[Viki Community Team] Spring Trivia Event Details 🌸

It’s trivia time! The Viki community team is hosting our 3rd (!!) trivia event on Thursday, March 21st at 10:00 AM PDT. (Convert your local time zone to UTC here.)

Join us for some fun trivia, a rapid-fire icebreaker game, and an overall good time with your fellow Contributors! We’re anticipating an increased level of difficulty with this time around, since the questions were all provided by YOU. And you all know your Asian dramas! :wink:

This event will take place on Zoom. See below for the Zoom event link and dial in information.

How to join the event:

  1. Remember to create a free Zoom account in advance, if you don’t have one already! :crossed_fingers:
  2. Please click the link below to join the webinar:
    Join a Meeting - Zoom
    Note, if you are having issues with the direct link above, we also recommend copying and pasting this link (https://rakuten.zoom.us/j/96784884407?pwd=NWlpS3pMOXB6SEYrZ0xpSEsvZ0hrZz09) into your browser tab.

Passcode: trivia
Webinar ID: 967 8488 4407
Passcode: 768593

International numbers available: Zoom International Dial-in Numbers - Zoom


Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who submitted a question for the Spring Trivia event and to everyone who was able to participate! If you didn’t get a chance to join or would like to give the trivia another try, we have the trivia event questions here!

Let us know how you did below!


Thank you Brenda and others for organizing it, it was fun, easy to participate, only dramas were difficult :sweat_smile:


Missed it!


We were so happy to see you there, @simi11 !! We always appreciate the fun energy that you bring to chat during these games! :heart:

Now that the event is over, we understand how the questions that were crowd-sourced from our community turned out to be much more challenging than expected!! We’re also noting the survey feedback and may put trivia on hold for a new game next time!! :blush:


We certainly missed you, @leerla73 !! :blossom:


Next time I will write about it in the d.isco.rd for Viki volunteers, there where a few that missed the chance. It was so fun even if it was really hard this time.


i was at work… :frowning:


Well, did you see me? But I saw you, you did so well, it was indeed nice meeting you on zoom, it wasn’t certainly easy doing your task; for me it was a first time experience to such event online :wink: and typing in chat must be fast, lol.
Once again, I also appreciated it and was happy to see known Vikians there as well.
See you next time!

@simi11 mach dir kein Kopf, Simi. Ich hab auch noch nie an einem teilgenommen ;D
no worries, I never attended one too ;D

Aber ich war ja dabei, das war ein Erlebnis. Du, ich wΓΌnsche dir nochmals gute Besserung, ausgerechnet jetzt zum FrΓΌhlingsanfang bist du krank; ich beneide dich nicht. Also alles Gute :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :heart:

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a very fun zoom meeting it was had so much fun with the dramas games^^


Vielleicht beim nΓ€chsten Mal und danke :smiling_face:

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I loved the more challenging questions. Even though I only got 3 correct, it made me excited to watch the dramas for the questions I couldn’t answer. I’ve added all to my watchlist :heart_eyes:


I did all of responce perfect.

You can say that again, I just took the quiz via the link. There were four I guessed correctly, one after two guesses. I watched three of the four dramas, but still had to guess. The ones I never watched were all guessed until I got them right. :rofl:.