[Viki Community Team] March 2020 Updates - The New Inbox! ✨


Hi there @niennavalar,

This is a bug! There is an issue with the service delivering messages from channels and project finder. We are working on getting this fixed soon! So sorry about the added trouble to get Go’s out to the team.



Hi there @simi11,

You can leave a conversation by writing /leave on the group message you want to leave (but don’t wish to delete). So far those are the 2 ways to leave a group conversation: /leave or Delete.
EDIT: Turns out I was wrong. Writing /leave will also delete the message. My bad! I am flagging this to our team.

@irmar - Thank you so much for your assessment and collected feedback, and thanks to everyone else for helping us understand how to improve it further. We’re keeping a close eye on this thread and the official survey, and will work hard to create a better experience for all of you.

Feel free to reach out if you guys have any other ideas, questions or concerns.



How will we know all shortcuts or functions this mailbox offer? Will you give us any list? If I didn’t see it here I wouldn’t know there is any /leave. Many people don’t know they can use shift+Enter to make new line. What about newbies?
Also, please, can you give us any time framework to know how long will it take to finish all changes in mailbox, so we know if we should look for alternative solution to deal with some problems, like not working html coding?
Thanks a lot


@mariliam do we not get any mail anymore if we didn’t become CM of a drama or film we applied for? OO


May be it is because if we have the choice to log out with out telling the author of the message.Also we dont have the option to see the volunteers profile which is useful when we recluting a team.


Yes that true. I think that Viki should send a message to everyone that doest come CM so we dont have the chance to get others positions


Dear mariliam
I received three email notifications of incoming messages. However i can not find then in the new inbox.
I am french moderator for “dive”, theses messages were from volunteers willing to help translating, and there is no way i can answer them. It’ really frustrating.
What happens ? Is it because there are not group messages but one to one messages ?
Do i need to fix some parameters in order to see them ?
Can a message be deleted after beeing sent ?
What is the reason, ans what could i do ?

looking forward to read your answer, best regards,



Am I the only one who only can unroll 15 messages, not more than that? No matter which browser I use. I tried several browsers (even if I still prefer to use Google Chrome), and nothing changed.
I can’t see more messages than 15 (the 15 more recent and the 15 olders).


I have this problem only on Chrome. I tried it on Edge and there I can scroll down, but I prefer use Chrome, too. My frustration really is with “enter”, I already lost the number of times I forgot to press shift and the message sends halfway. :woman_facepalming:t2:


i am also agree:)


did you try Opera?


Yes, it’s the first one I tried after Chrome.
I tried Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.


I don’t have this issue on any browser, I can scroll down to see all my messages (even though it’s impractical, but that’s not the topic here). The bug must come from something else. I guess you can try to clear your cache and cookies, but I’m not sure it’ll change something.


I already tried to do it (clear my cache and cookies) but it’s still not working. But it’s finally working on my phone. So for now I use my phone to look at my inbox for olders messages but I hope everything will be fixed soon


I don’t know if more people have this problem, but I can’t see long messages in the inbox. Nothing happens if I click on the arrow downwards. It happens even to my own messages.


Now, I shall admit to completely giving up trying to get down to the live messages I had below this mess. I can’t find the editing notes, and it’s just …hours of time wasted trying to get through the morass of messages that now seem interminably stacked over my actual work which I did have organized and could yes, find, before my entire sent message queue was thrown on top of them. Release a few eps, with a few mods on each…and voila. You are buried.

I still wish for this train wreck of an “upgrade” to be rolled back, into some semblance of the former orderly state where we might find SOMETHING WE NEED. But…this seems to be entirely falling upon deaf ears.

At this point, I can only HOPE that some folks frustrated in NOT HEARING BACK WILL SEND AGAIN. :frowning: That’s a pathetic state of communication, but it’s all I have. :frowning:

GeNie. :frowning:


I agree too :slight_smile:
Mass deleting messages it´s no more…I need it…I hate seeing unread messages here, after I already read them on my phone.


Today it lost messages - things I was sure I’d hit send and got confirmation off, they did not get sent and I’m not alone on this one today. another unfortunate trend…


Hi dear all I hope you got all this Survey that viki sent recently, since I did not got it directly and many of the other moderators either then I sent this here so we can all fill it, thanks :smiley: @teufelchen_netty_266 @lutra @idbarka @denisse_bach @cgwm808 @sandia28 @danylor @saritarodriguez


I got the survey via email – I don’t recall getting in the viki inbox