Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


I stopped watching a while after they took Choi’s voice out. I was furious bc they took the most funniest part of the drama. But I went to see the last episode out of curiosity and was WTH? They were just standing by the water with 100 servants around and no kiss, not revealing who stayed in the princess body like total cr*p.

I really liked the Chinese version better, and the hunks in that one was a real treat. [GO Princess Go] is the title. See where you can find it and let me know bc I saw 20 minute episodes (not all of them) on YT/ no full episodes. The wardrobe and scenery are to die for…


I have not finished it yet so I’ll wait to READ! Choi is a PLOT hole definitely! Once his voice is gone it is hard to tell when she is herself and when she is him - pretty much she is him all the time.

I’m always amazed when I am not in love with the popular ones and then I LOVE other ones.

DOOM right now and Love is Phantom are my favorites
Sell Your Haunted House is pretty engaging also!


I didn’t mind the “loss of voice” that much, because they sort of explained that with the acceptance bit.
Yeah, the ending of the drama was definitely weaker than the beginning. I wasn’t frustrated by it though, I think. I just moved on to another drama :laughing:


By the way, I see a lot of people comparing Mr Queen and Go Princess Go (I watched them in that order and a lot of people are downvoting one or the other because they saw the other one first).

Yes, Mr. Queen is a re-make of Go Princess Go, but I think the dramas are way more enjoyable if you view them as separate. I also absolutely laughed at some of the costumes in GPG and people’s comments about it… :rofl:



It might be because I love CHOI and I miss that crazy noise he makes!!! I need to go watch another one of his dramas I guess - hahahahahahaha!

I have not seen GO Princess GO so I’ll have to hunt it down! So many dramas so little time and I’m on discussions it seems WAY to much if you look at the leaderboard! hahahahahahaha!


You can find it on YT :slight_smile:
Haha, only watch it when you have time. No need to force anything :wink:


You know that’s definitely part of the reason I missed his voice.

I sure hope he never sees our discussion of him. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


OK in the show - MOVIE - Sweet and Sour - for that noise the subtitle said “sucks teeth”

He knows we love him so he’ll be happy


I interpreted the loss of his voice in the way that the real Queen got her body back one “bone after the other” (meaning=she gained more and more power over her own body again), and he went back into his body, that is why he could wake up.

I don’t know if this can make sense to you, but that thought helped me.


Watching Sweet and Sour the Movie - So far so good but I hear that it’s weird - I will REPORT back



Good to know, I looked at it today and was wondering about it.


I don’t know what that writer was thinking


S&S has only one good moment in the entire movie. The rest alternates between meh and throw-the-laptop.


So rather Sour & Just a Trade of Sweet?


Probably my taste is a bit weird: I liked Love ft. Marriage and Divorce a lot, too.
S&S is everything but sweet.


No, I didn’t miss that, because I understood it was intentional, and it showed the gradual merging of the two personalities, and how her personality who was hidden inside all the time started having some importance too. And it blended well with the fact that at the end, when she remained alone, still she had many characteristics left from him, those that made the king happy and enabled her to continue with him smoothly, almost seemlessly. If she had returned to her previous self, the kind would be unpleasantly surprised, but this didn’t happen. They all saw a change, that she calmed down, but still there was enough of him left to not arouse suspicions.


I do totally get that and see the merge - and I did pause the drama and come back - I do think it is too long. It only needed 16 eps. I am at the part where she gets pregnant. The romance started to develop and then got derailed a lot by the politics - maybe historical is just not my genre. I loved the beginning more than I am loving the ending. I love these two actors and they did do a phenomenal job especially the FL. I do think they could have used Choi more and moving into his world in a Season 2 would have been really cool.


Yes, I was sad to lose it. It’s such a beautiful voice :hearts:

I agree. Maybe too many bad guys in this drama. The dowager queen, the previous queen, the ministers…

I wasn’t upset by the ending because it didn’t surprise me.


I acknowledge that, I just love his voice.


This man! Do LOVE his voice @sweetybirdtoo

Best proposal in Fated to Love You by Choi - oh my heart