Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


So are you saying you finished the drama and wanted to throw your laptop??? Should I even start it then!!!

I had this for Andrew in Happiness
I have supporting character syndrome for him.


RIGHT? I’m on episode 5 and now I’m wondering if I need to continue (especially since you know how much I love our second ML, @vivi_1485) …


i wanted to throw my laptop for a while… and then i just felt so empty and hollow that the ending didn’t satisfy me. i really honestly never expected the writers to kill him off like that.

It was a satisfactorily happy ending but Im still so upset I’ve been crying for so long :sob: Sweetest wingman EVER. I have a soft spot for those really loyal, dependable guys who are always present, protecting their bosses and best friends with their lives. The way they ship the main couple harder than the audience does and their adorable reactions to all the romantic drama the main couple goes through :slight_smile::heart_eyes::sob:

As a whole, though, the drama is really good. Two couples out of three make it to the end together and I loved the sibling relationship of the ML and his younger sister. It was so beautiful to watch them. He raised her like a father, and I loved the way they played out her romance arc though others call it annoying
There are lots of suporting characters i liked, when I think back about the entire journey of the drama.


Now you have me worried, @vivi_1485! Interestingly, during our first watch party for this show, I brought up the idea of making a thread for best ‘wingmen/women’, because we all loved our sidekick in ‘Fall in Love’, and there are a lot of those types of great characters. They deserve their own thread (if one doesn’t already exist. I haven’t actually checked).


I’d love a thread like that!! I have so many many people i want to post there! I don’t think there’s a thread like that. I had started one about teams because I really love teamwork and a good family-like supporting cast


You can start the thread if you want. If not, I will get to it later today.


Oh, that’s a really good idea.


@natyh I can start one if you don’t want to, or don’t have time!


I’m kind of busy these days, if you want to, you can do it!
But I’m not sure if @my_happy_place wants t do it…


@my_happy_place I checked and there isn’t one. Want me to get it started? I will defer to you if you want to start it!


Go ahead! I’ll add to it when I can.


Count me in, please.I really don’t like it when roles for girls are written like this.


After You are My Hero, this one was nothing. I’ve noticed that the majority of dramas have one obnoxious girl chasing a quiet boy and one obnoxious boy chasing a woman who’s richer/older/more famous/thinks he’s an annoying child. Though I don’t exactly love such characters, i make the best of what I get. I seriously hated the one in You are My Hero(literally kidnapping his mother and forcing her way into his life ugh), and Little 4 was pretty tame compared to her.

After all that, I liked that she was pretty smart and that the writers had at least given her a good enough reason to pursue him like that. I also liked the part of ML’s character that she brought out as his sister. Pei also needed her, and she was pretty brave to get past Warlord Pei… she was literally the only one allowed to walk around the mansion like that and meet him while he was “grounded”?(sounds like a tame word for what his father was doing but whatever). She gave him the confidence to fight back. And other than the very first episode, she never became a weak link or bait and never compromised anyone’s safety, so I think she’s one of the best characters with this role. They usually get into all sorts of mishaps or deliberately put themselves in trouble and the MLs have to clean up after them all the time but that wasn’t the case with Little 4. Her brother worried but he never had to comprise on his duties or the security of his country/people to rescue her. The same goes for Pei. And I’m pretty sure Tan Si liked her though it was his job to keep her under control. He had tears in his eyes when TXL disowned her. I shipped them so hard but then, well, Pei was so good, too.

I didn’t really care or bother about the main love triangle(i thought Guangyao was boring and quite stupid), but if they ever make a spinoff focusing on Pei, the SML would be Tan Si and I would be a heartbroken mess :sob:


I also thought that TS would actually fit her quite well, and I also agree with you about the SML (poor thing).
Nevertheless, I always have a funny feeling about “if I’m only notorious long enough, it will work out with love in the end”. But obviously some men actually like that. With us it would be completely doomed to failure. Women are often the first to approach men, but if there isn’t even a - recognizable - trace of sympathy or interest, they immediately withdraw.


I would hate any girl who acted like that IRL or if she was a female lead or a character in a Korean drama. Since it seems to be a recurring thing in C-dramas, I just let it go, evaluating how well the actress does with her role instead of the “right-ness” of it. Obnoxious ex-playboys who relentlessly pursue a girl who wants nothing to do with them are another set of recurring supporting roles that cdrama writers seem to love.


I’ve heard one of my friends describe someone like this and she sounded really :fearful::flushed:. We repeatedly asked him why he would even give her the time of day, but he said that he felt bad for her.

I don’t have an ending to this story. He suddenly left our circle after something happened with her and only let us know that he was still alive and not to worry :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:.


When I watched Coffee and Vanilla I was hoping that they would grow up the FL, help her mature a bit. And episode 10 started out that way with her leaving! I was so happy!
And then…of course the dominate ML comes back and just looks at her once before she crumbles. UGH!!! :roll_eyes: Those are the kinds of shows I rewatch because the romance is firey, but the overall character development just sucks.

Is it just me, or do most J-dramas seem to fall under that category of extremely weak FL?


I haven’t watched Jirisan yet! Oh dear! I hope it doesn’t suck!
And as far as Let Me Be Your Knight is concerned, I had doubts from the minute the trailer dropped. Obvious love triangle, heavily popular musicians, weak FL…all typical K-drama tropes that have been done numerous times. I haven’t seen any episodes and I don’t think I will now.
Really any dramas where the FL is weak and must rely on a dominate ML to help her at every turn is not my cup of tea.


Some of them do yes!!! I love McHottie Buns though in Incurable Case of Love - the FL isn’t as mousy as Coffee and Vanilla - (I was just there for Dori - and 50 shades of clean J-drama). LOL

Love is Phantom - she is feisty!!! And RENN is so YUMMY!


Nonsense because he is just the PERFECT boyfriend but so handsome

This one I JUST could not stop watching - the PET - he is so CUTE - I can’t even and the show is just probably so weird but I liked it


Personally I think that it’s more prevalent in J & C dramas, some dramas infantilize the FL so much, I wonder how the ML doesn’t feel like a creep/pervert, having romantic scenes with them. A woman can be sweet and cute and still be a woman, they don’t have to dress her like a toddler and have her act like a 5 year old. Then there’s the other extreme in Kdramas where a ‘strong’ FL is physically abusive. Either extreme is a turn off for me.