[Viki Community] New Moderator Roles Requirements


Oh no .___.


You are not the only one. I have a drama from last year that just released one episode. Viki does not respond to any request to solve the problem.


If Viki wants to establish this, they should start taking their job as administrators seriously. They don’t. Waiting 9 months for a drama of 8 episodes is a bad joke, just because some people want to demonstrate how mighty they are. I’ll sub it in a week now, I don’t care anymore.

Same with other projects by people who need 2 years to release them. Before those were annoying, now they’re just a no-go. However, Viki never bothered to solve our OL issues.


A solution for this “hoarding by Eng team” problem could be if Viki introduces a new function.
A function where the CM manually marks an episode released for OLs. If an episode takes some unreasonable amount of time to qualify for this “released for OL” mark, Viki can send them a “warning” or take whatever action they deem fit… even nullifying (or subtracting) that project from OL mods, so they can qualify for one more (making it 6 active projects) project.


But honestly, how many English moderators are added as English moderators? Most of them are added as All Language moderators and therefore fall out of the grid.


Then All Language Moderators and Language Editors will bypass the requirements because of the loophole!

“The person must not have taken too many Language Moderator roles at any given time.
QCs can take on up to 3 Language Moderator roles at any given time.
Gold QCs can take on up to 5 Language Moderator roles at any given time.
There are three types of moderators: English Moderators, All Language Moderators, and Other Language Moderators.
It is important for Moderators to be regularly available for the entire run of a series and recruit any other team members as needed.
We will not remove you from teams you are already a part of. Please note, that you cannot be added to any other teams until your role count is set like everyone else.
Due to the flexibility of the ‘all languages’ moderator role and how it is used in the community (e.g for cover page designers), these positions will not count towards your total count.

I had two of my GEs do my CE role when I became ill after two natural disasters. I think any responsible person appoints replacements! Hopefully, these new requirements will encourage more responsibility among OL Mods who take on many channels and never complete them.

I took on one channel to train new English editors so I see Alex’s point that a training moderator should not count. Then that person could be listed as an editor, who still has the authority to open and close episodes.

I agree that we must surely include English Moderators in these requirements. If the CE holds up a project for 6 months, then all language teams get behind and it’s unfair to them! OL Mods get removed on grounds of inactivity, and all fairness means that our CEs must also come under this requirement.

I’m very careful about how many projects I accept as English Editor because I’m predominantly a viewer. I know how unfair it is to viewers of other languages who cannot watch shows because the CE is too busy to release episodes in a timely manner. I think the CE must recruit more TEs or fix whatever is the issue, if it’s not because she’s just too busy. Otherwise, a new English team should be appointed. I went in as a remedial CE for a pre-subbed drama that took over a year to release the first episode.

I understand the 3000 subtitles in that language stipulation, but this will make it difficult for us to find Korean TEs! We had to use a TE who knows Korean, but her subs are all from another language. We also used a capable TE who was still a QC trainee, yet she can translate text missed by paid staff who helped us.

Because many of our dramas now come pre-subbed, yet our TEs are so limited, I take on subbers to fix the pre-subs. Then viewers don’t have to wait for quality English subs. When I accept a CE job, my goal is to release four episodes per week or if only one episode loads per week, that one needs to be released by the time the next one loads.

Segmenters should not come under this new requirement. They are always done and gone in record time! They deserve and need the All Languages Moderator status for pre-subs. My concern would be CEs who take on ten dramas and release a minimum number in each show.



Our main purpose is to share shows we like with viewers of our native languages who do not master English, and in this respect, this new rule appears to me counter-productive to the quality of the final translations.

The important thing is not the number of moderations, but the experience of the moderators, and their ability to recruit, and manage a team which will work efficiently, including editors whose language skills are pivotal to the quality of the final translation. This means a good experience of working on Viki projects as a translator first, which obviously QCs do not have until quite a while.

As others have said as well, what about being moderators for projects which are not aired for years (cf Oath of Love), or the opening of which to other languages takes months (films, more often than not)? Will they count as on-going moderations?

And what about languages which have few contributors, meaning that some shows would never be translated?

In my opinion, this whole thing should be reconsidered.


Do I really have to go through all my old moderator projects from years ago and have myself removed if they are not ‘completed’? I sometimes have a moderator position for helping with the TC or to help people with finding Dutch subbers but not for me to sub myself. Does that make sense?


I think the count for moderator should only start once the drama starts loading episodes. We are waiting over a year for “Return of the Condor Heroes.” We waited over six months for one drama, then it was cancelled due to rumors about the main lead!


@vikicommunity Do special episodes which are labeled as 0 also count? Because some of these don’t even have English subtitles.
And what about the training channels used by the NSSA for subtitling and segmenting? The senseis are also added as moderators.


There were so many good suggestions in the post at the time, which was about this very topic.

And this is what Viki made of it???

It’s like your very good working inbox that was replaced by an even better version (that’s irony).
Sometimes when you make changes, nothing good comes out of it.


That’s reasonable!


They shouldn’t, really. It would be enough to add them as subbers and make sure the episodes are open.


Then how could we add new students to the team (or remove graduated ones)?


I commend the new rule. It’s clear enough not to generate confusion.
There are only two things where I don’t agree

  1. 3000 subs is too small a requirement for becoming a moderator.

I believe they should be counted. And the page designer can be removed from the moderator position as soon as his/her work is done. It’s better for everyone, because this drama shows on their contribution page as 0 subs, and people who don’t know it was a page design might mistakenly think that

And a question that probably has no answer:

  1. For Other Languages, how is the “release of episodes” counted? When they are fully translated? There’s no way of ensuring they are edited, though. There are many Italian moderators I know of (and surely there must be many in other languages as well) that haven’t edited their fully subbed dramas for many months, and yet they take new ones.


You ask the moderator. Simple. I was a sensei for the Italian NSSA and the moderator made sure everyone was added. A list of names was sent to her and she added all of us. Removing is not recommended, in my opinion, because on their contribution page they will look like abusers if there is no role designation under the drama title.


At the Dutch Subbing Academy, we have 3 senseis. We are all Dutch moderators cause there is no other moderator above us. Maybe in theory, we could appoint only 1 of us as moderator, but given these new rules, how fair would that be?
We use the official training channels so I think it would be clear that the former students weren’t abusers.


Or the academies can make a monthly list of students to enroll. The CM can add them on every first day of the month or so…


Hello everyone!
I think 3000 subs is such a small requirement for becoming a language moderator.

Let’s be fair…
I think 10 000 subtitles will be a reliable number considering the fact that it’s the half required number of becoming a Gold Qc (20,000)

For your kind consideration, Page Designers are added as English moderators for her artwork. They are added as mods because they need to upload their artwork and make corrections or additions as the project makes progress. But sometimes there are English mods who are designers, segmenters and even subbers at the same time (multitasking).

On another note Chief segmenters and English Chief editors are mainly added as all ‘language moderators’ so that they can do their full duties in the channel.

I recommend that English and all language moderators should be special cases which need much more specific rules.

Best of luck on what’s to come for moderators!:sunglasses:


Another one of my suggestions yayyy!!:dancer:t4: