Viki or/vs Dramafever Polls : a peek in viewers' opinion

thank you so much! I didn’t know how to do that! I will work on that . again thanks!

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I used to subscribe for DF for a year with 99 cent a month and guess what I guess a same amount of ads with the one who does not subscribe and the quality does not good.

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I currently have subscription for both websites and even though I absolutely love viki’s timed comments and I can’t complain about the subtitles at all, I think I still prefer DF. DF has a lot of shows that viki doesn’t have and viki has very very few that I can think of that DF does not. I also find the video to be better quality in DF. I may keep the viki pass though as I like kdramas and like having the variety.

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Yeah. I like the timed comment function but sometimes it can get overwhelming on popular dramas. I don’t really have a major preference either way. There is some overlap but DramaFever and Viki both have ‘exclusive’ content.

I do like that Viki got some shorter web dramas (like Proud of Love) but I wish they would get more (the Go Princess Go fan channel was great and there are a few other Chinese webdramas I’ve liked).

I think it was hands down Viki when fan channels were a thing. Now I subscribe to both to try to support getting licenses and don’t have a real preference. One month it might be Viki because they are doing more shows I like, another month it might be DramaFever.


I watched “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” of DF on Youtube. As expected, their translation is too much Americanizing and unnatural! DF’s subtitles lose emotion of characters. As expected, VIKI translation is more natural and accurate than ever!


Thanks so much <3 We work hard to try to make it really accurate and still capture the feeling. Our team’s really awesome! @xiennora

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Most of DF shows are not available in my country, but the ones I can watch have better video quality. After the HTML autoselect, I pick Viki only when I can’t find subs elsewhere.

DF has more varied content. Viki is a bit repetitive. It has a larger catalogue but the plots are similar to 200 other shows.

DF subs are faster but not as accurate as Viki. Also, I dislike the DF habit of using the name instead if the actual word, e.g. Jane instead of sister.

The DF community is mean and aggressive. If you offend their idol they never stop hating you. Also, they are not careful with spoilers and they don’t help with information.


I also got subscriptions for both DF & Viki, they both are good in their own way,
Viki yes sometimes slow in subs, turn to DF(sometimes) and they have the subs. Like Christina said, not accurate all the time, one thing about DF,
I have watched some of their dramas, and some of the subs are missing,
I turn to Viki and even Netflix, all subs are there. I haven’t had any problem with DF in being mean & aggressive, they have helped me with info as well, one thing that bugs me is they dont have their forum up and running yet!
what I can’t find on DF I can find on Viki or elsewhere.

as for subbers? hey these folks rock here! yeah there may be times that a drama is not subbed, but I have to remember the time differences, they have a life and it takes time to sub these shows. and they are volunteers as well. so DF maybe has it different, I think both needs a bit of change but I am not complaining, both do well.
I also was wondering about Strong woman Do Bong Soon, seemed somewhat unatural to me too, just didn’t seem exactly right in some of the subbing.


Hi Mary,

It depends on “when” you watch. For DBS we have three translation editors of different levels and different availabilities. When something doesn’t make sense could you pm one of the editors perhaps?

@joysprite is the Chief Editor of DBS. In general when you are confused it is best to pm the chief editor. You are very very welcome to correct grammar etc. or other mistakes when you spot them. Be sure to indicate episode number and timing.

Thank you

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I like Viki subs better for both kdramas and cdramas. However, I have to see a lot of dramas at DF since Viki doesnt have license for them. But of both DF and Viki have the same drama, I usually pick Viki.

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My 2 cents:

  1. DF has terrible subtitles, some are missing and some are not accurate, no lyrics as well
  2. DF has no timed comments, if you are used to comment, you’ll definitely will miss this experience
  3. DF offers sometimes a better video quality than Viki
    one more thing:
  4. DF covers only the Americas, Viki is globally which is a BIG+ for so many across the ocean:heart_eyes_cat:
  5. DF doesn’t answer technical glitches… perhaps 3 to 6 months later if you are lucky…
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DF has some terrible subtitles.
Om Mani Pad Me Hum ==> Abracadabra (says DF).

DF also has skipped LARGE amounts of spoken dialogue. Whereas most teams do our best to sub and seg everything that is audible (and sometimes things that are mouthed. See Strong Woman Do Bong Soon).

But DF has higher video quality.


ok, DF has issues ,like Viki, sub titles, I have discovered when I watch a drama on DF, some of the subtitles are definitely missing, or an entirely different interpretation of what was being said. A recently watched on DF and I switched to Netflix, and what do you know the subs are there, and a funny different name for the baby(Fated to love you, the Korean one) there are some issues on Viki, which I finally found out the whys of their stuff, licensing issue, and the subbers over worked trying to get those subtitles going. , I haven’t seen any terrible sub titles, unless you want to include the missing a subtitles on some of their dramas. its only a few, at least of what I have seen. Love around was one, the last one of simi11, good quality as far as I know. so I just pick & choose, sometimes Netflix has it, or you tube., those off brand links one should be very careful watching those. . all I can say if one doesn’t have it the other will. so both have issues, but if I don’t overlook them, I will be missing out on a good drama, and one currently is medalist lawyer ,heirs. which I learned a lot the reason why this one 1. not good in the subs 2. 20 episodes and half no subs 3 if it means waiting for licensing, well I will oh and the subbers themselves, volunteers, their own time, and they are working hard to get this going. so like I said both have their issues, then you go to DF and the subbers are paid and the subtitles are ongoing. so there you have it.
which one is best? I really can’t say. some good some bad, b oth have issues and so on, today, a problem w. DF, I will have to check it out later. so I am on Viki, trying to watch that medelist lawyer one. again, the pick & choose

For me i like netflix because is the only part where i can see in my tv , i cannot see neither viki, neither dramafever but netflix only has something , in my personal opinion viki have more contect.

with my sons pitching in for my birthday (last November) I got a blue ray big tv thing with the hulu,netflix, you tube and a bunch of others,(apps?) yeah I am not able to get Drama fever or viki, unless I get on netflix or hulu, only problem they dont have the new dramas on. which is ok too, I am watching the older ones I didnt do on our two favorite channels, so thats fine, some like love around, rewatching some too like office girls, and miss rose, fated to love you, and then the other international dramas really neat to watch this big screen, I also can watch the computer on this , so I can watch drama fever & viki on here per wifi. and yes viki does have more, and what I do like they have the older ones too, which is great to watch. . fireworks"2009" wow! and many more!!

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If you want to see Viki on your TV. You’ll need a iPhone, or smartphone, or iPad, and a chrome cast.

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Also, the newest version of the Apple TV has the Viki appl

mine is an antenna and hooked to wifi, tv is sanyo and sony blue ray disk/dvd player,
anyway on to other things, I gave big praise to drama fever, and what do you know, something has happened that I am not able to get on to the page, says I need to turn off the adblock, I have not had any problems with this till now. and viki is saying to let them know about my email, guess both are having issues today. really strange it happens now. YEAH CONSPIRACY!!
hehehehehehe But no matter, they both are good
channels, and I do like watching them both even because of this today. so lets keep watching both!!

simi11, I do have a way to get htmi 1-3, video & pc, also get the tv which is antenna. as for the pc I can watch anything from the computer onto the big screen. as for those apps you mentioned, I noticed they are different from the computer to this big screen, I tried to consolidate( right word?) them but still didnt work, Opera is one I tried, but no luck. I can get you tube, hulu, netflix, crackle via wifi &antenna on the big screen, and got onto opera on the big screen and do the apps there, not from computer, kinda complicated there but thats it… lot of yoga & exercises

only way I can get DF & Viki is through the computer to the big screen which PC comes into play there. I like that little bit, cause I can watch anything from the computer on the PC. that includes the problems w. DF & Viki. boy I wrote a long one this time!
DF & VIKI do have issues, which hopefully will be remedied soon, my thing is they both do a good job, even minus some subs from DF to no subs from Viki, I would rather watch these that some other links that aren’t safe, I still believe thats what happened to DF, with their forums. so I am not able to pick & choose. off the soapbox,

@trangle8507 No you don’t need any of those to watch Viki on a TV. I always watch drama on my TV. and depending on your TV and computer it depends on what you need.

I have an Imac and a TV with HDMI… the only thing I needed is an adapter for my mac and a long enough HDMI cable.
With that adapter and HDMI cable I clone my imac screen on my TV and there you go. Before I got my current mac I neded an other adapter and cable but it worked the same. I use this method for 10 years already. My dad also uses this method for his windows computer.

My keyboard and mouse ar wireless too so basically I can turn a normal TV into a smart TV :wink: I’m typing this while watching at my tv screen hahahaha.

I have been thinking of getting a Chrome Cast so I can watch Viki on more TV’s then my own but the wifi here is not that stable.