Viki Moderator Help!

I have a few channels that I had created before when I had ALOT of time to contribute on Viki, but its been years since I have touch any of the channels. Is there a way for me to request to delete them and/ being removed from a certain status. With my schedule I can only contribute to subtitling. PLEASE HELP!!!

P.S. I have put a discussion out before for anybody who wants them to go ahead and take them but no takers still.


I think you should contact the Viki Help Center or a Viki Staff member. They should be able to help remove you from the channels or find another one if the drama/show is popular.

Good luck!

Where is the link to that discussion? Or which are the channels?

I’m intesing for a Romanian Moderator . Can I help you?:slight_smile:

I m interesting for a Romaiana Moderator . Can I help you ?:relaxed:

CC: @danylor

It looks like you are new here. The general rule is that moderators should have at least 3,000 subtitles in the language they are translating. Since you are still in the 300 range, you don’t have enough experience.

Also, each language community within Viki has their own rules to make sure that viewers have consistent subtitle styles and quality. The Romanian community has a training program for their translators here. You might also want to check out the [Romanian section of the discussions] (

Best of luck

[Edit: this comment is in response to @siak18 but for some reason it’s not showing up that way for me. If you’re experiencing the same thing, sorry for the confusion >.<]

Yeah, I got a notification and just rolled my eyes… I am new here? :wink:
Thanks for helping and guiding romanian users to us.


LOL! I know you’re not new here.

The message was intended for the new Romanian subber, but I tagged you because I thought you would probably be more helpful than I am :blush:

Yeah. I did contacted her and tried to help as much I can.

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