[Viki Community Team] Spring Subathon Wrap-up

The 2023 Spring Subathon has ended and a huge shoutout to everyone who participated! Whether you made contributions or cheered on your teammates from the sidelines, it was a true community effort!

Fun facts & stats:

  • Did you know that there were a total of 3,189,027 contributions made during the Subathon? Wow! :star_struck:
  • German was the top subtitled language during the Subathon! :de:
  • Over 1,190 contributors earned a new magical unicorn badge! :unicorn:

Thank you again to this amazing community! If you missed out, we’ve got you covered. You’ll have a chance at a brand new subathon badge when we host our next subathon this Summer. Details to come!

In the meantime, tell us what subathon badge animal you’d like next:

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Don’t delay! This poll will close on April 20th, 2023 @ 11:59 PM PDT. We’ll share the Top 10 results and you’ll be able to vote for the final badge animal shortly after.

Until then!


Woo-hoo! Way to go, German-speaking community! :de: :austria: :switzerland: :belgium: :luxembourg: :liechtenstein:

You know what would also be a nice statistic? How many people gained QC status under the marathon and whether that beat the average per two-week period :smiley:


Out of curiosity, how many segmenters were successful in completing the subathon? Without the seggers and their A&C and segging work, none of those 3,000,000+ contributions could have created a finished product. Seggers would have worked very hard with little reward for their efforts with A&C. Seggers deserve some acknowledgement too :disappointed_relieved:


Thank you for the subathon <3
The badge is super cute ^^
It’s also great, that it’s without the white background ^^


Ive been segmenting for 3 years and while i have tried to participate in all the subathons, i have never managed to get a badge. At this point, i dont even try :smiling_face_with_tear:


Great stat suggestions, @bozoli! We’ll talk to our data team - it would be awesome if we could give special shoutouts to those who achieved QC status during a Subathon! :partying_face:


You are so right, @manganese. It’s because of the efforts of so many Seggers who segment AND do A&C that we’re able to have so many Subathon contributions! A huge thanks to this vital part of our community. :clap: :heartpulse: And like you mentioned, A&C is meticulous and time consuming and definitely warrants extra recognition!! :100: :trophy: We’ll look into how we can best highlight this for next time!


Hi @gennaowen_497 ! Thank your for being such a constant Viki Contributor and I’m so sorry that your efforts haven’t resulted in a Subathon badge yet! We’re adding one more Subathon to our lineup this year so hopefully, if you’re willing to try again, Summer may be the winner?

By chance, would you feel comfortable sharing how close you were reaching 500? If so, please PM me separately. If anyone else finds themselves in a similar place during Subathons - that is, for pure segmenting or subtitling contributions (as A&C has been brought to our attention as something we need to treat in a special way), please feel free to reach out to me as well! Thank you!


If I understood well your suggestion, that’s not even a solution… It’s the worst-case scenario. So you’re telling us that Viki should dictate who in our community we accept? Sorry, but I don’t have the time to edit after all the very weak subbers, just because Viki forced me to accept them into teams… And if they have the budget, let them hire editors for my language and edit themselves after all those weak subbers who have unrestricted access to Viki… Where you add the fact that with the limitation of projects, they gave them even more chances to be moderators, even though the quality doesn’t recommend them at all… Their quality only recommends them to do school again…


Still sad that not many segmenters gain the badges


all those weak subbers who have unrestricted access to Viki
they gave them even more chances to be moderators, even though the quality doesn’t recommend them at all

I don’t know absolutely anything about that specific situation going on in here.
I think I should have added that the suggestion I made was only for and during the Subathon time (which is so hard to find volunteer work to do and get contribution count to meet the required quotas). Although I respect how much you want to protect the Quality of your language in dramas, I can’t seem to understand your unwillingness to give others in your Romanian language a chance. No one in this world is born Knowing things, and we all have to learn in life, just like you had to learn to be so good in your language. It’s a pity and also a shame you are not willing to share your gift with others. It makes no sense to me, and that is why I felt so offended by the way you wrote to me. I bet you were not always that great in English, but yet, they gave you a chance here at viki, and here you are subbing 800, 000 plus subtitles.

How unfair that would be, if like you feel towards other Romanian subbers, everyone here felt about you; that you didn’t deserve a chance to prove your worth in both language…We ALL deserve a chance.

Some people want to learn, some people don’t and get defensive at every single thing.
Some people copy-paste google translate and don’t even care enough to edit that.
I would rather quit the team than work with such people


Yes, I deal once with people like that when I was a moderator in a Spanish Drama back in 2013, and they all mainly worked with GT; even the second Moderator that was helping me, added her subtitles 100% from Google Translate. It is frustrating and I understand and respect your opinion. I just didn’t wanted us to give up on the good ones, the dedicated ones of their volunteer work here at Rviki, the ones willing to learn, and follow the Directions we may give to them, in a way it will be even more rewarding for us than to them itself.

It’s an amazing translator bc when I translated his Romanian subtitles they were impeccable, and you rarely find someone with such skills that I call a gift. To know more than one Language is a privilege when you can master the grammar of both, but sharing the knowledge with others if we are willing and can do it, is a reward that is priceless, and is the only reason why I advocate for it.

I detest when people that don’t know a language lie, say they know the language, and trample over that language by writing what I call pure garbage as subtitles. It has happened here a lot with the Spanish Subtitles so I understand why many are not willing to take the risk. If only they could find a way to stop them from doing that, but so far and since 2013 I see them here to this day 2023 exactly!

I want you to know I understand you zyxw and dimghro if you don’t want to deal with that kind of situation. Is in my nature to encourage others to share their gift with others because that gift of knowing more than one language; it’s so amazingly special to me.