Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


LOL I didn’t want to watch it from the get go, and I watched quite a few sageuks it just promised too much fluff. LOL

It is definitely one of the lighter sageuks, but even you don’t like conspiracy and such, of course there is in it, that could have needed some more attention by the production. All in all nothing too sensational, but more the easy watch but if you expect a full rom-com I need to say the weight is more on the comedy. The story structure and characters might have a too strong modern touch for the real sageuk fan, since it is no time travel story.
You might like it, you might not, it’s up to one’s personal taste.


I have started Tale of Nokdu I do love it. And I think 100 days my Prince looks Wonderful - I love DO in that role.

Currently watching Must You Go and I love it - since it is Time Travel!

Thanks for the other rrecommends


Ok, I just need to be clear about something: I love some of these shows and movies, but I just think that they can write a better ending for it.
I’m going to start with the shows that I just didn’t like:

  1. I know that some people enjoy it, but I just hate it from the beginning to the end (acting was so bad)

  2. I agree with the comments above about this one. I have to say that they are such good actors but this show it’s so bad!!

  3. Another one is vagabond, I know that it’s an action show but they were always trying to get to the romance point but never did it and it was kind of frustrating.

  4. I was thinking that it was a great movie, and I really enjoy all the plot but then… they add these final scenes where the male lead is fat again and I just can’t understand the point!!! Besides the Alice, in wonderland thing, I was really enjoying the movie, but the final scene can be deleted.

Now, I really enjoy these shows/movies below, but I think that they could have a better ending.

  1. I really enjoy this show, but they were just apart at the end, he never realize that they have a baby when she was alive and she just returns to the present day after all that suffering so, come on!!!

  2. The movie was really good, I love her acting skills and I really enjoy all the stories. But I think that I could be happier if they can end up together after all.

  3. Ok, do you wanna cry? just watch this show. They are so great together, the story is so touching, I just love it. I cried as crazy at the end, I really wait for a miracle healing or something, and the way he died OMG I was just crying and I can get over it!!
    BTW. I’m kind of obsessed with the OST of this drama, but every time I’m listening to those songs I want to cry again :see_no_evil:

  4. I really enjoy this show and some of you know that I’m in love with him hahaha But I don’t know why they didn’t show him at the end, it makes me feel like is just another actor, she was waiting for him and he returns to her, but they just show his back. I was waiting at least a hug or something or watch his expression at that moment, but all I get was his back haha


Oh, yes, blood galore in the middle of the series :joy:


@natyh. I just read your list and noticed Vagabond was on it as a ‘laptop throw’ type of drama. I agree that the ending really sucked. 'It was presented as a ‘romance’ but there was very little skinship and more hinting of the romance. I was sooooo disappointed! Now there is talk of a possible Vagabond 2? I sure hope they tie up some of the loose romance issues if they do a season 2.


Yes, I really think that everyone needs a season 2, besides the ending, it gives you the feeling of a new season. But I was completely disappointed for the same reason that you have, it doesn’t have any romance. Even when you watch the videos of Swoon, they try to show that it’s romance.


This is great! I will have to check out some of these to see if I want to throw my laptop!


This looked like a harmless little feelgood drama, but they give me what?

A 2nd FL, a businesswoman, a career woman, who is making mistakes no, those are other people making her do it. Yes, she is stupid enough to fall in love with the male lead. Who is deeply in love with a girl he met at the early stages of puberty at the gentle age of 11 years and now finally found after looking for her more than 10 - 15 or more years. For the life of me I hate that cliché, hate it, hate it, hate it, why does a clever businesswoman need to be dumb as … Ah, I know why, because of DNA get to meet her father, and you know that the project the male lead wanted to save, is now in 2nd FL’s Daddy’s hand, because he not only used land in exchange to bargain, but of course the other party needs a heart transplant for his daughter and 2nd FL’s Daddy happens to know some donors bank . Of course, he can only save the project by accepting to marrying dumb daughter … This gives me high blood pressure even though I should know better, but I am at the second last episode, and I am going to watch to the end and then forget about it.


Sure!! that’s the idea, we can share opinions :relaxed:


Love in Time - I ditched it! Yes - I have not gone back
You know I am like all kinds of irritated with Something In the Rain

I so want to watch Scarlet Heart Reyo cuz I love HIM - but soul crushing - totally soul crushing I know.


Yup, just buy a lot of tissues!!!


I have reached a sorry state - I am out of potato chips …
My stress level has a new record, so frustrated with this Swimming Battle.


@lutra - Did you finish without any SNACKS?


seeing this list makes me realise how successful I’ve been at reviewing before watching :joy::joy: I haven’t watched a single one of these shows!


You didn’t watch Something In the Rain - Bless You - Don’t Do It!!! But Jung Hae In is a CUTIE!

I believe Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a MASTERPIECE but you will never get over it I hear


No, I fell asleep, need to go back to the last one.


start up really made me mad cause Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy) goes with Nam do-san(Nam Joo-hyuk) and not han ji pyeong (Kim Seon-ho). i mean i love Kim Seon-ho so so much


love alarm had the worst ending


Haha congratulations! I haven’t watched many of these as well :laughing: now we know avoiding it was worth it :wink:


What you described is a soap opera.