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Hahahaha why are they right though? :joy_cat:


I’m watching Memoir of a Murderer and see this comment, but the response was the best.

I don’t know if a truer thing has ever been said. :rofl:



Ironically, it may be funny, but it’s so real how bad the situation is in South Korea. During the time I watched the YT’bers many videos from the tragic crush on Halloween this year, I was horrified what my eyes saw, and I cried so much while watching the incompetence that caused the lives of so many innocent young people. They really need to bring experts from other countries to train them better because so many of them could have been saved if only they had done their job right.


There’s one video where an EMS is pulling a girl from under the bodies (she was still alive) although another police officer, paramedic, and fireman were near him, none of them was helping this one EMS small skinny worker. He was so overwhelmed, and takes the hands of the imploring young girl, and SLAMS them down REALLY HARD, and HE was obviously angry, said something at them (maybe a curse), and was leaving the girl hanging, desperate, screaming. It was so hard to see this, and I can imagine the pain of a parent to see her daughter imploring for help with people that were not doing the job they are getting paid to do. In another video, there was a young female police officer taking videos as her partner are talking and discussing, but not doing much, and I swear to you
at one point she even laughed like if that horrible scene of bodies piled up one in top of the other was funny at all.
They allowed people to do CPR, but many of these victims had crushed ribs that probably perforated their lungs, and this people were VIOLENTLY giving them CPR. I have never in my life seen Firemen, EMS standing around looking; while the people were doing what THEY were suppose to be doing themselves. The least they could have done was instruct them how to do things right since they are suppose to be the experts doing and saving this poor victims. I hope they do something about that as they learn while watching this heartbreaking but so real videos.


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This gives me: tell me you’ve been a K-drama fan for a while without telling me you’ve been a K-drama fan for a while ~vibes :joy:


I’ll always remember in one ep of My Princess , the subs were don’t beat around the bush & there was that comment “yeah, i want to beat you in the bushes” it was about that music director in the drama.


The Forbidden Marriage summarized in a nutshell :joy:


I :100: agree with Red Sleeve causing trauma, but I liked Forbidden Marriage. I don’t know why people insist on linking the two together, the only similarity is that the FL works as a palace maid. The rest of the story is completely different, the FL in Forbidden Marriage actually loves the King


I was just watching the drama at night after the entire day work, and this comment showed itself:
:kissing: :relaxed::sweat_smile:

And, this one as well:
And, not the continuation: :rofl: :rofl:


Like, people can remember trees from dramas :laughing: :flushed: WOW!!


Hahaha yes, they can. There are also some other “famous” trees in Korean dramas :wink:



In ep 7 of A Female student arrives at the Imperial College :joy::joy::joy: