Translator volunteer looking for projects (ENG TO PT)

Hi! I’ve been applying for many project as I can, but I haven’t received any answers so far. So, if you are looking for a volunteer to translate from English to Portuguese, feel free to contact me. Thanks in advance! :smiling_face:

Hi Vitoria,

First of all, did you apply through the Project Finder? If so, read this post:

If you have sent your message directly to the Portuguese moderators, they may have overlooked it because they get many messages. If you have sent your message to the CM because there is no Portuguese moderator yet, then there is nothing the CM can do because nowadays, it is not allowed anymore to have subbers on a show without the supervision of a moderator. To be a Portuguese moderator, you need to have contributed at least 3,000 subtitles in Portuguese on Viki.

There is another obstacle nowadays. Sadly, many shows now come with not only English but also Spanish and Portuguese (and sometimes also French) presubs because Viki doesn’t want the viewers in those languages to wait for the volunteer translations anymore, even though those communities had many members and could therefore translate very quickly. In those cases, there is still a moderator to edit those subs, but subbers are not needed.

The best you could try now is write to some Portuguese moderators and ask if they have some project where you could join. Don’t be picky; take whatever you can get. That way you can work your way up and eventually get a better shot at your favorite shows. Good luck. :slight_smile: