[Viki Community] November Updates - Fall Subathon 2021 *Updated 11/17


only subtitling, Im still new, and never done any segments



I didn’t see any register document this year, where did you see it?


The badge is really cute but as others already wrote this months is a bad timing somehow.
Should have been earlier or later this year.


@sonmachinima oben steht der link

Ready to join? RSVP now


Note to self:
Pacific Standard Time 00:00 (12 a.m.) = Athens, Greece,10:00 am (Tuesday morning)
End PST 23:59 = Athens, Greece, 9:59 (Wednesday morning)


Danke :slightly_smiling_face:

Ist ja ohne Nickeingabe diesmal, frage mich, was das bringt, oder sie vergleichen später nur die “interessiert” Antworten mit den tatsächlich erfolgten Untertiteln.
(Falls ihr System das findet.)


Has it started?

P.S. I’m asking to be 100% sure :wink:


It has started 5 minutes ago :wink:


LOL I forgot all about it and finished my subbing duties two hours ago :joy::joy::flushed:


I wanted to ask, the badges are getting updated automatically? Or all of them will be updated at the end?


The badges for the subathon will automatically come some time after the subathon. To know during the subathon how many you can get, you’d better make a note of your current amount of contributions.
The regular badges will still come automatically as soon as you meet the requirements, except for the Japanese badges, which you have to request.

Why is that crazy System always removing the quotes? :roll_eyes:


You have to request the Japanese badge? Really? What a weird system :thinking:

Edit: I remember something like this was discussed in older topics. I’ll go look them up.
Edit 2: I’ve just sent a request in the Help Center


I think it’s sad for those who only have pre-subbed shows. They take a lot of work but people get no credit for their efforts.


Yes, there is some error in the system and there doesn’t seem to be any hurry to fix it.


Great. I hope you’ll get them soon. :slight_smile:

I think you’re talking about segmenters here since English editors and everyone in the OL teams do get them, but you’re right. It’s definitely not fair.
We should create some special “segmenting presubs” badge… :thinking:


That would be nice but hard to add up since adjusting the timing does not currently count towards contributions. If they did, my contribution count would already be in the 100,000’s + range.


This is not just for Japanese badges, it has been a while that sometimes the badges appear automatically, but sometimes just don’t appear. There’s a weird bug in badges, but when you realize it you can ask for it and they put it on your profile.


Still, there is “evidence” of what you did for a show in “Activities” in the subtitle editor / segment timer and temporarily also on your profile. Of course the badge would have to be added manually, but it should be possible.



I was in sub editor and the whole site suddenly went boom :joy:

I thought, “Error 404? Say goodbye to subathon!”


I KNOW! It was the White Truck of DOOM! Crashed into their server room!


What a rhyme! Have you considered becoming a poet?


ahahaha I did NOT even realize that rhymed!