Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


I did a mini review of, Gank Your Heart, in the “what are you currently watching” thread.

All the bad tropes in it was overkill.


hasn’t ended yet but I do feel like throwing my phone every two minutes while i watch Young Lady an Gentleman :flushed: the amnesia plot is WACK and the characters’ choices are unbelievably stupid sometimes


It’s STILL going on? This was why I quit watching it on-air.


I thought Young Lady and a Gentleman was really POPULAR and well liked?? Am I wrong???


Nope, you’re not wrong. It has incredibly high ratings in Korea.


Why is the amnesia plot making a comeback in dramas lately? :no_mouth: :unamused:


The weirdest part is that hardly anyone actually does the amnesia plot RIGHT… i really love the trope if it’s done well and there are very very few like that

@my_happy_place not really… the first amnesia is over… he now has all his memories back but no memorynof the three months he spent as a 22 year old. That’s why he had no idea why he’s engaged to that little witch Jo Sara…

@kdrama2020ali episode 28 hit 35.7% viewership in Korea! it’s extremely popular. Is say i have a love-hate relationship with it. I wrote the previous post before watching eps 27 and 28. I love the new developments… ML is like an elegant prince and i love watching him. The kids are soo adorable trying to be cunning little matchmakers


Thanks for the update. I really enjoyed the drama up until the amnesia kicked in, and I always intended to go back to it once it’s complete because I really liked the family.


Well so how do you rate it as a “Throw Your Laptop” drama!!!???


I want to throw my laptop OUT of the window and then run out, pick it up and stamp it until it crumbles into dust sometimes – and a few minutes later I’m totally crazily in love with the show :sob:


I try to stay away from amnesia tropes like it’s the plague. 9/10 it’s always the ml and then he’s dumb enough to fall into the evil plans of the antagonist. :roll_eyes:


I’d say Young Lady and Gentleman is on the better end of the amnesia trope spectrum… i liked the way the writers make him go back to his young, hotheaded silly self when he loses his memory. it was fun for quite a few episodes. And Ji Hyun Woo really acte the heck out of his role… i loved the way he changed his entire demeanor. I was so surprised and happy when he won the KBS Best Actor Daesang award


… and the screenwriter got a prize for best writer. LOL
I can’t say anything about it, I think I am still stuck at 11 or 13?


yeah, that’s exactly where things start tilting downward… but it’s starting to get better now. from the preview of Ep 29, DD looks like she’s finally growing s backbone and im looking forward to it. And 41 year old YG does things to me :heart_eyes:


Haha! I agree that the ML is a seasoned hottie. His acting in eps 27 and 28 just tore my heart out, especially when he had had a few too many drinks and was walking home when DanDan stopped him. His agony towards the choices he had made while his memory was lost and his regret at having lost his chance at love with DanDan were palpable. I’m not giving this one up even though the amnesia trope is/was getting a little tiring. Even though (in the series) there is a 14 year age gap between the ML and the FL, I am rooting for those two to eventually get together as they make a darling couple. As for Jo Sara, UGH! She could fall off the edge of the earth for all I care. LOL.


But in Reality he’s only 37 years old while she is 26. So they make him older than he is.


I really hate this part!!!


same here!


it’s FINALLY starting to go uphill!! So glad FL finally grew a backbone… i really thought the writers would leave her as a pushover but they didn’t. And the kids are just ADORABLE matchmakers


I’m on eps 28, let’s see!!