[Viki Community] November Updates - Fall Subathon 2021 *Updated 11/17


Also got shut out from a lot of Google services and Viki :scream:
Luckily it’s working again.


I happened to be underground, so I assumed it was my connection, but good to know it wasn’t me :joy:


Sounds like a backbone went down if all those disparate places crashed.

A backbone is a piece of hardware that handles internet/network traffic. It was down for the appropriate amount of time for them to locate and replace the part. So now I am curious as to what actually broke. but they will never tell.


Yeah, I checked the site that keeps track of issues on sites and the number suddenly spiked for Google and other sites :sweat_smile:


I too thought that it’s my network issue!

Edit: I’m getting dog error again.


porky’s comments are always the best! lol


I don’t know where I parked my doom truck. Probably in the round file bin. lol


Are you saying you own the doom truck?



Yea… I better leave… :sunglasses: :laughing:


Too late. Guys, arrest her! :oncoming_police_car:


NOT SO FAST!!! I HAVE THINGS TO SAY TO YOU!!! ohhh I have LOTS of things to say to you!


Hello everyone,

We’re so excited to see you all joining in on the subathon!

Please note that we have extended the subathon by a day, due to scheduled maintenance on the tools Nov 21 23:15 hrs - Nov 22 00:15 hrs PST. You can read more and follow updates on the maintenance here.

Updated subathon dates:
Nov. 16th 00:00 - Dec. 1st 23:59 PST

(Previously, end date set for Nov. 30 23:59 PST)


The subathon has ended just now, right?

How much time will it take to get the badges?


Hello Shraddha!! It ends tomro at 1.30 PM IST…


My Goodness :rofl::rofl:

Difference in time zone is definitely confusing.


Yes! It is. I also thought it was today. And then this morning, I used the converter to recheck :rofl:


Hello there! :blush: Just a tiny question. I can see some people received their badges, but I still haven’t, even though I registered for it twice, because I kept getting an invite :sweat_smile:
Can someone help out, please?
Edit: Sorry, I think I confused 2020 badges with 2021 :joy::pray:t2:


Are you talking about the Subathon badges? I don’t think anyone have received it yet, though.


receiving now would be a bit to fast. it takes 1 or 2 weeks


Did they start to apply badges?