I wonder just how mad I’m gonna get!


He didn’t write it has a bad ending. It is just outstanding and sometimes hard to bear.
Besides, the movie is from 2011 and the proceedings in connection with the case in reality ended later.

The director of this movie is the creator of Squid Game, so I read a little bit about him.


UGH. Fall in Love took everything out of me.

MY BABY TAN SI :sob::sob::sob::sob: I still can’t register his death in my head. I don’t care about the happy ending. I’ll be in mourning for the next whole week :sob: I’m just so shocked and still in denial.

though I never get SLS, I always get very bad cases of Supporting Character Syndrome. I love some side characters so so so much, sometimes even more than the leads. I can’t stand seeing them unhappy or have bad ending.


I’m hoping the ending of Jirisan won’t turn out to be one of these. Only 2 episodes to go, and it’s looking uncertain.

The first K-Drama I watched was Marriage Contract, and although all the clues were there, I wasn’t expecting the ending it had. It’s realistic, in the sense that really difficult things happen to people all the time, and you can’t control so many of them. But for some reason, I kept thinking that it would work out - without really thinking it through. So the ending, and its lead-up, is really, really sad. I got around it a little, afterwards, by thinking about the benefits to them of the circumstances. One of the things that was so frustrating was how much time they lost by the main female character deliberately pushing the guy away ‘for his own good’ (a ridiculous concept I wish some writers would stop trying to convince us is a thing), which went on for so long, and was so obviously harmful and painful to them both. Especially given what was going to happen. (This sounds ominous, but the ending is probably an obvious factor to anyone who watches the show and doesn’t expect a miracle of some kind).

I usually try to make sure I know a show’s not going to end badly - because of the investment you put in up til then. It’s too heartbreaking.

In some stories, the writers seem to think that putting their characters - and therefore readers - through impossible and heart-rending things, and even giving them terrible ‘endings’ makes a better story, or demonstrates more skill or literary usefulness or something. You don’t want an unbelievable ending; just one that both makes sense and is heartwarming. That gives a sense of completion. So I’m grateful to the writers who understand this, and the producers and so on who let it happen.

Wonderful idea to make our own endings-thread.

Oh, and the emerging love triangle in Let Me Be Your Knight is shaping up to be painful. The better guy is so nice, but so obviously also not going to be the choice, as he really should be. It’s a case of something happening for the sake of storyline, not because it makes sense or is realistic or best.