Top 3 K-dramas


Jb was cute and Jr too !

But the story was …weird… the rules of the contest always changed. The heroine who cannot sing or dance or arrange music finished in a famous music school, etc.

And I prefered the songs of the first one!


1.You’re beautiful







You guys make me want to watch SeGa again :heart:

My own top 3:

  • Secret Garden
  • Personal Taste
  • Arang and the Magistrate/Master’s Sun (Sorry I tried, but I can’t decide between these two)

But In 6 weeks I will probably have to edit this post and put My Love From The Star in number one!

P.S: So surprised that so many people putted 49 Days in their ultimate fav!!! I Love this drama but seriously…the end??? It was like a giant slap in my face, I never could rewatch it after that lol


Humm girl, someone should tell you, It’s WORSE than I Miss You’s ending!


It’s my favorite drama because the whole drama was just awesome and the actors were just amazing. The end? Yeah I cried a lot but after a while I realised that this is the message of 49 Days… I would be so happy if jung il woo could be together with the women he loves and also that that girl can live. But it would be unrealistic. I know the whole drama is not realistic but for the plot a happy and wouldn’t match.
That’s my opinion but I can understand if someone’s saying that they don’t like it


Oh but I agree with you on the fact that it was an amazing drama! I really loved it…until the end! Because in my opinion i could have been resolved in a less tragic way that would have been satisfiying for all our leads. But I felt that the writters wanted to choc us volontarily! They lead us on to assume it was gonna end a certain way only to do the opposite.

Just for reference, I watched a chinese drama called LAN LING WANG that had a somewhat sad ending too (I won’t spoil it, it’s a REALLY GOOD drama), and at the end I was kinda crying and clapping my hands admiratively at the same time. I didn’t feel “betrayed by the writters” like in 49 Days.


Yeah I kinda understand that. I hate dramas with a sad ending. I totally hate that kind of dramas. But Gu Family Book and 49 Days are one of my top 3 dramas ( I think I will change it to My love from the stars)

And after 49 Days I realized that no matter what happens. If there is a end, it will come no matter what you do or what you’re trying, to stop it. And also that live is going on even if you loose the person you love. And If something bad happens there is always something good behind that will cheer you up and give you a reason to live. T_T
It was a beautiful and sad message


[Spoilers in this post, just FYI - and probably several above posts XD]

In hindsight, I sort of agree that the end was a bit more tragic than it needed to be.
I was never expecting YS and YK to get a happy ending; I think for her, it was about moving on with her life. Which she does by the end. However, considering this was also about JH’s journey for a second chance at life, the fact that she doesn’t really get that second chance can be a bit of a slap in the face.

But, I liked the show. And I liked (even still) the ending, even if it’s a pity about JH. (Maybe I’m a bit of a cynic or something, but I do recall expecting a somewhat tragic end for the show’s run.) I think it’s because everyone came to terms with their lives (and deaths). They were ready and expecting it. They said their goodbyes. For me, it was a bittersweet kind of fitting closure.


:smile: My top three are: :smile:

  1. My Love from the star :

  2. The Heirs :

  3. Master’s sun :


O.O LOLLL thanks for the heads up! oh God rlly? worse then ehem ANYONE if u havent watched “I MISS YOU” SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER
worse then harry being slow mentality like a kid ? T.T Gosh i must prepare myself


hahahahah I watched I Miss you and spoiler

In I miss you , the good thing is that they are together at the end
In 49 Days it’s totally a different message

But @asuka_V is right
be prepared for the ending… I didn’t know if I should watch it or not for 3 or 4 months. After I listened to the Ost I decided to watch it. And I don’t regret it.


: O they spoiler

they arent…together?


haha xD at least u didnt give me high expectations


Hahahahahha if you read what 49 days is about you should understand that it’s not possible that they end up together
Come ooooonnnn hahahaha it’s a great drama anyway


i watched the 1st ep. xD


Shouldn’t you watch moon embracing the sun at first ? Hahahha


yea i know but im waiting to finish my love from the star. and im still trying to finish my other dramas but i gave the 1st ep. a try and im gonna try to figure out how to balance them all, since im almost close to finishing allot of them anyways this is good haha


hahahahhaah you have time
I am feeling so busy cs I have so much to watch…
And beside all that I am re watching Faith again haha
I wish I could be that motivated with school


i knoooooooooooow its killing me haha
ahh i want to re-watch coffee prince but didnt have time… and i REALLY dont want to watch" love around" right now cuz its DRAGGING SO MUCCH did u feel this way when u watched it?
haha yea i know school