Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


I think I’d name Missing Noir M. It was a good series until the final 1-2 episodes where one of the main leads went crazy because his wife died randomly and he started to kill someone and got arrested… neither did they solve the background story nor was it logical to me by any means. It felt like they intended a longer drama and just ended it randomly <.<


Oh, I remember that was a crazy one but had a pace I just watched and watched, unfortunately for the drama and the viewer. Kang Nam Gil couldn’t prolong his military entry, so at the end it felt really rushed.

OH, I need to pull some plugs, there is thunder coming my way.


Be careful!


LOL most plugs I can’t pull, since they are out of reach TV, freezer, fridge, but there is the router for some reasons :wink: I simply can’t


Do you have Surge Protectors??


Well my dictionary says generic power socket, well but only if you are hit you will know if the thing did its job.


I liked L.U.C.A. but it was also nerve-wracking. If there’s not going to be a 2nd season soon, I might want to throw my laptop. >.<’


I waited patiently for Love Alarm 2 because it had a cliffhanger and I wanted the girl to chose my guy.
Well, I HATED Love Alarm 2 - So I know how you feel. Hope LUCA is better


Everyone did :smirk:



but why did Choi Jin Hyuk’s voice leave her thoughts in later episodes! THAT makes me crazy! I loved hearing his voice - and he seems to disappear from the storyline -:woman_facepalming:


Being disappointed after a long wait is the worst … :frowning: I didn’t watch Love Alarm at all. Did you at least enjoy the first season?

About L.U.C.A. … There’s some romance involved but it’s definitely not romantic in the sense of idealised love. But if you’re into sci-fi, action and kind of dystopian worlds, it’s definitely worth watching. Judging from the reviews here on Viki, a lot of people (me included) had a hard time identifying with the leads (especially the FL), so I guess it’s a drama you’d rather watch for the plot than for liking its characters, if that makes any sense.


I love Song Kang and yes I loved the 1st ONE - But SOOOOO disappointed in #2


Hmm … Maybe I’ll watch the first season and just leave it at that cliffhanger then. ^^


OH he is such a CUTIE! Oh my Sun Oh


At some point in season 2 (I think the scene after he finds out she has a shield) he looks at her and I feel he might actually jump at her and eat her! :joy::joy:

NX drama with him could also be easily classified as a throw-the-laptop drama. Navillera, about an old man who retires and starts learning ballet. Lovely drama. But the audacity of old man’s family members in that drama makes me want to slap most of them. Just let the guy be.


It took me weeks to get over how mad I was - the storyline made NO SENSE that she would choose the other guy - I was team Sun Oh - his family life sucked he was so sweet and yes I don’t care that he stole his friends woman - but I didn’t care for her anyways.

Song Kang looks so good in Navillera!



I NEED to know DID ANYONE else get FRUSTRATED with

MR QUEEN I was so in love with this show at first but the loss of Choi’s voice in her head and the fact that the romance was hit and miss - the politics and story is TOO LONG!

Anyone Anyone have that issue with MR. QUEEN????

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I loved Mr. Queen, but I did miss Choi Jin Hyuk’s voice. I really think they missed out by having his character in a coma, they could have had a season 2 with him acting as the Queen out of time. I also found the romance frustrating, but I often do in Kdramas with all the miscommunication & other overused tropes.

Even with all the throw my laptop moments I still love Kdramas. :slight_smile:


I feel like in the beginning they had this GREAT storyline! But it fizzled out and where is he! You are left with her thinking LIKE him and then all the political stuff gets in the way of the romance. I love these two actors! And YES a season 2 with CHOI amazing! I would have liked to have seen more of him. It is kind of a lost part of the storyline - This one just won’t be a re-watch for me! Although I’ll watch that steamy kiss scene in the hallway a FEW more times.