Travel: Where have you Been that you Loved and Where do You WANT to GO! When we Can!


They are beautiful I even have forgotten how beautiful some of mine are!


I almost said this was Canada.


The pink flowers bloom between Sept. and Nov.


Aha thanks. I was there in october so I was lucky to see them in pink.


Rothenberg and Wurzburg Germany
In Rothenberg I had the best lunch of Pork with Spätzle and this Danube Wave Cake!

I have a thing for cobblestone! I loved taking pictures of it over there. Notice again! Where is my group! I had a whisperer they called it with headphones and I could hear the guide I would just stay back until everyone was out of my photos. I’m all about the architecture and the landscape


:grinning: Splendid Work! :smiley:
I literally feel like I could walk in through my phone.
Makes me want to ask about the type of camera, was this your phone’s camera, and all the tech questions I’d only be learning, not comparing about :laughing::smile:
Your penchant for :camera_flash: snapping :camera_flash: still, is a talent!
So beautiful!! (● :heart::heart:) ( ◜‿◝ ):heart:
I feel you could submit your collection, and have people pay to view.
(✿ :heart::heart:) ( ◜‿◝ ):heart: (◍•ᴗ•◍):heart: (:heart::heart: ✿)


Thank you! I am some what of a photographer. I seem to have the eye for it artistically (I am an artsy person) it does take a lot of PATIENCE to get certain shots. I spent a lot of time cropping them on the boat to post on FB in 2018. I have a Edge phone that used to be the high end camera. There are better cameras out there now. Yes, very much I took these on my Phone. It is so much easier than taking my Nikon Camera and all the large lenses on the plane. I am not that great with F stops and all that stuff I just know what I like visually! I would have loved to be a photographer!


No wonder! (。◕ 。 ◕。)!

Pinterest is where I normally find your quality, and style of photography.



You made my rainy little day!


Melk and Vienna Rainy Day! I really love Steiff - I did end up buying one to bring home!


I just saw this post on twitter.
Is there anyone on these threads who do
not want to go here?!? :thinking: I seriously doubt!
Screenshots_2021-04-14-02-44-13 Screenshots_2021-04-14-02-37-40 Screenshots_2021-04-14-02-37-21 Screenshots_2021-04-14-02-36-57


I’m going next year 2022 definitely!


I believe it! Pack your gear!:camera_flash::video_camera::headphones::luggage::flight_departure::airplane::kr:



I did it I went to Aruba! We were tested before and after we left! What a wonderful experience! I will go back again and again! Friendliest place ever.


Aw, Amsterdam!!! So beautiful!


image image image image

I was watching drama and looked outside and saw the sun going down - so pretty on the back area

Aw the lightening bugs are out!


Nice stroll at Sunset!!!


I’m supposed to go to Japan for a year but due to Corona it’s still not permitted to enter from our country, so it’s postponed to 2022. ö.ö When I’m already there I’d like to visit Korea and maybe Taiwan as well, but I guess that highly depends on Corona again.

Before I visited some places such as Finland, Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Sweden, France, Spain, Barbados, Mauritius, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Dubai, Estonia…
Anyway, I’ve been mostly to Scandinavia though.


Oh so beautiful! Take me with you when you go!

I have friends in Tokyo and I wanted to go see them so badly. They probably will not be there when Japan opens back up. But I do have plans to visit S. Korea and JeJu Island soon. Also I have met someone in the Philippines that I want to visit. After that, Europe again or back to Aruba.