Viki or/vs Dramafever Polls : a peek in viewers' opinion

Smart TV has the Viki app if it’s Samsung. However, not all smart TV has Viki app. Those stuffs like HDMI and or something else I’m sure :thinking: I guess technology has advanced. I guess chromecast is affordable and use it lifetime. Sometimes chromecast is on sale in the U.S ($35 to $25)

@marygrether1_gmail_c I have an really older perhaps 2012 Sony google tv/android it has apps and I still don’t know how to use it well, I had once an idea when I bought, lol. anyway, I watch sometimes Viki or DF via the web not with the app, I don’t like really apps… because it’s limited, so if I use the regular website it’s like on my laptop, but I’m not sure if this works on all smart TV’s, I did the same on my android tablet, just the website not the app.

aaaaaawwwwwwwwww guys sorry!! I mispelled oprah… supposed top be opera, sorry all

But only in smart tv, i don’t have stamart tv in my case i can only see in my phone, tablet

Viki app is in Samsung smart TV. Other smart TV like Vizio does not have. If you have HDTV using chromecast so it looks like a function of smart TV, I think. With chromecast you can watch on Viki and YouTube.

If it is, I haven’t found it yet.

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There are many types of Samsung smart TVs. I believe some have some don’t.

Which type of smart tv do you have? How do you like it?

I understand the some Samsung Smarttv’s do not have a viki app. There is a list of compatible models on the samsung site. However, you can use smartcast and cast from your phone, ipad or laptop to the Samsung smarttv.
My solution to watch viki on tv was to use my roku streaming stick and plug in into my newest model Samsung Smarttv. I bought the streaming stick on an introductory special last year for $35 after reading reviews which said it was as good as the $99 player.
Dramafever app on the smarttv was not working well for a while but has always worked well on the roku streaming stick. Dramafever appears to be working well now on the smarttv.

For people watching Kdrama on Hulu or netflix – a lot of the recent K drama are the viki versions of the dramas – they just stripped the OST out and took away the team credits. Hulu has 16 K dramas from viki. netflix used to show the volunteer team credits but they don’t anymore. However, I have compared the subs for something like Descendants of the Sun and they were the same as vikis – that is until some of the errors in grammar and translation were repaired!!! I don’t know if netlix updated.

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Connecting a laptop to a TV screen with an HDMI cable is a similar simple way.

Yes-- all it costs is a cheap cable.

just recently got a lap top, my son said an adapter can be helpful, as for a bigger screen, I just might try that, but isn’t that defeating the purpose of it being a LAPTOP?? I am going to have to have my sons check all those gizmos(hehehehe) out for me and see if I can get them on this. I do have hdmi btw…
about our polls; I was seriously thinking of getting off both, just kinda tired of hearing about the yea & nea of both. don’t get me wrong, i do enjoy watching these dramas. I also am one that mentioned the good bad & ugly so I put me in that category. I do know these two are competitors and all but still why cant we watch either one without well you know…griping & complaining one is better than the other? Im bad, like I said before they both have the good & bad sometimes I think the licensing is just a ruse. sorry y’all
old saying if you can’t say anything good about something, don’t say anything at all. I am still considering of dropping both and yes I know thats being foolish, silly. they both have some good dramas right now. so why should I let that little bit of stuff bother me, huh?

It isn’t a “ruse.” There’s something called intellectual copyright. Film is an art, and so the creators have every right to control distribution etc. Viki and Dramafever among others pay for this right. In fact, viki was created to BE RID OF PERSECUTION FOREVER amirite?

Pre 2008 before the “great change.” It was common to have our work for EVERY EPISODE taken down in less than 12 hours. By buying licenses and doing this all legally we can know our work will at least be guaranteed to stay up for the promised time. I also got very disappointed when I learned these licenses weren’t forever. I am quite certain viki is older than dramafever and this concept of licensing was a very new idea at the time.

[quote=“marygrether1_gmail_c, post:72, topic:12502”]
if you can’t say anything good about something, don’t say anything at all.
[/quote] defeats the purpose of this thread.

I dislike how exclusive Dramafever made this drama market, but this is like expecting Apple to not monopolize the mobile industry when it can for the sake of its bottom-line. I also wish dramafever subtitled completely. IT NEVER DOES!!!

There really is no solution because the market for subtitling these shows and films is horrible anyway.

ok then thanks sophie for a new insight, another lesson learned. again thanks for an eye opener. I do know film is an art, I didn’t know is my excuse. I don’t really know much about either company, they have issues is all, don’t know who is older or what. I do understand about licensing, but why throw (sorry wrong words there) something away or archive it? theres so many movies & dramas from years ago! that a lot of us hasn’t seen, per my other message. look I realize they both need to get licensing for the movies & drrmas, just seems like there could be a better way for this. yeah you mentioned subs, they both have issues on this part. I do like them both. no solution> to be sure there is, they just havent checked it out “yet” theres always a solution toi a problem. again if I have said anything to offend I do apologize.

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It pays horribly and is very stressful. Not many are willing to do it.

License is for a limited period. Once that period is up you cannot use it. They probably have some library we cannot access.

I did an experiment this morning. Behind your smile is here, well DF just got it on their site. I finished up to episode 9 because of the subbing, which now as far as I know its all subbed, well I wanted to check out DF and see what they have done. I started on episode 9, hey guess what! all the subbing isnt there!!! go figure! so polls? yeah Viki does have the subbing in place, DF doesn’t., what disturbs me is the most important part isn’t subbed. the girl eating & trying to get boss to eat , she asked him a question but not all if we only had DF we would miss out on that one most important question and answer! yep they both have issues

ok remember vampire prosecuter 1&2? well I just watched some of the episodes on DF and some of the subbing is missing. really disturbing to see some of the subbing gone and esp in a very important part of where its needed. you folks have really wised me up to this, and this isn’t the only drama that it happens to! now I am really wondering too!! DF or Viki? but still our former talks still the same. just my 2 cents worth today

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After reading this week that Viki’s app will no longer be available Samsung Smart TV after May 1, I’ve begun searching discussions for comments on the Roku stick.

I used Roku on our flat-screen TV until we bought our Samsung Smart TV five years ago and liked it. I was curious about viewers opinions of the newer Roku products. I’m considereing the Roku stick.
My main concern is the voice activated remote. I’ve searched Roku’s site and find no indication that the remote will function strictly as voice activated. Did you purchase the Streaming Stick or Streaming Stick +.

Thanks, hope to hear from you.

I believe somewhere viki said they will work on a new roku app or something like that. When I had my google tv, I just watched like on pc the website, without the app… somehow I can’t get used much to apps on big screens :slight_smile:

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Found some answers about Roku and also found special instructions Viki has for connecting with Roku.
I’ll miss the SmartTV app, but look forward to seeing Viki’s content via the Roku.

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