Top 3 K-dramas


only 3 it’s really hard but I’d say mine are:
In no particular order

  1. Coffee prince
  2. City hunter
  3. Personal taste (it has a special place in my heart for being my 1st drama)


Top Kdrama : 49 Days really this drama is just amazing and so emotional
1.) Faith / The Great Doctor
3.) Gu Family Book
3.) The Moon Embracing The Sun
But there are so many Dramas i love so its hard to choose …


coffe prince, missing you, city hall

this tree are in first place =D


For me it’s:

  1. I Hear Your Voice
  2. Coffee Prince
  3. High Kick… all three… if I have to pick one, the third.

The list is always changing though. ;D

  1. City Hunter
  2. Master’s Sun
  3. Medical Top Team


This is so hard but…

Save the last dance for me
The Moon Embracing The Sun
Boys Over Flowers ^o^


WOW is this hard!

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
A Gentleman’s Dignity
ANYTHING written by the Hong Sisters EXCEPT “Big” (yes this is cheating)

Yes I know I’m pretty “old school”


heartless city
but why are they not all on viki??


I keep on watching boys over flowers many times.


It’s hard to choose only three dramas, but I’ll try :smile:

top 3 for 2013- That winter the wind blows , Secret, I hear your voice
top 3 for 2012- Innocent man, Love rain, I miss you
top 3 for 2011- The Princess’ Man , 49 Days, Secret Garden


Okay, the decision isn’t easy, but here is my Top 3:
Bridal Mask
Shut Up Flower Boy Band
Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2
I can’t do this… it is impossible: God’s Quiz, School 2013, Two Weeks, Master’s Sun, White Christmas, Cruel City, Incarnation of Money and I can hear your Voice.
I’m bad at this. There are so many dramas, I really liked.


My Top 3 K-dramas are: Goong, Scent of a Woman, and Full House


This is super hard, but if I had to choose (based on those I wouldn’t mind watching over and over) :

  1. Reply1997
  2. Cinderella’s Stepsister
  3. Autumn In My Heart


I’ll say:

  1. Master’s Sun
  2. I Hear Your Voice
  3. Shut Up Flower Boy Band
    (Not particularly in this order… and now I’m going to cheat by going out on a stretch and adding…)
    Reply/Answer Me Series (Reply/Answer Me 1997 and 1994 so far, even though 94’ is not finished)

I think that all of the series had original and fresh plots, wonderfully captivating characters and great film quality. Even though Master’s Sun did the rich guy/ poor girl theme, the Hong sisters still did a wonderful job of putting a spin on it to make it so much more than just that. Although I do wish that SUFBB would have ended slightly different and could have gone in another direction, the drama was still awesome… and I love Lee Min Ki


umff! hard 1… if i had to pick three … it would be… shoot!! hard xD okay…
2)I Hear Your voice
3)Youre beautiful

ugghhhh why did i pick three im in pain now xDD lol ahahaha
if u woulda said top three favorite of 2013 this would be a completely different list lol
why are dramas so good? xD


That’s so hard! But in no special order my favorites are:

  • 49 Days Shark
  • Shark
  • Two Weeks


49 Days is an awesome drama i watched it this week and my god it´s the best drama ever haha


I really loved Jo Hyun Jae in this drama! The story was great but the end… It was frustrating!


really? u make me want to see it should i? xD everyones talking about how good it is…


Definitely has some sad moments, but it’s pretty good.
I’d say give it a watch ^^