[Viki Community Team] March 2020 Updates - The New Inbox! ✨


Like this lalalalla
lalala lalala

and here would be the end of the comment box in the chat function
I had to place an X here because this comment box does the opposite it reduces the space even you make more than one blank line


Well, if you did it 5 times in a row, it’s normal. You just need to do it once. But otherwise, if it’s not because you did it 5 times in a row, it’s not normal.
I’m always using this “shift+enter” method because I’m used to it, even here and you see there is no change in the size, no?
Maybe could you send me a pm to show me so I can see better what you mean?


I did send you 3 PMs but it doesn’t look anything like in the group chat, I need to do some work at home.
Mhhh … Wait and see … It’s not that it hurts, just a bit weird to look at.
Till then.


Well, I think it’s only in groups chats indeed.
Or maybe is it because of the time when you sent the PMs? Maybe the messages were “too” far apart in time, so it put a bigger space and the time above it? That’s the only reason I can see right now if that’s not because it’s a group chat.


I totally agree with you.


Question: Has anyone tried ti add more people to the chat after you have sent an original message?

I sent a message to all the segmenters in my channel team but I have added some new members since then so I wonder if we could add new people without having to send a new message to create a new group.


You can select the language, That’s right, but the real thing is that the message goes to everybody in the team, no just to the spanish, french or dutch team.


Really? I will have to ask the team of the project I’m in, if they have received my messages for the Italian subbers. Nobody has written to complain, but it may be that they are too polite for that.


Thank you for trying to improve things. Some things are good in this new inbox, some others don’t really matter for me. There are a few elements in need of intervention that have already been pointed out by many people actively using the inbox. If I have to choose only three major things that I wish I wouldn’t have to keep putting up with in this new inbox, I would give the followings:

  1. Not being able to delete several messages/conversations at once. Deleting them one by one takes far too long. Especially since, since the new inbox arrived, some messages that had been deleted are back in…
  2. Access to the sender’s profile page. We need a straightforward access to profiles from the messages.
  3. Adding several recipients has become much more difficult than before, since we now have to add them one by one instead of copy-pasting from somewhere.

Some supplementary remarks would be:

On the appearance front, the bright purple for sent messages in dark mode is terrible to the eyes. On the other hand, in light mode it is just great for me.
One other element which seems to have not been thought through is the following:
If the thread isn’t updated real time, sending by hitting Enter is not coherent. We keep hitting Enter and sending messages written half-way, when there is a 'Send’ button which works perfectly well (and for which the sole purpose is to send, which is just perfect). I know that we can get used to hitting shift+Enter with time, but this is not my point here. What I mean is, this feature makes sense in a group chat where comments appear in real-time, but in a message box where you need to refresh the page to update, it doesn’t really fit and is counter-intuitive.

Good elements in my opinion are mainly:

  • Subject line: perfect.
  • Group messages: great
  • Exact dates of messages: very useful
  • User Icon: it’s a nice way to easily see which conversations are group messages and which are 1-1.
  • Unrolling for long messages: it makes it easier to navigate quickly through the conversation to find an older message, especially since we often send long messages.

Beside all this, I generally agree with all the other things that have been mentioned by others on this page. If I didn’t point them out here, it is because at my level of use of the inbox, they are not my biggest concern. I still feel it would be better if they were taken into consideration as well.


About images it’s better to pic our own since we often build them on a photo editor and link them to subtitle editor or google docs. They can add images options like other chats but HTML code is the only one mode to do that. It leaves a more beautiful, personalized, clean messages plus boost/cheer more up our volunteers as Teams. If you don’t know how to use it google HTML Editor online, you’ll be able to do much more that you’ve ever imagined and you’ll be able to fully understand what I mean =))


So all SPanish Mods are having a really hard time with this new inbox. We send gos but for many the pms doesn’t get to them unless someone replies the first message and when that happens they don´t see the original go itself but the reply, so they are not coming to the gos, this is quite annoying. I guess we will have to use other platforms to talk now.


As I said before…now…I am not sure anybody is getting messages when I send them out. There is no “it’s been read” flag by “other members”. I’m still digging through looking for some editing notes, thanks a lot there too guys. :frowning:

SO…other than people appearing at the project and working, not sure anybody gets these. I think folks also may be not sure who gets it so you get fewer responses OR…they’re digging through a ton looking for new messages too? sigh.

Please roll it back, there’s enough going on without this nightmare thanks.


Exactly, we are all living difficult times already, now our vounteer job, which we do to have fun and with love is gonna be difficult as well? Sorry but no one sign up for this trouble and not now.


Are moderators and channel managers sending messages and no one is receiving them? I thought my inbox was too quiet lately…


How do I leave a message group… there is just delete conversation… I’m really flabbergasted at this concept… shouldn’t there be a line “leave message group” to click??


@simi gruppe löschen ist der richtige weg


nd another thing I don’t knowifanyonehasthe same problem. I have the email notification on and when someone sends a message I get it on my email. As soon the new inbox started working some of the messages when I press the link to open in viki inbox they lead to an error page. That is terrifying because I noticed this happened with new people willing to contribute to a project. So if I can’t open them in viki I can’t reply to them because the username isn’t the same with the one provided in the sender line in my email notification, so there isn’t a way to find them and contact them. And I don’t want the to believe I haven’t replied on them in purpose.


Now each time I use the new inbox I get logged out. After reading a new email, the red dot is still there, so I refresh the page to get it away. Then the system logs me out automatically.


I am happy to say that at least one of the features we asked to have back is back!
You can now click on the sender’s name and be taken to his or her profile page. Yay!


I’m happy about that too, but I hope they can also put back the messages for fans that an CM could send before. Those messages were useful for many things including asking for support to license a show .