Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


Ack, Voice is killing me, the first couple episodes the police were written as incompetent (I hate that) and now the writer seems to have thrown away logic and science.
Ep 15, The bus flips over and gas is leaking out, when help finally gets there, the rescuers see that, but no one bothers to turn the engine off, almost forgetting the driver in the front, and the gas leak is getting stronger the less fuel there is, science clearly doesn’t play a roll here, they had to use CGI flames because metal doesn’t burn like the bus is burning. smh

I’m not sure if what I’m doing is hate watching at this point. lol I want to finish but certain elements are so frustrating so I find myself complaining.

Ack, I’ve never understood the overbearing CEO kicking their employee thing, you don’t see it much any more and I’m thankful for that, was it still prevalent in dramas in 2017?


Is that the KIM JAE WOOK - drama???


He is so good and Sooooo creepy. I’m on the last episode. It’s NC-17 for a reason, this show is Violent.


I started that one but had to stop because of the nauseating camera work. It started out so interesting, and I thought I might really like it, but I couldn’t keep going. There is a Thai version (I think it’s Thai) on Ntflx, and I started one episode of that a while back. Its camera work wasn’t as bad, so I’m hoping I can get through that one.


It’s so shaky, I understand them using it for certain scenes, to show distress or uncertainty, but the whole drama is too much. I can understand why you couldn’t watch.


I LUB him!!!


Why make a crime drama about psychopaths and either, not do your research, or completely ignore all the research about them. And also misleading science regarding genetics. Eesh. I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks up a plethora of information while watching crime dramas.

Why do I watch dramas that I struggle with suspension of disbelief?


IKR? :neutral_face::expressionless:
I feel you on this :laughing:


Because most of the audience doesn’t know or care lol. Ignorance is bliss~ :joy:


So not everyone looks up every poison used in a crime drama? lol
On a side note, my search history must be, ummm, questionable. *smh *


I remember you mentioned this before :rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

In the past I have searched up whether certain ‘body dumping’ methods were actually valid [I grew up watching crime investigation series / documentaries]. Don’t know how long they keep tabs on this kind of search history :laughing:


I knew I wasn’t the only one who did this, my question is why wouldn’t you look it all up. lol Maybe that’s just the part of me that always liked science.


Whenever I read a synopsis and there is a psychiatrist in it I really should just avoid it, it makes me so mad when the writers don’t care about having the doctors behave, or treat their patients, in an appropriate manner.

Unforgettable Love started off rocky (the kid was a spoiled terror in ep 1,) then was good for a couple of episodes (kid & dad are adorable,) but now… ACK! Clearly the writers don’t care about psychology at all, they could have made her a teacher or maybe a general practitioner, if they weren’t going to have her even slightly believable as a child psychiatrist. This might go back to my doing far too much research when I watch dramas. Although even if I shut off that analytical part of my brain, the mom part knows that some of what she does is damaging, and not helping. SMH


You know, I think the same thing, especially when the supposed psychiatrist or psychologist has studied abroad (I haven’t watched the drama you mentioned). The misrepresentation is maddening! I feel like that why we have mandatory ethics class that covers a whole lot of different situations :laughing:.

I do have to say that psychiatrist / psychologist might operate differently in countries like China, Japan and Korea. A Korean friend told me about her experiences with her psychiatrist and I was completely floored. I’m trying not to be too specific, but I was floored: 1) because her psychiatrist didn’t adjust her medication to her situation even after she asked, 2) because her psychiatrist hadn’t warned her about any of the side effects and several other reasons. It was a really dark period in her life :sweat:.

After I informed her a bit on her medication, she was able to go and have a conversation with her psychiatrist, who finally started to listen to her. It shouldn’t have been so difficult and it definitely should have been solved after she had some of the side effects :frowning:.

Also, I’m really proud of this friend, because they changed for the better after this and it really took courage to ‘talk back’ to your doctor, especially when you are young :blush:.


I’m glad your friend had you help her with her meds, they can be so tricky to figure out.

Major Spoilers for the drama Unforgettable Love


the Dr. meets the boy by chance and instantly he bonds with her, later he ends up seeing her when she walks into her fellow Dr.s office because he’s having a meltdown and she clams him, then the kid (non-verbal) decided he wants her to be his mom and she lets him call her mom, and makes promises to him that she shouldn’t. Not long after, the dad decides a fake marriage for a year will be good for the boy’s full time therapy and she enters into a contract marriage, there are many instances where she undermines the dad’s authority, personally I’d consider it parental alienation. They live together, she gets mad and leaves then comes back a couple time, all the while the poor kid just wants his mommy (his first and most used word is Mommy) Later she finds out that the dad was the driver of the car that killed his brother and wife, but he doesn’t remember, the Dr happened upon the accident and saved the little boy, the aunt asks her to leave so she doesn’t bring up the repressed memories, I think the aunt called her a time bomb, and she agrees to break up with him. The dad already told her that the kid had a setback when he learned something had been kept from him, but she doesn’t consider that in the future the memories could still come back, especially since the dad has been looking for the usual driver. I just shake my head, I can’t believe that any societies psychiatry would condone her undermining the dad or entering into a fake marriage, for a year. You don’t become a mom for a year and then leave the kid expecting there to be no psychological impact.


That drama plot sounds absolutely terrible :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:


I neglected to read the synopsis. :woman_facepalming:

I’ve only stuck with it because of these two.


He’s so CUTE!!!


goodness that is a LOT of trash to take :sob::sob: i don’t know if I’ll be able to continue… I might be a fool for Miles Wei but some FLs just make me want to scream and pull out my hair. Quoting ML in Lost Romance: “I don’t know whether to beat you to death or strangle myself to death.” (that’s a little over-the-top, but the sentiment is the same :flushed:)


They are adorable, that was exactly my reason!!