[Viki Community Team] Spring-a-thon 2024 is coming! 🌸

Hi everyone,

As we hinted in the February Newsletter, we have a new upcoming Community event where you can earn multiple badges — We’re calling it Spring-a-thon 2024 and it’s happening March 22nd – April 8th (UTC)! :tulip: :rose:

Here’s how it will work:

As a community, your goal will be to achieve 2M collective contribution points before Spring-a-thon ends. (Together, you made 2.7M total contributions for the Winter Subathon, so we have faith that you can totally reach this goal. You got this! :raised_hands: )

There will be 3 levels to “spring across” as the community progresses towards this goal together.

Each level comes with a unique set of badges! You can earn these badges depending on how many contributions you yourself have made when the community reaches each level.

Level 1 = 250K combined community contribution points

Level 2 = 1M combined community contribution points

Level 3 = 1.5M combined community contribution points

Goal = 2M combined community contribution points :tada:

Full details are below.

How to participate:

  • Start contributing at any time during Spring-a-thon for a chance to earn a new badge with every level! Badges will be awarded depending on your number of contribution points when a level is reached. The more you contribute during Spring-a-thon, the higher the point badge you can earn at every level!
  • Starting on Monday, March 25th, we’ll share regular updates in a Discussions post under the Viki Community Corner > “Spring-a-thon 2024” subcategory, and share how many points the Community has cumulatively earned to date, so you can see how many points are left to reach the next level! Rally your fellow Contributors to reach the final goal!

General guidelines:

  • Spring-a-thon 2024 will run from March 22, 2024 00:00 UTC – April 8, 2024 23:59 UTC. Convert your local time zone to UTC here.
  • Earn a Spring-a-thon badge at every level depending on how many individual contribution points you’re at when the Community reaches each level.
    • Badge increments:
      • 100 point badge [NEW for Spring-a-thon!]
      • 250 point badge
      • 500 point badge
      • 1,000 point badge
      • 5,000 point badge
      • 10,000 point badge
  • In addition to the point badges listed above, the Top 100 Contributors at the end of Spring-a-thon will also receive a special Top 100 badge! These Contributors will be a proportionate mix of Segmenters and Subtitlers.
  • Badges will be awarded 7 – 10 days after a level is reached, at the latest.
  • See our Spring-a-thon FAQ page for suggested shows if you’re looking for something new!

Also, a big thank you to the 1,000+ contributors who voted for the Spring-a-thon badge! We are excited to announce that the badge will feature Blobby with Cherry Blossoms. :cherry_blossom: Click below to see the results, and don’t forget to RSVP for the event!

:arrow_forward: See Results

:arrow_forward: RSVP here

:arrow_forward: FAQ page


Great. But are we getting more projects without Portuguese presubs? In order to achieve numbers we need projects to actually have a chance. @vikicommunity


Are we getting real segmenting? :wink: Asking for a friend…


Portuguese and segmenters will never have a chance to contribute fully


So can we assume there will be some channels without pre-subs for segmenters and Portuguese subbers to be able to properly participate in it? Because it’s kind of meaningless to propose a community spring-a-thon if not all of us can take part on it. Also, it’s a shame once one of the biggest communities Viki had here being killed slowly like this. I believe it’s not only me, but other Portuguese Mods as well, I still receive messages from subbers asking if I don’t know of channels recruiting Portuguese subbers, and all I can say is “Sorry, unfortunately all channels are coming pre-subbed”.


It’s been 2 weeks since I filed a ticket for a Mod Request since Mod and CM aren’t active at all.

It’s been 7 days since I told in the community help center that I filed a ticket and Viki replied that it will be taken care of. It takes 3 minutes to add me…

How do you want folks write subs, when folks can’t have access because of no response from Viki??? @vikicommunity Request #1814077 Thanks for support.



The wording is not very clear to me. I understand that there is a mechanism at the community level, but are you implying that there would also be something at the individual level? Maybe I’m misunderstanding. It would have been helpful if you had presented a graphic presentation of how this subathon looks and will work.


I also find it a little confusing :thinking: What about smaller communities? What if there’s less than 250K within a community, because e.g. there are few contributors? I think their situation may be similar to segmenters and the Portuguese community. Will there be no bagde then for individual contributors of such a community? :pleading_face: Or does “community” here mean all of us (all language communities + segmenters) collectively, and then we will all work as one for the badges?


I think they mean all communities together, because in my opinion, it’s pretty impossibile for a single community to reach 2M contributions within that period, so it must be all languages put together.
Then of course, there will be individual badges, as they stated.


@alanjeff that was also my thought. no community alone would be able to do so


What I’m wondering is, how many contribution one individual must have so he can obtain these individual badges.

Could it be something like this?:
Level 1: 250k total contributions within all communities AND, i.e. 1,000/5,000/10,000 indivual contributions for this level to obtain a badge (and for all levels will be the same).


That would be the only thing that would make sense. Not even the Spanish community, which is one of the largest (can’t say the Portuguese anymore, since they don’t have many shows to sub) can make that many contributions alone, in my opinion.


By “community” I think they refer to everyone who volunteers - so the entire Viki volunteer community.

From what I understand, the entire community will have benchmarks (levels).

Level 1: 0 - 250.000 contributions

Level 2: 250.001 - 1M contributions


These benchmarks are in a way replacing weeks (1, 2, 3 and 4) from our previous seg-subathon.

Initially, while the entire community is contributing and building up to Level 1, each contributor is simultaneously also fighting for their own badge in Level 1. They will have time to contribute for individual Level 1 badge only until the entire community reaches 250.000 contributions.

When the community reaches Level 1 and starts contributing towards Level 2, each contributor will now start to contribute for the second individual, Level 2 badge. I am assuming that individual contributions are not going to be carried from one level to the next, but reset.

We will always have a full overview of how much we contribute as a community. So, if you see that we are reaching the next goal rather quickly, and you haven’t reached your individual goal for the badge, you know you have to hurry up.

Who ever designed the new seg-subathon system is clever. It will put significantly more pressure on us, because we are trying to contribute to get the highest badge available, but at the same time we are shortening the time deadline for ourselves and others.

This would be even more fun if we didn’t know how many total contributions the community had :upside_down_face: :grin:

Now, what’s interesting is that for the previous seg-subathon we had 4 weeks to reach 2.7 M contributions, while they expect us to do 2 M this time in just 2.5 weeks. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Have you done your calculations correctly, @vikicommunity? :smirk:

Edit: Regarding the calculations for global community contributions, I forgot we had the winter seg-subathon which lasted for 14 days. With 2.7 M conrinutions in total and assuming steady speed of contributions, it means that we will reach:

  • Level 1 (250.000 contributions) in 1.3 days

  • Level 2 (1 M) in 5.2 days

  • Level 3 (1.5 M) in 7.8 days

  • Level 4 (2 M) in 10.3 days

And by the end of the marathon (16 days total), we might actually reach 3 M contributions! That would be something :smiley:


@bozoli How you understood all this from the announcement is a mystery to me, but well done! :blush::muscle: Indeed, a very smart way to make us all work harder :face_with_hand_over_mouth: It makes sense that it refers to all of us as the community, as @alanjeff and @teufelchen_netty_266 mentioned too, so hopefully all OL communities and segmenters will have the chance to contribute and get cute badges. The fact that these badges motivate us is also a mystery to me :joy::yellow_heart: But well, they somehow do :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s like when the teacher used a green pen instead of a red whilst grading when I started school. It’s silly but somehow we think it’s the greatest thing even if we can’t use the “badge” for anything irl.


I wonder how this will be handled since segmenters have a hard time to get contribution points for all the hard work they put in to make the viewing experience pleasant.


If that’s how it works, I think it will be really hard, if not impossible, for Portuguese subbers and segmenters to keep up with the rest of the community. :cry:


While not optimal, editing will still be possible for Portuguese. And considering how the Vikibot who created those subtitles seems much worse than ChatGPT or GT in translation, POR editors will unfortunately have plenty to fix. Although, POR subbers will definitely be left hanging. Again.

There should be a list of available projects which will not be autotranslated before the marathon starts. About a week before so that subbers can get organized. @brendas , maybe you could help?

For segmenters, they said they will be eligible for the special Top100 badges. Indicating that first 50 segmenters will get this badge (as well as the first 50 subbers).

But segmenters stand no chance of getting a, for example, 500-segments badge in a span of max. 2 days, which is the estimated time until the Community reaches level 1. Unless they are actually segmenting de novo.


Regarding the calculations for global community contributions, I forgot we had the winter seg-subathon which lasted for 14 days. With 2.7 M contributions in total and assuming steady speed of contributing, it means that we will reach:

  • Level 1 (250.000 contributions) in just 1.3 days (2 days max)

  • Level 2 (1 M) in 5.2 days

  • Level 3 (1.5 M) in 7.8 days

  • Level 4 (2 M) in 10.3 days

And by the end of the marathon (16 days total), we might actually reach 3 M contributions! That would be something :smiley:


In order to have a lots of participating volunteers one need also projects… I’m waiting now over 2 weeks for a Mod approval of a Movie… because old Mod and CM aren’t active any longer… it’s really mind-numbing, ottoke?