Timed Comments that made you laugh, smile, etc


Yes, timed comments can be annoying, rude, spammy and what not. Sometimes they are generally funny though :smile:

Is there already a thread for these type of TCs?


I had to pause and laugh :rofl:

This is in the finale episode of My Fair Prince when (SPOILER) the main leads finally kiss


Can I include ridiculous ones? :laughing:


I mean, what? :rofl:
Are they dissing the actor’s ability or just in awe of his hands? :rofl:


Changed the title :wink: :smile:


Probably both! :laughing::face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Legends of Condor - when the ML is trying to figure out how to break into a city


Tomorrow With You - when FL misunderstands that ML is confessing to her


“… and kamehameha it” got me hard :rofl:


That got me too :laughing: !

Someone else commented after that that they ROFL’ed at that comment :rofl:


A user’s description of Henry in Oh My Venus :joy:


I added a few comments to a jdrama and just left comments on.

These comments! I get why some of you watch with tc now. :rofl::joy:


When Hyun Bin gets amnesia in Secret Garden, and FL is trying to get him to remember stuff:

Hilarious Boys over Flowers reference :joy:


In Don’t call it Mystery



And other comments that follow are funny too


LMAO :joy::joy::joy: this comment is gold