Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


How could she say no to him? ACK!


That Daniel Character was so darn SWEET and him playing Daniel - GOSH! But I understand why she loved GUNNIE - I loved Gunnie too!


You know me, I’m biased towards Choi Jin Hyuk & Park Hyung Sik, if they’re in the drama they should get the girl. lol I had serious second lead syndrome with Hwarang and Fated to Love You. *sigh


Second Main Lead Park Hyung Sik stole my Heart in High Society
Yoo Chang-soo

My favorite SWEET Chaebol


How many sageuks have you watched? It is usually a running theme :laughing:.
And whether they end up together or not.


Only Empress Ki (can’t even finish it - I cry my eyes out) and Mr Queen and Deep Blue Sea has some period in the past -

I started Park Bo Gum’s Love in the Moonlight! Ugh I don’t think this is my genre and I love the Costumes


:sweat_smile: yeah, then I don’t think this is the genre for you either. Who knows, maybe in a different stage of your life you might enjoy them :smile:


Can you think of one I might like! I want to watch several like I was going to watch this one

OK I did LOVE Splash Splash LOVE!!! Does that count!
I like 9T and Goblin

Maybe I Need a mix of modern and period???


I think you would like the Gu family book (I know it as that title :wink:). I can’t remember the ending though… I watched this long long ago :blush:

  • Queen In Hyun’s Man (not on Viki anymore)


I have looked for this - looks so good!



Hope you like it :wink:


I think I like period supernatural cuz I love
DOOM - 9T - Goblin - Time Travel
Those costumes are so beautiful in the period shows though


I think ‘Live up to your name’ also had time travel in it :thinking: They spend time in both the future and the past. I wouldn’t say it was a stellar drama, but I enjoyed it as a filler drama.


Does it have to be Korean? Korean saeguks tend to be rather naive in comparison to Chinese historicals.

Nirvana in Fire for a cool intelligent revenge drama.

The Story of Ming Lan for an insight into the real life of a woman in traditional China.

Joy of Life for a humorous action drama, and yet somehow still full of life.

Princess Agents for a strong female lead who never gives up, and your new second-lead syndrome.


Nope I also watch t-drama, j-drama and c-drama


Maybe, … About Gunman in Joseon I am not sure, as it has many politics in it, but still … It has Lee Jun Ki, that made me endure.


love alarm season 2


Do have to warn @kdrama2020ali for certain heartbreaking and disturbing scenes in Princess agents. I remember the TCs really went crazy :see_no_evil:.

Still like the drama though.


goodness, if you didn’t like Love in the Moonlight, the genre is probably not for you…even non-sageuk fans love it! I don’t think you’ll like 100 Days My Prince either, then.
Splash Splash Love doesn’t really count because it’s fusion and doesn’t abide by sageuk rules much…

What didn’t you like? The politics, the battle, the conservative romance or…?
You might like Sungkyungwan Scandal since you love Song Joong Ki so much…(I haven’t watched it)

I’m not much of a sageuk fan…the plots seem to merge into each other because it’s usually something along war politics and forbidden romance. I enjoyed Love in The Moonlight immensely because it stood out from the others and it was my first sageuk. Crown Prince isn’t a tsundere like most of the other sageuks, so it was fun to see an unruly Prince.

Chinese historical dramas can’t be completed without skipping around, imo. I enjoyed Imperial Coroner and Under the Power, both were interesting tales with strong couples. Imperial Coroner had an intellectual couple and Under the Power had a kickass one.

I get really immersed into historical dramas. I’m suprised at how sensitive I suddenly become. When I saw the main couple in a room AT NIGHT and sitting so close, I felt so uncomfortable :joy::joy: And then a second guy enters and they’re discussing in the candle light while one of the guys sits on her bed I was about to scrEAM at the innapropriate-ness :sweat_smile:

what I love about sageuk romances are how quiet, understated but beautiful the romances are. The tiniest things excite me. One look from the male lead and I’m already swooning. When they touch hands in public, I’m OVER THE MOON :smile:

@lutra my eternal sunbae :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My Sassy Girl looks like a lot of fun! I saw people complaining about the ending…how is the show overall?