Travel: Where have you Been that you Loved and Where do You WANT to GO! When we Can!


I am an American, so I don’t know another language. I used to speak fluent Lithuanian as a child, but I lost it after my great-grandmother died. I also have PTSD, bipolar, and massive social anxiety which makes travel a nightmare. I have never been outside of the US, not even Canada or Mexico, though I have been to both borders.

My favorite places to visit are Newport, Rhode Island, USA, Matilija in Ojai, California, USA. One day I hope to visit Hobbiton in New Zealand then China and Korea, but I don’t know other languages and I’m already in my fifties and poor, so I can only dream.


Believe it or not! Most people speak English overseas. I only had one problem in one German shop where the owner would not speak to me! Everyone else spoke English or worked around it!

And yes, I wish it was not so expensive!


My suggestion, enjoy more places, by booking shorter flights. Book places that makes your trip a hop, and stop. (✿^‿^) All lined up to your ultimate destination. You’ll be defeating your panic, and enriching your travel experience.
Try going by water (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ :compass::passenger_ship::anchor::ferry::compass:


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I have no photos with me, or the miniature mementos I’d gotten, but I’ve travelled from my birth country:
:jamaica: Jamaica
:us_outlying_islands: All over these United States :us:
:uk: England (The UK)
:de: Germany
:it: Italy
And back to traveling:
:us_outlying_islands: All over these United States :us:
Looking forward to visiting places in the far east:
:taiwan: Taiwan
:kr: Korea
:cn: China

Anyone in this thread been to :taiwan: Taiwan?


Great suggestions. thanks.



Your picked topics are always on point, keep 'em coming! :grinning:

I am late to this topic: (◠‿・)—☆👇🏾

If you find it as interesting as I do, belly on up to the link :sparkles::wink:!


I want to go back to J-Land - 'feels like it was three weeks ago but it’s been almost four years. 'Really miss Kyoto in particular.

(If you land like this, you can fall from any height unharmed. I saw it in the movies. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Basically I have the whole rest of the country to explore, so really wanting this coronavirus control-fetishism fiasco to end sometime this century (because “not dying” is not living.) A couple of months ago I read the late Alan Booth’s classic travelogue “The Roads to Sata,” which has a ton of ideas - along with the hundred or so episodes of “Journeys in Japan” that are stacked up on the DVR…

And yeah, just like Kyoto I miss Paris like a lover. Just don’t get me started. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aw, thanks TOPICS pop in my head and I think “Why Not” I have several out there now!

My username kdrama2020ali is because I just started watching kdrama in July 2020 and my nickname is Ali. So not too interesting huh! Ha!

I have 20 topics out there now, WOW didn’t realize that



The top photo I find so beautiful because you can see the water moving from the River Boat I was on. This trip was Magical! I loved it


It is, the meaning of why is so interesting! :smile: Even the vikian who combined the month related to her cat, with the year etc. Your individual reason behind the name, I find fun! (◠‿◕)


aww wish I was that lucky…however I don’t think someone pursuing med school like me will have the time :sweat_smile: I’m already so guilty about my shameless drama splurging!


Aw, what type of doctor are you studying to be??! Maybe you could do a overseas exchange. Lots of schools do study abroad. Your YOUNG! You have plenty of time! Just don’t forego going because it is SO worth it!


Heidelberg and Wertheim
The walkway above is one of my FAV photos I use it on my phone a lot as a screen saver


Heidelberg - is a really beautiful town, we went there for school outings, it’s actually less than 100 km from my hometown, straight to the east. Have not been there for ages.


Les Alpes italiennes Saulx d’Oux dans le Piemont :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Places I would like to travel one, when everything fits, when my mom is okay, or being taking care by someone, when I have time and money, for some destinations you will need more and for others one will need less. I will write about the destination and the main reason, I want to go there.

Aachen: Aachen Cathedral Link to yt channel Bistum Aachen
Mainz: Mainz Cathedral is famous as well, you might want to look it up, but I was there multiple times. What I still want to see is the church St. Stephan with the beautiful windows made by Chagall.
Amrum: We once went there for half a day trip, but it is an island I would really try to spend a week.
Rügen: My parents went there several times, I was to busy working, there was no life work balance for me back then. Anyway times are changing would like to go there - unfortunately more and more the white cliffs are sliding down bit by bit.
Elbsandsteingebirge/ Elbe Sandstone Mountains: magnificent views
Darmstadt/Mathildenhöhe: If you like the influence of Art Nouveau
you might like this as well.
… and many other places I would like to visit like the lakes Eibsee, Königssee, the Vulkaneifel (yes, volcanos not active anymore though) and the Maars there, the Berlin’s Museums Island, Staudengärtnerei Gräfin von Zeppelin, …
Never ending list …


Woa! One at a time sis! :smile:


I have a picture of the ALPS from outside the plane window when we were flying from Paris to Vienna! It was so Cool to see them! They are beautiful


@shakalabbit Kyoto! I have a small video of me walking down those stairs when the lights where on (yes those stairs have led lights and they project something). You hardly see me walking there, just a black blob coming down :rofl: . We did the whole walking route through the station, they had a mini exhibition with art on the route when I was there in 2019 :slight_smile: And the Fushimi Inari, I have a picture of it full with other people…LOL

Let’s share a picture of me promoting Viki/NSSA a little in Gyeongju in 2017 (covered my face for privacy), they used that location in Mr. Queen a few times if I’m not mistaken. Including some other places I’ve been at in Gyeongju, so funny when you can say “I’ve been there!” and it always reminds me of my trip :joy: