Viki deleting channels without notifying you

So I recently talked with Marce81 about how she said that Viki just deleted her channels without any messages written to her. The same thing happened to me. I submitted three [five total] channels and this morning I just checked and there was only two left but there was no message written to me from Viki saying that my channel wasn’t accepted or if it was accepted. Marce81 also told me that others submitted to the channel [that we were talking about] but only mine was left, meaning that mine was the only one accepted. Just wondering if this was happening to anyone else? Thanks^^

hi me also happen if the same … more now I have another problem
I’m moderator Almannic many channels but now says I’m not …
with my canales are equal in it that goes with Viki ;(

It’s not right. I hope that doesnt happen to me. I’ve had channels pending for more than a month and still nothing.

Sigh. We can’t even talk to them on Viki center, cause they’re not going to reply -.-

I got my reply today about the picture and gifs issue. At least try to contact them better then nothing :confused:

How long ago you send them a request? I’d like to know so I can see if they’re going to reply to me soon.

Last Thursday I have sent them the request and got the reply today.

Thats fast. I just told them I want to close the request and want a channel deleted. Im trying another way to fix my problem. Its been more than a month so… Did you use the Help Center or message a staff member? Im thinking of messaging a member.

I just submitted a request. But it was very fast someone else is waiting for almost a month now with the same question. Weird I thought I would wait longer. But my request is still open and not solved yet. Maybe that’s why it was so fast. Because she just forwarded the issue to the engineering team…

I just asked them to close it today. They havent answered for so long. I contacted them on the 21st, but I made the channel over a month ago. I made a channel even though there was one with that name over a month ago, but now I asked them to delete it so I put in a request to manage the existing one. So you asked a staff member right?

No I didn’t message the staff member I asked through the help center. If that’s your question.

Oh okay. Thanks.

Yep, happened to me too.
This morning after Marce told me her experience, I checked my channels and quite a number of them have been removed. Last night, they were still there.
So I guess viki staff worked hard while I was asleep. LOL
A week ago, I found that Prince William, a T-drama started its first episode. I actually submitted this drama too so I was quite surprised to see it aired with viki as the CM. The day before it aired, my channel was still on the list. But on the day when the first ep aired, mine suddenly gone with the wind.
Then the next day I saw that viki has put doramas as the manager.
I sent a pm to 1 of viki staff, asking what had happened to my channel then, why it was deleted without informing me first.
Well the staff just said mine was a duplicate so it was deleted.

I prefer they do it the old way, informing us weather it’s been approved or not. ANd if not, letting us know who the CM is.
So I dont have to check every vikian’s page who have been known of managing T and K dramas so I can join the team.

One more thing. I just found out - after checking on many vikians page!!! - that bkiss is managing an upcoming K drama: Come on a family.
And you know what, the channel I created for the same drama is still there on my list. Viki hasnt removed it yet, well, at least, by the time I write this, it is still there.

I mean, isnt it their responsibility too to informing us?

Ohhh yeah. I remember I was particularly irritated because I’d been waiting for more than a week to submit the channels since the “submit a channel” feature wasn’t working. And then a few days after, poof! I’d only noticed because one of the dramas got a name change and I was going to change the channel page :[

I ended up hunting down the channel manager of the earlier-existing channel on my own because I wasn’t getting a response from anyone about it…

Yeah, I’ve also seen a duplicate of a channel I’ve created; both are there and have been there since before all these new deletings. Not sure what’s up with that.

Is anyone up for making a list of upcoming dramas with their respective channel managers? That way, we won’t have to bother with all this duplicate channeling stuff…? I was thinking about it the other day until I realized I’d have to hunt down all the channel managers -.-

The problem with me is that the CM’s have channels they abandon or just dont work on for months. The channel I wanted to manage hasn’t had any activity in over a year. Just 1 episode with hard-subs. After that, nothing. Just random work from people.

It happens; people lose interest, life gets in the way, etc.
In that case, since the channel’s there, all you have to do is tell Viki it’s inactive and that you want to take over. At least in the past, my experience with that was pretty smooth.
The worst part is waiting for a response from the staff; I wonder if they’re maybe understaffed or something .-.

People said that Viki’s managing is changing cause many people left the Viki staff… like catchlight, who always sent people messages about if their channel is approved or not. I really hope they don’t change the managing just cause people left…

Why exactly did they leave ? And even then there should be someone for this… I never had questions about a channel but seeing what you guys have to go through, they can at least manage the messages…

Yeah. I noticed that catchlight left. She usually got back to me quickly for channels and sometimes with the Help Center.

The specific user I’m talking about had quite a few and they did 1 episode for each and then… Its going to be a hassle now to get through it. The Help Center is horrible these days.