[Viki Community] Announcing the new Project Finder


This seems to be the biggest problem right now.

I think the order is according to the date they were added to Viki. If you check the “On Air - New” section of the Explore Page, it corresponds to the current order of shows on the Project Finder.
I wish there was a search option to find particular dramas… because listing them in alphabetical order is unnecessary and inefficient.

Everyone, remember to give your feedback in the feedback form!
Whoever designed everything, you are awesome! :heart_eyes: I really adore the graphics!


The problem is: do I need to hide the teams that are 100% completed? And does one segment make a difference in that? And what in the cases where I just solo-subbed, do I need to notify the CM to hide the team?
I won’t hide my current projects as I could take some volunteers in, the question is about some past translation, do I need to go through them all?


I noticed that too. At first, I was confused, but after I thought about it came to me that not all of us who translate into a certain language are living in the same region. So maybe there is someone who is able to translate it in their region into the preferred language.


I also can´t hide my teams on many channels. sometimes I can´t choose a language, when the long language list appears I can´t find German. One channel just hided the Segmenter and I couldn´t choose a language.

EDIT: almost in all my Mod Channels I can´t my language


For those who can’t hide their team, check first if the project even pops up in the PF.

I’m still running the theory that projects where the language is completed will not only not show up in PF, but also the possibility to hide a team would be taken away.


I think you’re right. I did a search with the Korean-English and Chinese-English filters on… even some of the most popular dramas (I randomly selected about 10-15) have at least one episode on 99%.
It makes sense, since that’s what the algorithm is made to do— find incomplete projects. But these projects ARE complete… the only problem is that they’re at 99%. I guess one solution would be to close the project like we close each episode. Once that language is completely locked, it won’t show up in the PF.


Well, for some reason, now I can’t seem to apply to any dramas as a CM. That is, the apply button comes up, but when I click on it, there’s no synopsis in many cases or it simply says “not licensed in my region”. Also - does this current rendition retain one’s previous application to a drama? There did not appear to be much for a CM in USA wishing to run Chinese dramas - maybe it’s simply there is nothing to do? (licensed or coming soon?)

Also - it would be useful to lower the “completed” percentage widget to around 95% to take a drama off, at times we’re still editing behind a completed drama and missing a lyric or something that leaves it around 98 percent - though we are definitely not recruiting more help! If something hits 95 percent, it has already hit a level of fill that either we’re looking to remove segments, add credits, or sort a few pesky lines, no longer wishing to receive 10 new applicants and explain this over and over again.

Perhaps the first item is a matter of server refresh, as an EU colleague has said many things come up with 45 people applying to run them? :slight_smile:

I rarely stop by here, luckily the information on hiding a filled team or completed drama was on here. I had expected it to arrive as the update to the email newsletter - and I was clearly mistaken on that.

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It seems that there are a lot of unlicensed projects which they’ve now put into the Project Finder (before a project would only be included once it was licensed regardless of the area).


Hey @irmar, great point you raised. Language teams with completed subtitles are automatically hidden and that is why you’re not seeing the options in the dropdown. :slightly_smiling_face:


Aaaaaahhhh! You could have told us so!

Hm, then this means that the ones I was able to see and hide are incomplete???
I have to go and check again.


Maybe I had too high expectation, but I’m a tiny bit underwhelmed… It’s not entirely Viki’s fault.

  • There are too many dramas that appear and they have already been translated in the language I have (even very old ones).
  • There are so many “useless” dramas that don’t need volunteers yet I can’t find most of the dramas that I saw that are actually still ongoing. I tried to unhide my mod. projects and use my personal Viki acc to see how it would look like when I receive an application, but I couldn’t find any of my 7 dramas I had. Even for CM application, there are so many channels that are missing in that catalog. I really think that the catalog needs to be fixed. More filters. A system that could automatically add new licenced channels.

Language teams with completed subtitles are automatically hidden and that is why you’re not seeing the options in the dropdown.

From what I read that means there is actually a way to make sure the system figures out when subtitles are completed or not. That means Project Finder can use that same system to get rid of those dramas that have already been completed. If you can add that same programming, it would narrow down the crazy amount of applications from new users. Then once that’s done you could improve the efficiency of the automatic system that updates new shows that are looking for volunteers in the PF.


Yeah, that’s what we discussed above… most of these “incomplete” dramas have at least one episode with 99% subs. So, since it isn’t 100%, it appears in the Project Finder.

Which ones? I don’t think I’ve faced that problem…


So many that I can’t write all down. For CM for example Yumi Cells or School 2021, the old-new web dramas that were added in bulk etc…


There must be a problem with the CM section :thinking:


Yeah exactly, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed😊


Make sure to give your feedback on the PF page!


Tried the new project finder today (Aug 25 in USA) and for each of the new Korean dramas listed, after I clicked on “Apply now” was informed that the video is not available in my region so it would not accept my application. I am a gold QC with viki pass plus. New project finder has “synopsis” function but the popup just has title of the drama.


I’ve noticed that some dramas here don’t have a synopsis even if you go to the Channel page

None of these have synopses


Are you talking here about CM applications only?

Same here, in Europe, one can’t see any synopsis, which might be because there isn’t any at this point since the project is new. Fair enough. But then Viki should give us the title of the show/movie in the original language, so that we can find out which program it is. Having just an English title is not good enough. There are plenty of shows which have almost the same title, one being from Japan and other from Korea for example. Or just one show having several english titles, very different one from the other.

At least, if you apply as a subber, each project does have a synopsis.


Hi I have a question where appears to apply for CM if the channel is in project finder but it’s doesn’t appears the sentence this project isn’t available in your country nor request being a CM? I mean doesn’t appears anything…
And the three projects available applies for being CM and subbers?
And the channel the veil yesterday appears like not available in my region but today doesn’t appears like that, I mean, today appears like channel without license but it doesn’t appears if we can ask being channel manager nor the legend it’s available in your region…