Travel: Where have you Been that you Loved and Where do You WANT to GO! When we Can!


I’m watching Mr Queen! I think the cinematography is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Look how cute you are!


You’ve taken some amazing pictures! I really liked Heidelburg, too, when I was in Germany. It was such a pretty town!


Haha! Love it!


Thank you! These were taken from my PHONE! I took a lot of time while I had down time editing them but the scenery was what made them beautiful. I don’t like people in my photos as you can see. So I would wait for the group to leave so I could get good shots!

A couple of these were taken from a bus but still ok
The weather in March 2018 was cold, warm, nice, snowy this that and the other. I LOVE snow! I was making snow angels by myself outside the boat and the crew had to come tell me to get back on so they could leave - I’m kind of like a kid with SNOW


I love that “sampomichi” along the Kamogawa - I was down there with my older sis every morning for my two-miler (she’s a marathoner so she blew right past me like I was standing still and did something like 6 every day.) The Marutamachi-bashi was my best guess at a one-mile turnaround point, so that’s as far as I went.

Yeah, the Fushimi Inari shrine was packed when we were there too - but it thins out as you climb up the mountain and the people who are less-fit start wimping out. But at something like 3 miles and with the path being steep either uphill or down, the hike will take a lot of life out of your shoes no matter what. And you need to plan your rest stops, especially if you’re swilling Yebisu from every snack bar along the way, because the only ones they had open (at least when we were there,) were the three closest to the bottom. The WCs shown farther up on the map were all closed.

Lots of history in Kyoto too. The Sanjusangendo (a.k.a. Rengeo-in) temple was just a few blocks down the same street as our hostel. So… on this very ground in 1604, the famed swordsman Miyamoto Musashi defeated Denshichirō, the second (of three) of the Yoshioka brothers, in a duel to the death. Very awesome thing to walk that same ground - and unfortunately photos are strictly forbidden inside the temple, because one thousand life-size statues of kannon are a jaw-dropping thing. You just have to go see for yourselves…

From Fushimi Inari we took a cab straight to the Teradaya Inn, located in the southwest part of Kyoto. Unfortunately it closes at 4pm and we got there about 15 minutes late, so I had to settle for a pic from the cab window. Anyhow, in 1866 Sakamoto Ryoma (subject of the epic drama “Ryomaden,”) was staying at the Teradaya with fellow anti-Shogunate / pro-Emperor rebels. The Shogunate officials got wind of it and sent its Bakufu (their secret police, known for their brutality,) to the inn to capture them. A maid named Narasaki Ryo, a.k.a. Oryo, heard the approaching warriors from her bath, jumped out, ran upstairs stark naked and warned Sakamoto and his group. They fought a furious battle but were able to escape, and Sakamoto later returned to marry Oryo. I’m pretty sure I would’ve too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyhow, 'have to get there next time, plenty early.


My son was able to load some pictures for me.:blush:

These are from Jeju Island.

Changing of guards at Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Ribbons with messages of hope for reunification near the DMZ.

On the Han River.


Is that the famous bridge they use in filming all the time! and Jeju I wanna go so bad


So cool thanks for sharing


I think there are about 7 or 8 bridges across the Han River. The cool thing about this bridge is the rainbow fountain show that starts around 8 pm each night. Check this out.

Jeju Island is absolutely gorgeous and pristine clean. I’ve been to the Hawaiian islands of Oahu and Kauai multiple times, and although I love Hawaii, I think I prefer Jeju Island.


still too youg to choose a speciality hehe…I have to take the national entranc exam next year so I’m curently looking for volunteering jobs in and around my own state :smile: I want to study and spend my whole career in service to my own country so I won’t be looking into overseas studying :sweat_smile:

EACH night??!! wow I so want to see that! :star_struck::star_struck:


@vivi_1485, you can do it, Hwaiting! My kids and I took a tour boat ride where they had live music so it was really magical. I think the rainbow fountain “show” goes on every 30 minutes and the tour boat driver knows how to position the boat for optimal viewing. I gotta say Koreans sure do know how to make things romantic.:wink:


Argentina, specifically Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, I would love to go back someday.
Hoi An, Vietnam We stayed at an amazing hotel just outside town on the coast
Bend/Sunriver, OR USA Lava Lands (well worth a visit and if you get there you shouldn’t miss Mount Saint Helens to the north in WA, and Crater Lake southwest of Bend.
The Redwoods in Northern California if any of them are still standing after all these terrible fires they have been having. Don’t go on a windy day. They are really spectacular trees.

Where I want to go, China. I want to see Shanghai in person someday. I’m not sure where all else I want to go, but I’ve fallen in love with the culture, music, art…I’m learning the language. I’ve steeped myself in C-dramas.


Nuremberg, Germany


Pink Muhly Grass in Gyeongju, in some Kdrama it looks brown so I wonder if it’s pink all year round or just when it blooms or something:

Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan:

Extra points for who can guess the location of where this picture is taken :joy: :

Ghibli display in Kyoto:


I still take three guesses

:netherlands: Holland

:smile: :jp: Japan

Cherry blossoms in the backdrop, could be
Somewhere in :kr: South Korea too, both places displays seasonal cherry blossoms as a tourist attraction.


I would definitely say Japan but why does it say Holland? scratches head


I wonder if it’s in Amsterdam?


Rüdesheim and Koblenz
I took several of these off the River Boat #6 is Lorelei


@kdrama2020ali @leerla73 it’s taken in Nagasaki Japan, and the sign was next to a cherry blossom tree in bloom (I was there in the spring because I wanted to see the sakura trees in full bloom) :slight_smile: The sign is located in the garden of a teahouse in Dejima which is an open air museum at the moment. It was so strange and fun to walk there. We heard Dutch quite a lot in the promotion video’s there and they styled the houses as back in the day and I recognized quite a few things my grandparents had at home and there was a part showing all the things on the VOC. I even played a typical Dutch boardgame there in a games room with all typical games of that time. It was hilarious because we knew how to play it and others most likely didn’t. More about Dejima you can read here:


I shared this thread on my whatsapp, these photos must be shared! The beauty of all these shared photos!
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