[Viki Community] New Moderator Roles Requirements


Exactly! Why does that happen?


I just thought that for a Vikier to become a channel manager, they first had to be a subtitler or (a segmenter) then a language moderator and then finally they could become a manager. :pensive:

Being a manager is not an easy job. I think you have to experience all the previous roles available as much as possible in order to get an idea of how things are done in each phase.

Oh well, good luck to the new managers!


That should also apply for moderators. Before being a mod then they must first have plenty of experience in subtitling and perhaps even editing.


Here’s your updated Dashboard


I have a project that we didn’t get to complete the last few episodes because the license ended. It’s on the list… :confused: Also on the list is the project that was supposed to be released last year, but now I don’t know when it will be released…


I have 2 dramas that are restricted and 2 dramas for Newbies.
I will have a lot of free time in the future when I can then take over only 1 drama as a moderator :laughing:

Viki, here you really messed up!!!


Same here. Just checked my moderator roles on my updated dashboard, and projects which release has been delayed indefinitely should not be counted.
Projects like “The Silence of the Monster,” “The Trust,” etc. have been on “Coming Soon” for months now - and I’m sure there are more.
Now the question is… do we have to submit a ticket, or can we expect further changes in a timely manner?


Well, don’t worry. The ‘hoarders’ you’re talking about will now be added as editors, not moderators if they cannot be added as moderators because they already have a bunch of unfinished stuff (as already the case in one drama). I guess some people will always find a way around and the projects will wait… and wait… and wait… Anyway, good luck to you!


My dashboard says I have 5 umfinished dramas. Lol. The dramas listed are finished since months or years


This is AMAZING! :green_heart: Well done, Viki! @vikicommunity


Same here. Viki is going to get a list of all of them to remove me as a Mod.

This is a real issue. If the project has no foreseeable date of release (lots of Chinese dramas), they should be white-listed until further notice.

I’m just curious. Did you reserve dramas with simpler English for newbies to learn subbing? I get rarely newbies to teach. But when I do, it’s hard to find really simple dramas for them since I don’t really translate romantic comedies so much.


I just checked my moderator roles option and out of 10 projects that appear there, 6 are already completed

Is it a bug?:thinking:
Should we wait for it to be updated? Or should we open a ticket?
Viki, expect lots of tickets coming from us soon…

I just noticed that for 2 of them I was added as English moderator because I was the Page Designer. :frowning:


Totally agree. It would be easier for Viki, too, than having to answer a bunch of tickets every time. Especially when I think of when I last received a reply to tickets.
I just wished Viki would have already thought about this & fixed it beforehand.


Indeed. And don’t forget about opening fake accounts, too.

This has previously been a practice in smaller languages to circumvent some CMs’ requirements for a team. Instead of, you know, just saying loud and clear “There aren’t that many volunteers in my language, you’re only getting me. But I will do my best.” There is no shame in being a solo Mod if you finish your projects and you translate well. On the contrary, perhaps one can even be proud of that. :innocent:


I think this is why they’re going to launch a survey in a week or two. Don’t forget to mention this issue if you get the chance! Viki folks know a lot about the subbing process on Viki, but only the Community knows all the issues they have. So feedback is essential.


Could it be that you have double roles in those projects, where requirements for one role haven’t been filled? If not, indeed send a ticket.


In the beginning, I simply included the Newbies as Subber in dramas that didn’t require a pass or QC and gave them feedback after each part.
But I noticed for myself that there are sometimes more Newbies than space in on-going dramas and the translation then also takes longer, because I take time for the Newbies. But this is inconvenient for the viewers, because they don’t want to wait, especially for hyped dramas.
I then looked for an old drama that had already been started but never finished being translated. I explained to the CM what I was going to do and was allowed to train the Newbies there. This drama was not an easy drama, but I only realized that as I went along :laughing:
When that drama was finished, I looked for the next drama. An on-going drama, which didn’t find a German moderator and where the other languages already had 2/3 translated. I was also allowed to train my Newbies there, with the compromise, should we catch up with the other languages, then there must be no delay in the translation with the Newbies in our team. The drama is not finished yet, because there are delays in the release of the episodes.
My third drama I’m working on now with Newbies is a school drama, it’s ideal because it’s simple.
A small team of German moderators wanted to make it official and tried to join the Subbing Academy, but there are no more languages being added at the moment.
Therefore, I continue to use long Chinese dramas, in consultation with the CM’s, to train the newbies.


Okay, I see another issue now. If a “special” episode is added to the list of regular episodes, they are counted towards the total number of episodes and mark the project incomplete.

I have better things to do than translate an episode which recapitulates the series thus far (or all of it). These episodes should not count and must be made an exception. Just use the keyword “Special” or something to remove them from the list. Or, better yet, don’t have them in the future among the episodes, but among trailers and clips.


Wow! Awesome! Thank you.
(I can just check for myself, right? Is there a way to stalk others? :D)


Maybe think about new role or status for channels with many lines like Diamond Qc or Sapphire QC, who could take at least 7- 8 projects. I understand that they want to open the community, but to be true, many of new QC are using Google translate and copy and paste the line in show, so they are quicker to gain lines than the account who translate on their own, and now it’s become more and more common at least in my language. I need to carefully select, what’s not easy. So if they gain the possibility of be Moderator so soon, I don’t want to imagine what will happen. Of course, I’m saying only from my perspective. No everyone has time to check on them, or later correct after them. But this has so many missing points. But let’s wait and see.

ps: To add the fact that some are disappearing after some time, and leave the moderator with lets say 30 episode drama in the middle. It’s awful. And when that kind of moderator who use google translate leave moderate drama in the half let’s say, who will undertake that kind of project to finish.

But these are just my personal concerns