Viki pass-global viewing

I bought a viki pass…but shouldn’t it also allow us to watch global viewing? It’s not fair that I still can’t watch some dramas…

You only paid for HD and no commercials, there was text stating so before you bought it. Only QCs get to have global viewing + free VIKI pass. Frankly it takes so much effort and time to get the status and then still some to maintain it ( I think, wouldn’t know). if you would like to know how to become a QC:


I am willing to pay a little more for global access. I have no intention of becoming a QCer, but I am wiling to pay more for HD video, no commercials, and global access. Personally, I think that this site would do well with tiered pricing. Monthly prices could be $3.99 for HD video + no commercials, and maybe $5-6.99 for all access. There are a lot of shows that I watch on other sites that I cannot watch on viki. I want to support viki by watching legally sourced content, but it should be all access.

That is most likely not possible because Viki works with a license system. If the content owner says US and QC’s only then Viki can’t go ok US, QC’s and VikiPass that would be against the agreement. Just like any other legal streaming site does.


If you want to watch the dramas you cant watch yet, then you have to be a QC in short you have to sub or segment videos ^^

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It’s a shame about the regional licenses, but I understand. I will just keep watching what I can on Viki, and supporting the site via VikiPass. I don’t have the desire to segment or subtitle. However, I do appreciate those who do! :slight_smile: Watching dramas is my fun, relaxing hobby, but I am too busy to invest that kind of time to become a QCer.


At least you don’t have annoying adds anymore ^^

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As a VIKI pass member located in Norway I’m disappointed with content available compared with what a member In UK or North America gets. I pay the same, but get less in return.

It feels like its getting worse and worse. New Korean drama like Descendent of the sun is available in Sweden and not Norway…?

Correct me if I’m wrong. But I think the difference in amount of shows available in different countries are getting bigger. North America and UK seem to be prioritised.

Once again, we don’t have much control over that. The content owners dictate the availability of their shows.

There is a request form, though, which you can use to request for shows to be available in your country. If Viki has enough people asking for a show in a specific country, they can usually get it licensed. Licenses aren’t cheap, so Viki doesn’t see the point in buying them if they don’t see the demand.

I can’t find the form to the link at the moment, but I’ll look for it in the morning and then post it here ^~^


And even now… Uncontrollably Fond has a bug. I am QC and I have vikipass. It’ll impede North American subbing atm.

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here’s the link I promised you ^~^

Hope it helps