Top 3 K-dramas


the drama is very good and very emotional
Although the ending is sad, the drama itself is very beautiful and i cried so many times… Also the Ost is amazing
you see i love that drama … if you like melodramas you definitely should watch it :slight_smile:

(you can read everywhere that the ending is sad so its no spoiler)


omg sad ending… hmm thats kinda tough… i guess it shouldnt be as sad as “i miss you” if i can take that… i guess i can watch it thanks and thanks @ scircus too for the recomendation i guess this is a must see and i must watch xD i mean if u guys can see the ending and still say its good then it must be good xD prepares tissues okay,im ready! lol


enjoy it :smile:


YOu should watch 49 Days !

In Fashion King, the end sucks and the story is not great so I don’t recommend this drama.

In 49 Days, the end is sad and frustrating but the story is really great ! I really recommend this one !


This is hard but…

That Winter, The Wind Blows
I Miss You
High Kick ( the first one )

…هذا صعب ولكن

الرياح تهب هذا الشتاء
إشتقت لك
"الركلة العالية "الجزء الأول


i agree! and although its a sad ending it´s not bad … i also think that a happy ending would not match with the story itself


of curse secret garden was a really good drama <3


Everybody is picking their favourites, and I pick the next drama I’m going to watch…by reviewing their choices and comments. Thanks everybody!
My choice so far…1. Secret 2. Master’s sun 3. Gu Family Books
With this 3 dramas, I consistently watch every second of the episode, never left any second of it.


Coffee Prince
Answer Me 1997
Scent of a Woman


City Hunter
Master’s Sun
Panda & Hedgehog :)

  1. I hear your voice
  2. Queen In hyun’s Man
  3. Shining Inheritance


This is really hard, but I can say my Top K-dramas are
Dong Yi A.K.A Jewel of the Crown
Dae Jang Geum A.K.A Jewel in the Palace
Miss Kim’s Million Dollar Quest.

& I know there is no one choose this dramas but me :’(


This is too hard! haha :slight_smile: I’ve seen so many It’s hard to choose lol ummm…
(in no order)

  1. my name is kim sam soon
  2. you’re beautiful
  3. my girlfriend is a gumiho


Well, it is hard to choose only three, but I think these are my fav

  • The Moon Embraces the Sun
  • I Hear Your Voice
  • Dream High 1



  • I Can Hear Your Voice
  • Reply 1994
  • Secret Love
    These are my 2013 favorite dramas :smile:


Soooooo difficult!!
I guess:

  1. Queen`s Hyun Man (sooo romantic)
  2. A gentleman’s dignity (so funny, romantic, and that 4 fab!!)
  3. Master’s sun (I didn’t finished yet, but goes right to my top 3!)


1-my love from the star
2-prime minister is dating
3- master’s sun


i LOVE that dream high is in there !!! xD my first drama and seriously one of the best. did u ever watch the second 1? i really hope they come out with a third…


I really loved Dream High 1 and I really didn’t like the second one… If they do a Dream High 3, I really hope they will do better !


yes!! i loved both but the ending shouldnt have been so …open …
jb was cute though(from 2nd 1) u have to admit,right? xD i REALLY hope they make a 3rd with a great end.