[Viki Community Team] Spring-a-thon 2024 is coming! 🌸

Contact viki and ask them about it? If it’s old thats what I would do. :slight_smile:


You are waiting for Viki, because you already filed a ticket, correct?

It would actually be easier if you wanted to become the CM. Not that it’s that hard to add you as a Mod. Takes a minute at most.


Yes, they did

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Correct! :wink:

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At @simi11 I would contact them again… That said I have had my tickets declared “finnsihed” without them being that…

I wrote it again in the Community Forum as a reminder. My post says “Pending approval” why, perhaps Subathon triggered it, or Request… I have to go so this all is bizarr to me…


Let’s be honest I sometimes give up when I send a request to the team behind Viki, as it’s easier then not getting things resolved.

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Hello everyone,
Thank you for all your questions. I thought it might be easiest to consolidate everything into one question. If I’ve accidentally missed something, please do let me know. :pray:

To @cerejacult - We have put in this request! We’ll know closer to the date what the project is.

To @maria_lavendula_77 - As @sheli shared, it’s very hard to get a segmenting from scratch channel these days. I understand the challenges so let me see if I can plead with internal teams.

To @simi11 - Thank you for sharing your ticket number. I know we recently uncovered a bug that was incorrectly routing tickets. Let me see if I can find out the status of yours.

To @dimghro - Apologies if anything was unclear. What you are assuming is correct. Every time the community as a whole reaches a new level (combined contribution points from all language communities + segmenters), we will look at the contribution points you have individually earned up to that date and will award a badge depending on your point total at that time. I’ll see if there’s a way to represent this graphically!

To @iashley - Yes! And thank you to @alanjeff and @bozoli for clarifying because they are absolutely correct! When we say “community” we mean all language communities + segmenters. So we’ll combine the collective points of this entire community (all language communities + segmenters) to see what level you are at. Then once a level is reached, we will look at your individual contribution points earned to date and award you an individual badge based on those points.

To @bozoli - You are very wise! We did work closely with our data team, looking at Winter Subathon as a model to map this out and anticipate almost the exact timeline you’ve shared above!! Which makes me think - perhaps we should design a secret badge in the event 3M contributions are reached. :blush: That WOULD indeed be something!! :partying_face: :tada:

To @kristelrose - Yes! We’ve been having very informative conversations with NSSA’s Segmenting Senseis to learn these exact challenges with the purpose of making real change.

To everyone - We are giving the same close attention to what the individual point badges will be for Spring-a-thon as we did when we mapped out the levels for the entire community (all language communities + subtitles). While we won’t have the badge design ready to share until closer to Spring-a-thon, we will have the points decided and will share later this week! Thank you!

p.s. I forgot to add that we will have an FAQ of available titles and will work to post it one (1) week in advance of Spring-a-thon (per @bozoli 's request) so everyone can get organized. :pray:


Thank you Brenda! :heart: I did some real segments during the winter even though it was hard to be ready at 5 in the morning to jump in. It would be such a nice gift to the segging community if we could do real segments.
I must say that really appreciate that Kristelrose speaks up for us segmenters even though she isn’t one (not that I haven’t told her that she should become one), she’s a great subtitler and Swedish moderator.


Thank you for answering our questions and worries, Brenda! I’m so happy to hear that you have been in contact with NSSA Senseis to make a real change :slight_smile:

@maria_lavendula_77 While working with you, you have taught me a lot about the process of what comes before OL subbers can start working on a project. It has really made me realize just how important segmenting is for the entire experience, so it goes without saying that I need to speak up for our fellow contributors that are doing a lot of important work that goes unrewarded :heart:


Hi @maria_lavendula_77 ! I will update you as soon as I get final word. And thank you for adding those kind words about, @kristelrose - I agree wholeheartedly! :heart:


Last time I had the chance to segment one person did 4 parts per episode from 6…
Would be cool to get another one where we can start from the button and that we could all get a chance to segment


Thanks Brenda. I saw Sean closed it saying I shouldn’t be able to access the movie so there is no adding. I watched the movie yesterday and it’s still available, so I’m giving up begging it’s pointless.

I wouldn’t request if I can’t watch it. Sometimes Viki flips movies once Europe than US and back… I’m tired of asking…


Hi @simi11 - I’m so sorry. That’s so weird you’re able to watch it as a title has viewing restrictions depending on the country. That’s definitely something that needs investigating as it only leads to a lot of frustration on your end. :disappointed:


Happy Friday! I wanted to share in advance the titles that we’ll be featuring for Spring-a-thon. Hoping this will help everyone get organized before the event starts next Friday, March 22, 2024 UTC. :crossed_fingers:

Just a note that our official Spring-a-thon FAQ page that features all of these titles will go live next week (hyperlink to come). This FAQ page will be updated with a few more projects when those channel pages are ready.

If you know of a project that is looking for help please feel free to share it on this thread. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful weekend! :sun_with_face:

Featured titles for Spring-a-thon:

  1. Wedding Impossible
  2. Yong An Dream
  3. Everyone Loves Me
  4. The Origin of Eternity
  5. Between Love and Friendship
  6. Shining SOLO ← PT subbing available
  7. Angels Fall Sometimes
  8. The Midnight Studio
  9. Strong Underdog ← PT subbing available

Coming soon:

  1. Warm Meet You
  2. P.S. I Hate You
  3. Beauty and Mr. Romantic
  4. Hide
  5. Boys Over Flowers Season 2 (2018)

This wasn’t confirmed so I hope you’re wrong.


Hi @mirjam_465 and @bozoli - apologies for missing your question earlier! The goal is to give each Contributor the opportunity to earn a higher point badge at every level - meaning we will carry points from one level to the next. Points will not be reset at every level. I hope that helps to clear things up!


The following drama is seeking more OL Moderation for Summer Nude a Japanese Drama of 11 episodes already released.

Following Moderators are already in place: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Hungarian and German. - So if you have space in your max 5 Moderation slot contact the CM Fafah.

Available for:

  • Dutch, Greek, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Korean, Chinese and more.

Hello brendas, thanks for all the information.
Would it be possible for you to detail more why so few dramas needing Portuguese subtitles?



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Hi, everyone! Just a quick reminder that our live Spring Trivia event will be starting in less than 30 minutes! (10 AM PDT)

Full event details as well as the Zoom invite link are here: