[Viki Community] New Moderator Roles Requirements


I’m on Viki since september 2009 and for some channels where I’m a Dutch moderator the CM’s are not active for years or at least 5 months. How to deal with those @amm11 @amyk @giant_sean @fsl_viki ?! Is there even someone on the current Viki team that is on Viki longer then I am? And when you are on it please remove as a mod for “Let’s BTS” it’s still listed on my list but no license anymore so I cannot get it removed. Thanks!

And where on my dashboard can I see how many unfinished projects I have as a mod? I think I have checked them all but might have missed something.

#123 and go down under the badges. I don’t know if this is what you want.


I don’t see a number or anything… does that mean that old projects from years ago are not counted?!


Or alternatively,


I think so on my board i see something like this ! - Not to mention that one of them it’s a special episode in drama, that constantly change the release date 280358451_959547974732760_4500640859728536868_n|372x500


Personnally, I have one project “unfinished” because it’s “episode 0” a special episode of a drama, which is not even translated in English. It’s there since years and English team never translated it. So even if I wanted to translate it, I can’t. So I agree with you, special episodes shouldn’t be counted.


True, that’s a good point. But having a higher level QCs (based on numbers) who may take more projects would not always solve the issue of quality (just like having a limit of up to 3 or 5 projects does not solve it completely, to be fair). Just as someone with 3,000 or 10,000 subs can do a bad job, so can someone who has 200,000 subs under their belt. Quality cannot be measured by numbers only. Persistence can, willingness to devote one’s time to a given project can, responsibility perhaps can too, but not quality. Also, there are people who can work here for many more hours than others or simply work faster than others, and can still provide good quality on multiple projects, and others will do a bad job even on a single project they have… So I think it’s a much more complex issue.

It’s wonderful that Viki is trying to find a solution, but something would need to be done also qualitywise, not just quantitywise. And to do that, Viki would need objective people who are linguists or are really fluent in both the source and target language (their own language) to verify quality. Also, being fluent in both languages is one thing, but knowing the audiovisual translation standards and how audiovisual translation should work to create good quality subs that viewers can comfortably watch to fully understand what’s going on in a movie or drama is another thing, and one would need to either be a professional translator who knows these rules and has some practice in that, or be willing to learn about these standards and apply them, or have someone skilled and kind enough who they can learn from.

Someone mentioned a system for rating someone else’s work and this may work, but only if such work is rated by 1) people who are not mean just because they didn’t get a given project, 2) people who also understand audiovisual translation, because it’s something completely different from translating a written text, and 3) people who are reasonable in their judgement. It’s easy to criticize others, but the truth is everyone makes mistakes, or may sometimes miss something, or a given line can sometimes be translated in many ways (as long as it makes sense with what’s happening on screen), so it’s only reasonable to be kind, so to speak, towards mistakes of others as long as they want to learn and improve, and accept feedback and correction, and to try to be objective as well. This is why I think it’s a really complex issue.

I am grateful for this thread, because it also opened my eyes to the challenges some other language communities, English Editors, or volunteers who help others teaching them how to sub or segment are facing due to this change. I haven’t thought about all these things, so thank you guys a lot. Hopefully, Viki can find a reasonable solution.


I agree, I think we will wait and see how things will go


That’s awesome! I can’t even remember the release of this special episode and was wondering, why this drama is on my list of unfinished dramas. And looking into “Activities” lots of teams are subbing like crazy right now.


In general, I like this new technical feature because it can offer a more fair environment for everyone who likes to participate.

The negative aspect of this new feature are technical bugs that cause projects being counted as incomplete although they aren’t.

Some older projects have empty segments, the team did not fix it, not after couple of years, some projects have invisible segments that also cause an incomplete status.
One project is on 100% with all episodes in the Viki app yet it’s listed as incomplete project in my dashboard list.

Another negative aspect for OL mods is the - sometimes - very delayed GO from the English team to the OL teams.

With bad luck it could happen that such projects bind an OL mod for 9 months or more. Even when it’s not the OL team’s fault, one slot would be blocked for a very long time. If that happens with multiple shows at once, an OL mod would appear as a lazy person who is unable to finish projects and must be excluded of new projects.

I think these two aspects must be considered as well to make this new feature a great option instead of causing frustration and hesitating for taking certain new projects.


Now I see it… 8 unfinished, 4 with an inactive CM, for 3 I contacted the CM to have myself removed and of 1 I plan to finish because it’s the last ep only. All atleast 4-5 years old.

@amm11 @amyk @giant_sean @fsl_viki do these even count?


@dudie exactly the same problem. I am here since 2008 I am afraid to even check my moderators roles.
15/05 update I decided after all to check my dashobard and the results were that I have 31 unfinished projects from which one hasn’t even released one episode so far because it was just uploaded on the platform on 13th May.
10 have lost their European licence so even if I wanted it is hard to find Greek subbers living in the USA (I have found only one so the progress will go terribly slow)
8 of them have a couple of episodes not 100% translated because some team members didnt know how to translate some lines(or there were no English subs availble in some segments) and I need to go through them add them
7 That we work at the moment and gradually they will finish some time soon
4 I am in the recruiting process and haven’t started them yet
and finally one that has a special episode we didn’t translate because we thought wasn’t important


It’s look likes that it isn’t working properly too. I tried to add me as a moderator just to test, and I couldn’t even though I’m with only two projects.


I tried too to see, and same problem


This problem we also had somewhere. Why was my only though. For months/ weeks nothing and then so


Same here, although I have 0/5 in my moderator roles.


We have just taken notice of this special episode :frowning:

@cgwm808 is taking care of it. Thank you for the patience!


Can something actually be done?


I removed myself from a project and can’t add myself again or people with even only 1 project. Tonight, when the CM assigned roles I was the only one working, but it might’ve been just a matter of the time. So I guess it’s… broken.


It’s broken. I tried to add people that didn’t even have any mod role and over 10.000 subs on the languages and couldn’t.