Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


No, DO IT! I loved it!


Even I have watched some, but most of them I didn’t.


Finished needed 3 times to sit through, fell asleep 2 times, and when I finally watched it I had to take several breaks.
This drama managed to let the FL come back from a non-swimmer with a trauma because her mom died voluntary in the water while she made her daughter hold on to a branch in order to survive as a swimmer. Just to let us watch her train for a competition, diet and what not and then the show her in the pool swimming, zooming out so even this was not granted to the viewer, I am angry, I am hungry …
I will never trust a sport related drama to make me feel good. Oh, maybe I need to post it in another thread.


Unfortunately, this drama has it all and is all over the place. It feels like a 120+ episode weekday drama from Korea only packed into 18 episodes.


It was good up until the 2nd breakup - that made me crazy and the ending was too FAST - but the rest I loved - her not going with him to the US after he gave her the necklace made me crazy and he said he wasn’t going to leave anyway ugh I hated that mom


See! :smiley: You’re basically talking about the last two episodes. And the ending is super sweet :blush:


Um - I needed more - I think it was too rushed - that drama makes my blood boil just talking about it because I loved their skinship - ugh - I need a Valium


LOL after reading your comment better never watch My Love Eun Dong …


I take that as a Challenge!!!


Oh, dear!

  • Will you punish me, if you don’t like it?
  • Will you say it’s your own fault, if you don’t like it?

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Using the SKILLS -


What will the punishment be???


You will be tied to a chair in heart jail for a week and made to watch Scarlet Heart, Something in the Rain and Who Are You: School 2015 on REPEAT
wow, I’m merciless




That just sounds awful - Tissue for Scarlet Heart - Valium for Something in the Rain and I don’t even know about School 2015 yet


I saw School 2013 and it was so boring that I don’t want to watch anything else. I’m not sure if it’s related to it but I just don’t want to know about it haha


Maybe I need “Rum Punch” for the School Series - But I thought everyone liked those???


idk if it’s related, but if School 2013 is bad, School 2015 is it’s evil twin.


I left the show at episode 2.
I remember this was one of my first dramas and since I was new to K-Actors, I instantly fell for Lee Jong Suk’s beauty and Jang Nara’s cuteness but sadly, I couldn’t make it to third episode. Sometimes, I do try to start it over but the result stays the same.


it’s better not to watch it!


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Are you Throwing the LapTop Lately!???


I’m sure it’s already been mentioned, based on how much I have read about people’s reactions, but the only one that truly made me throw my laptop was ‘Cheese in the Trap’. It was one of the first I watched a couple years ago, and I still want to throw my laptop when I think about it.