View All Subtitles Feature - Old Viki

I remember long time ago, Viki’s subtitle editor had a small text that said “View All Subtitles” – You could click on it, and it would bring up all the subtitles for that episode on a single page.

It makes for easy editing and also if we ever need to back track and find the subtitles we need, it’s easier to look on the that single page than in the video.

Will Viki ever bring this feature back?

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I have complained about the need for that over and over but it has been falling on deaf ears. It would be extremely helpful. Every time they have an upgrade they re-add things that didn’t work before and have to be removed, again. They introduce any number of bugs to the system that takes an untold amount of time to get rid of, if at all. Every time they say the system is going to be down for upgrades I worry about what we will find. The Rakuten acquisition has shown no benefits. And the biggest problem resulting from it, a near loss of the customer service role. Those they still have are greatly overworked.

Anyway, I gave up.

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That would be great.

It would help to keep names consistent, to make sure the opening and ending subs are similar and in general it would make it a lot faster and more convenient to edit than from episode part to episode part for 50 episodes.

I hope they leave some space for it among all the marketing tools they keep adding.

Er, maybe I haven’t been subbing that long. Is this different from the bulk sub editor?

The bulk sub editor is for one episode only.
If you want to make edits in many episodes, you have to open them one by one.

Well, the original post mentioned a function for viewing the subs of one episode on a single page. Which the bulk translator page does.

As for keeping subs consistent (at least the names and opening/endings), keeping a decent set of team notes is probably sufficient.