Update on this post - Would Like To Help w/ Chinese-Eng Subbing

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not good enough yet. Very sorry if this disappoints anyone. I am going to work even harder than ever in the future to improve and come back to be a good translator/subtitler. Don’t lose hope in me, I’m not giving up yet. Thank you guys a lot for all the help, I really appreciate it and won’t forget it, and I promise not to let you all down. :slight_smile: Keep an eye out for me in the future!!

~Sarah Zenona

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Did anyone told you that after you worked in a project/drama? If that was the case, I love how positive you are and I’m glad you will put more effort into your translation skills. But is my understanding you’re the one getting into that conclusion out of frustration, right?

If you are saying that because no one contact you so far, it could be you are not doing what all of you guys willing to volunteer must really do.

Go directly to a drama you would like to work in, and contact through a PM, the Chinese moderator and let them know your willingness to work in the drama. Contact as much as you want don’t just pick one.

Here in Discussion is not the best place to seek dramas to work in. Expecting for them to contact you here is difficult since most are too busy to do that.

Going directly to the dramas that interest you and sending a PM to the correct person (Chinese moderators in your case), will give you a direct answer of yes or no to work in the drama.

I hope you don’t get discouraged and continue to offer your services as a volunteer since many Chinese dramas are in need of help. I’m waiting eagerly for a few Chinese dramas that are on hold right now. The ones I don’t care for are 100% subbed, and my faves are not. lol

Stay positive and don’t forget that good things come to those who wait.

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Thank you!!
I took a test sent to me by the moderator of an on-air/more recent Chinese show and got quite a bit wrong, so I of course didn’t make the team. I thought I’d do better than that so it was rather discouraging. I’m not 100% fluent in Chinese yet even though I’ve been working hard on it. But again, I didn’t really expect to get put on a team for an on-air show or a more recent show, especially ones that people want quickly.

I really want to do this, preferably if I find a show I’m really interested in. I’m taking Rosetta Stone lessons and am about 3/4 of the way done with Level 2 of 3 so I expected a little better from myself.

And my character reading is not great yet either, which I’m going to work on even more. This because I do my lessons in pinyin mode (if i do it in both pinyin and character mode the characters get so small it gives me a headache).

Also something that will probably help me in the future that I’ve been doing: studying Chinese metaphors/idioms and how to translate them!

So yes I’m not the best but I"m working very hard to fix it all, so people can take me on with confidence. Right now I just look like a someone who barely knows what they’re doing and thinks they can be the best out there. :space_invader:

The reason I’m doing this is to because it’s something I love doing no matter how much work it takes or how frustrating it gets, and it’s great once I finish a hard subtitle. (I’ve been subtitling some Chinese drama episodes on Youtube for experience, and because I love this particular drama; it’s a win-win. :slight_smile: )

I’ll continue looking for frozen/unfinished dramas where I can offer help, because I know people really want dramas like that to be subtitled!

Thank you so much for the encouragement!! I will be sure to take your advice, and I’m going to work harder than ever to improve, however long it takes!

~Sarah Zenona

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On air dramas require to be very proficient in the original language bc it has to be done so fast and editing is such a pain if they have to do to much of that.

I know in no time you will be working here as a volunteer in a drama. In the meantime keep up with your lessons, and again the best of luck!

Thank you! :heart:

I have found her a home. On C drama, we seriously try to help the new folks find a place if we can, the folks who eventually translate the most challenging dramas have to start somewhere. :slight_smile: There are a lot of modern dramas around here looking for help, and a newer person finds the language much friendlier than my current training group drama. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your encouragement to Sarah. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for helping her out. I really love volunteers that are eager to help bc they always give their 100%. I know you are the best, and always work with those willing to give their all. I hope everything works out.

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Your words are too kind, I merely wanted to let everyone know our eager lady has found something to work on, so folks do not think we sit on our hands. We are very busy on the C drama end, but do try when asked to help folks find the way to help us and move the boat down the river. :slight_smile: