"Training Camp" for new subbers


I know I don’t have much experience myself but I want to help so here I am. I want to know if you are interested to gain experience by subtitling old dramas. As you may know, some moderators won’t accept newbies to translate a kdrama, you have to be QC or Gold QC. So with this training camp you can gain enough lines to become a QC. I will help you where you have problems. I want to know if you are interested and if there are people who are interested, I will try to become a moderator on the dramas that are not subtitled.

I can only help ROMANIAN subbers but if there are others who have older projects they abandoned you can post a reply here.

Want to subtitle? Let people know!

I would love to gain experience subtitling to English. I am a native speaker and love to learn other languages. I am familiar with hearing Romanian, studied Russian, studied German. Is any of this helpful?


We have a subbing academy for Romanian.