Top 3 K-dramas


I know what you mean, the music was beautiful, and also were the scenarios, like me was one of my first dramas and did not expect the characters lived hard and difficult moments, almost to the point of praying because they had a happy ending .


It´s really really really HARD to choose 3 but I think my

  1. secret garden: because it was very interestin and i cried the whole last 4 episodes and theire relationship was cute and funny so often and the bodyswitching was cool. <3 hyun bin <3

and my second was really hard but i think it was

2.Boys over Flowers <3 lee min ho

3.Flowerboy ramyun shop

but i hear youre voice , scent of a woman and to the beautiful you+you are beautiful are amazing too

  1. Coffe Prince
  2. Master Sun
  3. Rooftop Prince (me rei mucho)


Three is hard as well, but i will say

  1. Kings 2 hearts
    2)Dream High 1
  2. Jewel in the palace


HooraY! Some one else has Secret Garden as Number 1!!


Master’s sun
princess’s man
Playful kiss (my first kdrama)

But I have lots more…

  1. Coffee Prince
  2. 49 Days
  3. The Moon Embracing The Sun

Only 3 really is hard. I listed the ones that made me cry, laugh, and smile the most.


Coffee Prince
Secret Garden
I Miss You
KIng 2 Harts
Flower Boy Ramen Shop

  1. The Princess’ Man
  2. Secret Garden
  3. Coffee Prince

  1. Master’s Sun
  2. Ugly Alert
  3. Incarnation of Money


Shut Up Flower Boy Band is still one of my all time favorites!!! I only wish Byung Hee would have lived :frowning: I honestly teared up and gasped at that scene.


Spoiler alert; guess it’s pretty early on though.

To be fair, I think a lot of the show hinged on that. It pushed the group to find a new leader, it called their friendship and their music into question. It sets off the show. So while it’s a pity, it was in a sense, necessary.

Don’t know that you’d have had that drama any other way.


I would go for :
-Master’s Sun
-Personal taste
-I hear your voice

I would have add some more but I’ll stick to this


I mean, don’t get me wrong, I completely see why killing him off was necessary since like you said, that really was where the conflict of the show picked up (don’t forget the dilemma of going after you dead-BF’s crush). I just wish that the character had been more involved in the show than just a person remembered through mention. Perhaps if they’d incorporated some flash backs, or even some “what-would-Byung-Hee-do?” Moments where people are imagining how he’d react or what he’d say during some of their problems.
He was such a captivating character, it would have been nice for him to get a little more face time in the series.

oops! I completely spoiled it in the first post with the Byung Hee thing. Sorry!


Lie to Me
History of A Salaryman
King of Dramas


Secret Garden, Rooftop Prince, Iris

The best 3 for me of this year were: I hear your voice, Good Doctor, and Heartless (Cruel) City


this is the hardest question someone has ever asked me haha

  1. King of 2 hearts
  2. Innocent Man or nice guy
    3.I hear your voice
    I know this is cheating but MAN, I have to mention these dramas!!: Secret Garden,City hunter, that winter the wind blows Sungkyunkwan Scandal, school 2013, answer me 1997, good doctor, rooftop prince, Gentleman’s Dignity, Personal Taste, 49 days, Secret


Very hard to just pick 3… I’d say:

  • A Gentleman’s Dignity
  • Full House
  • Love Rain

But It should be a longer list hehehe


Really hard to decide…but:
Boys Before Flowers
City Hunter
Playful Kiss.
And now i have a new obsesion for The Heirs… ( Oh, i really made a top… but i love and “You’re beautiful”, “Dream High”, “49 Days”…) :">

  1. Secret Garden
  2. I Hear Your Voice
  3. Rooftop Prince