Travel: Where have you Been that you Loved and Where do You WANT to GO! When we Can!


I’ve been to a lot of amazing places but the most relaxing place among them has been Stromboli. It’s one of the Aeolian islands north of Sicilia and there’s a volcano that erupts about every 15 minutes. The beaches have black sand from it! And that’s cool, you can take boat rides to watch it erupt or there’s a pizzeria halfway up the volcano where you can watch it as you eat… Cool cool… But that’s not what makes it amazing.

They don’t have regular cars… There are smaller vehicles and little taxis you sit on the back of, but most of the streets are narrow anyway… And so the hustle and bustle just isn’t there… it’s like you step on the island and time just stops. Love it.

We just went to the big island of Hawaii for a bit and the beaches and Volcanoes NP reminded me of it a bit and really just made me miss Italy!



You can revisit this thread since you can’t get out right now! I know the feeling - we just had thunderstorms - but it is sunny now!



Here is a sunset I took here! So pretty I enjoyed watching it!


So GORGEOUS!!! Stealing it too for my future profile pics. Thanks :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


You are more than welcome! You are welcome to use them.

Photo cred - ME! hahahahaha!


Live Cams in Seoul

Live Cams in Seoul - use utube - but fun to watch

@my_happy_place have you watched any live cams!! I check them out once and a while


So want to visit Seoul! :heart_eyes:

@my_happy_place I don’t think you have seen this thread - up in the thread I posted some of my travel photos and lots of others have also


I just spent a ton of time looking at everyone’s amazing photos! This world we live on is so unbelievably gorgeous!


That one not available but this one is from today! NOT MUCH TO SEE HERE BUT>>>
this one is really daebak!

How much can this person walk? lol

I’m still watching it!


I had the opportunity to go on a tour of Australia & New Zealand in 2005. It was wonderful and I would love to return to both countries and explore further. Right now, my health issues stop me from travel, (along with the COVID restrictions) but I hope to be strong enough to travel again in the future.

I would like to travel to Hawaii someday. My parents went to HI for their honeymoon and hearing them talk about how much fun they had visiting all of the sights made me want to go there as well.

I have wanted to visit Hong Kong ever since I was a little girl. There is just something about that city that intrigues me. The mix of cultures-British and Chinese-seemed so exotic. When the British left and HK returned to China, I was worried for HK, but they have held on through the years. I hope to visit HK in the future. My friend moved to Singapore a few years ago and I would like to visit her in Singapore and then visit Hong Kong.

Of course, it would be fun to visit South Korea after watching all of those K Dramas. When I was in grad school, there was a Summer Study Abroad program in South Korea at Yonsei University. I wanted to go so badly because it sounded like so much fun! The US group would take a course together with the SK students, and the class would also do fun activities together as well. The course was taught by the USA professor so the class was in English. It killed me that I wasn’t able to go on the Study Abroad. It would still be nice to visit South Korea someday.



Other than visiting British Columbia in Canada a couple times (I live in the PNW U.S.), I have not done any international travel. I have traveled through the U.S. fairly extensively. I love a good, long road trip. I love visiting historical places and ‘feeling’ the history that took place at those sites. I could list every place on Earth as a potential place I’d like to visit, but Italy has always been my ultimate dream destination. However, I then watched Traveler 2 on Viki and fell in love with Argentina. I would very much like to make it there someday. The natural wonders that they visited were breathtaking. I’ve also always dreamt of taking a cruise to see the Alaskan Glaciers. Clearly I am drawn to nature as a vacation destination. I don’t do well in big cities.


My first time overseas was in 2018 because of my fear of flying - I wish I had done it sooner!!! Now I have been to Austria, Germany and Amsterdam - and Aruba (coming up twice)! I highly recommend international travel - I wish we could all of us fun discussion board friends get a group together to travel and eat our way through S. Korea and look for the KHottie factory! I know what you mean about big cities - me neither although I might visit if the traffic isn’t awful. I can’t do lots of traffic without maybe public transport - luckily overseas the transit is covered - here not so much. I really want to travel to civil war sites, state parks in the U.S. like Glacier State Park look so beautiful -

When I was Living in NM - I did see TAOS and Red River and beautiful places there
I highly recommend the Kodak Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque NM


We live only a few hours from Glacier National Park. We were hoping to go this summer, but they were expecting record crowds and it was hard/impossible to find accommodations nearby. We did visit some mountains for spring break - one in Idaho and one in Montana.


I forgot years ago I did white water rafting in the Taos Box Canyon! And I stayed in the raft!!! :smile:

I went through something called “the cheese grater”


I love National Parks. My home state has 3 of them plus 3 additional national monuments. I’ve been to Yellowstone a couple times, which has so many amazing sights. And the Badlands National Park is so alien and amazing.

Some of the other interesting locations I’ve visited include one of the homesteads of the Ingalls family from Little House on the Prairie and also the site of Custer’s Last Stand at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

I made a trip to Washington D.C. in high school (so there’s definitely no digital photos). There is so much history there, and I absolutely loved it. I sat in the theater where Lincoln was shot, visited the home of George Washington and his gravesite, and the same for Thomas Jefferson. Too many historical sites to mention. It was such an amazing and truly awesome experience to stand in the same place that those historical figures had once stood.


[ADJUNTAS] Countryside of my Island where my mother was born, and I never wanted to go, but now as an adult can appreciate its natural beauty. Nothing austonding just nature at it best.


So beautiful. It’s my kind of place.


I read all of the Little House books! I love that! :heart_decoration: