[Viki Community] New Moderator Roles Requirements




Sneaky, sneaky those special episodes are :smirk:


Viki has added special episodes out of 10 of my old dramas … closed.

Now I have to wait for segmentation, English translation (hopefully) and then we can translate and close them all AGAIN.

This is unbelievable … beyond belief :angry:


I also have one drama with a technical error since it´s apploading, years ago…
2 drama which were ready since years/ months and then something like this blows up… v_v


@damiechan @elisa4you_746 this special epsiodes are there since the drama aired. i also told the cm several times and got ignored.
So I have this drama on my list, because of this.


I see. I messaged the CM and CE this morning because I hadn’t noticed the episodes before. I only noticed the first special episode :confused: Let’s hope she replies!


The problem with adding moderators with less than 5 projects hasn’t been resolved yet, right? I tried again today and I couldn’t add a moderator with 1/5 projects.


There were no special episodes on this drama before yesterday Viki’s update, these are brand new in fact they are not even segmented yet…


They are not. My team and me saw them there weeks before. I’ll send you a PM :slight_smile:


Although I only have one moderator project, CM still cannot add me to a team as my native language moderator. I have active gold QC status and no idea where lies a problem. Is someone also in the same situation (and maybe found a solution to it)???


There’s currently probably no one who can be added as Language Moderator. Or at the least, this concerns the vast majority. However, there hasn’t been any information from @vikicommunity yet.


I need clarification on this. Are Gold QC English Moderators allowed to have five English Mod roles and five Japanese Moderator positions, or is it a total including both languages? If it’s a total across the board, then I guess my TEs will need to be loaded as only English Editors.

The good thing about this regulation is that it forces people to get organized and clean up their channels. I must be the only one whose dashboard shows fewer Language Moderator roles than I actually have. :rofl:


“The Return of the Condor Heroes” shouldn’t even count as that is a long time coming! But my other English Moderator roles don’t even show so who am I to complain?


It’s the total of both.


I think viki should seriously consider bringing back the option of removing oneself as a moderator from a channel. Or else they will keep getting more requests about it.

Maybe when an already added moderator can’t contact the manager (because they are now inactive) or the mods can’t continue their moderator roles for any real life circumstances or reasons and they decide to leave the Team but they can’t. A remove oneself option as a Moderator would be helpful here. It would be faster taken care of by oneself and an immediate message would be sent to the current manager explaining the reason of removal at the same time so that they know the spot is now available for other vikiers.

It would be a faster option for everyone. :smirk:


Dear Viki Community,

Thank you for all your feedback thus far. We are currently compiling everyone’s comments as we look to continue improving this feature. We understand that at the moment it is definitely something new to get used to.

For those of you who might have been impacted by this new feature, please look forward to a survey by the end of May. Your feedback is important to us and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of the Viki community.

The Viki Community Team

Viki Moderator Issue

And not a single word about the bug that prevents OL moderators from being added, even if they meet the requirements… Are we to understand that this is an intentional bug? And that we have to wait until the end of May for you to fix it?


This is not a “get used to” situation. Is a “it’s not working at all” situation. You need to fix it because is not working the way it supposed to work. That’s what we are saying all the time, but your reply makes me believe you are not even reading what we are saying. Don’t thank us for a feedback if you didn’t even read it in the first place.


I like this idea.


I don’t know what you expect me to reply to this except for… we’re talking about bugs, but certainly not about insects.
If you don’t fix the fact that YOU CANNOT ADD ANYONE ANYMORE AS LANGUAGE MODERATOR you can take care of the new projects by yourself. Please go ahead.

Somehow, I know now why reading comprehension is considered important…


Dear Viki satff,

Thank you for your message, although it does not answer any of or questions nor does it solve any of the problems we are experiencing. Its not about getting used to it. The issue lies with the fact that there are 101+ problems that already exist, and this little upgrade made things even more chaotic. It’s not about getting used to it, this is not working for us. The channel managers can’t even add moderators.

We DO NOT need a survey. We require you guys to address and fix the issues. Furthermore, we have all submitted tickets asking for help, and telling you guys all the issues we are currently experiencing, yet no one has bothered to answer any of us. This is greatly affecting our work pace. Your response and solution to our tickets would be greatly appreciated.

With love,
The Translating Community