"Training Camp" for new subbers

I know I don’t have much experience myself but I want to help so here I am. I want to know if you are interested to gain experience by subtitling old dramas. As you may know, some moderators won’t accept newbies to translate a kdrama, you have to be QC or Gold QC. So with this training camp you can gain enough lines to become a QC. I will help you where you have problems. I want to know if you are interested and if there are people who are interested, I will try to become a moderator on the dramas that are not subtitled.

I can only help ROMANIAN subbers but if there are others who have older projects they abandoned you can post a reply here.


I would love to gain experience subtitling to English. I am a native speaker and love to learn other languages. I am familiar with hearing Romanian, studied Russian, studied German. Is any of this helpful?


We have a subbing academy for Romanian.https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeecPxawZjkXTrHn_VqlvVwZxhho38FHs4osaSQQ92qQa1rjA/viewform


Hello! I’d like to help translate and sub from English to Romanian during the summer vacation, but I have no experience in this field.

Hi. I would love to help you but unfortunetly I moderate only Variety Shows atm. ( Ask Us Anything or Knowing Bros and After School Club) If you are still interested please reply😁

I’m sorry, but I am not interested in this.

Hi, my name is vitória, I’m Brazilian and I’m a new segmenter, I wanted to help with some project but the moderators generally don’t accept new segmenters without experience, I would like to help as much as possible


From what you wrote it’s not 100% clear whether you mean new segmenter who has undergone the training but just doesn’t have experience on a project, or new in the sense that you have never been trained either?

Most moderators will happily accept newly trained segmenters, although their speed may not be great, because they are very careful in following the rules.

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Olá , sou nova aqui também quero legendar de coreano para portugues, se tiver algum trabalho, vou dar o meu máximo, pois acredito que será uma experiencia maravilhosa…

This is exactly what I’m looking for so please sign me up :slight_smile:

For training in segmenting or subbing in Romanian, French or Italian go here: https://www.viki.com/tv/1863c-ninja-segging-subbing-academy

I would liked to gain experience I have alot of free time all the time ofc I can help translate english to spanish I have tried subbing but ig since I am newbie some have not messaged me back while others the project is full

On-air projects are always full, especially for Spanish and Portuguese, weeks before it starts.
Actually you should not specify which project you want. Since you’re a newbie, the best is to find the names of Spanish moderators (you can look at the teams of recent, ongoing or future shows) and ask them whether they need help in ANY of their projects. This gives them more scope.


I am interested in becoming a subber.
I can do English/Japanese, Japanese/Japanese subs.
If it is possible i would like to add Japanese subs to the JDRAMA “When one day i will sleep”

Thank you.

good Idea!! and I know nothing! but I really hope this works for the new subbers and all.


I don’t speak Romanian, sadly, but I just wanted to compliment your idea, this is amazing.
I’ve been looking for projects to help translating or revising (english-portuguese), and I’ve been having such a hard time.
I’m a pretty old viki user, and I even had small contributions in the past, before this entire volunteer-QC system. I was honestly very disappointed to see the community being so non-friendly to new/small experience volunteers, but seeing this post shred some light on me hahaha
Your initiative is really impressive :relaxed:


yes!! I am interested in helping you with old doramas!!
I speak Spanish , let me know if I can help!

I would like to gain experience translating from English to Romanian, so I am interested in participating.
My profile: https://www.viki.com/users/naomicr/overview

I’m really interested, I speak english and spanish, if I can help I would love to!

Have some time on my hands and can sub from Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Hindi to English.