Updating celebrities profiles?

I was going around VIKI and some of the celebs pictures are not up to date and some of the dramas they starred in are not included although the show is on ViKi. I wanted to know who was in charge of Updating Celebs profiles.


That’s a good question. Celebrity channels are not a feature that Viki’s volunteers have access to, so Viki’s business office staff is the most likely answer.

Regarding your second question. It appears that Viki ‘usually’ (key-word here) only includes works that are or have been licensed to Viki. Hope this helps a bit.


What do you think of celebrities’ profile, should they be the in real life picture, or one of their many portrayed characters?

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Regarding this thread, and the following threads about celebrity profiles on Viki. There might be other threads with this topic focus. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How about actors or entertainers that passed away? Are contributors allowed to create a profile for them? A description of them and their past work would be honorable.

It seems, only, itsjinakim's profile survived the creators profiles list of shows. She was so young! 😊