Viki Staff deleting a non abuser's contributions without any proof is not at all fair! We need justice for nimi_stepinac! for god sake she is not an abuser

okay, today one of our community members subs got deleted by viki staff without proof and they blindly deleted 43 thousand subs from several shows and all her time she invested here got wasted and that’s 2 long years.

they don’t even look at the the reports and tickets we send them with proofs including the screen shots about the real abusers.
and they blindly delete several tens of thousands subs of a honest other language moderator???

we all should join hands in getting @nimi_stepinac 's subs back!!
we need your support.


Thank you so much for this. I’m so confused and enraged at this situation.


This situation shows the negligence, carelessness and reckless behaviour of the staff.


I am shocked to know that Viki will take such steps for people who do not even deserve it, but will do nothing when everyone in the community shouts about that one particular subber.

Viki, if you have any proof of Nimi abusing the system, then kindly show us. Don’t you generally inform CMs or moderators before deleting subtitles? I stand with Nimi and I am against Viki for doing such things. This really discourages volunteers. It’s so pointless.

I am making a petition.

  • I am with Nimi, and I agree that Viki’s reckless decision has made dramas and volunteers suffer.
  • I do not agree.

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That is a strange case indeed, how did this happen without verifying all sides… was this a new employee at Viki? This should not happen, deleting subs that were just is a big problem.
I hope Viki will follow up what is going on, @padmalayag tag the staff also here and everywhere… :pray:


Although it is not a volunteer I know very well, I give Nimi my full trust, as she has the support of several volunteers I have interacted with on this forum and whom I consider responsible in their work.

Seriously, I really don’t understand what’s going on with Viki. Lately, with all their actions, they give the impression that they want to get rid of us. It’s shocking to find that all your hard work, all your time invested here, is going down the drain.

When asked for help with evidence, they either close the tickets or leave them open and don’t respond for months. I really don’t understand what Viki is trying to prove? I understand that it’s hard to make a judgement on quality, given that you don’t have native staff for every language, but you can’t just delete someone’s subtitles that way either.

At the moment, I invest all my free time in Viki work. Dozens of hours weekly and hundreds monthly. If I found myself in such a situation, that would be the end of my Viki activity. If you don’t want to get involved in cases of real abusers, at least don’t hurt those who do their work responsibly.

If there have been complaints from other volunteers, I want to take advantage of this topic and draw Viki’s attention to a very dangerous situation when it comes to mass complaints. Recently, in my community, there have been volunteers asking for the deletion of subtitles of older projects on the grounds that the quality is very poor. I was recently contacted by a CM of a project for which this was requested. Being one of the few moderators who only subtitle with other volunteers and who give every new volunteer a chance, I got to know my community very well. Thus, just by looking at the team of a project, I can tell whether or not there are serious problems with the quality of subtitles in my native language. So, Viki be careful how you approach such situations. If we are talking about senior Viki staff, they probably already know our problems and know how to deal with them. However, if new Viki staff members have recently joined, the experienced ones should explain some of our issues to them. Otherwise, Viki will end up without quality volunteers.

Once again, I really don’t understand what Viki wants to do with us. Stop discouraging responsible volunteers. Be more involved in our discussions, show that you care about the people who make your company functional and profitable for the most part.


@amyk @giant_sean @vikicommunity

Tagging in case you miss it.


Viki sure is having a lot of problems these days. Whenever I try to login in chrome, 50% of the times it shows “wrong username” or user doesn’t exist, while my account is logged in in safari browser and I am able to access my profile from there.

Doesn’t happen every time on chrome but it still doesn’t make sense. This is a volunteering platform that is not solely non-profit. Rakuten Group has 70+ businesses and 1.6 billion members across the world. How can their security and management be this dull? I am shocked too.


Although I’m a fairly new volunteer myself, even I feel like I’ve been enduring problems with Viki for quite some time.

Viki sure is having a lot of problems these days. Whenever I try to login into chrome, 50% of the time it shows “wrong username” or user doesn’t exist, while my account is logged in in safari browser and I am able to access my profile from there.

As @miniwrites mentioned, we have been ignoring most of the let’s call them “small” problems, and do whatever in our limits to keep this community going. Recently Viki has been removing everything about the “fansub/volunteer” community. I’m sorry but if you want to get rid of us, volunteers, who diligently worked for this community, you at least need to offer something really good, much better than all these volunteers, who again VOLUNTEERS and do not even get paid for the hard work they have been providing.

If you do not value your community, your community would not value you. Many of the people here are professionals and could go anywhere to get paid for the same job and would be paid generously, instead of being pushed aside like this. If this issue won’t be fixed and the attitude towards the volunteers remains the same, I rather invest my time and effort into another community or platform which would value my work and recognise it. Please do your job properly, we are not getting paid for this, but hey, you are.


This is absolutely pathetic. As others have mentioned, Viki staff has ignored genuine abuser reports before and now they go ahead and nullify the work of someone who has given her absolute best as a subber and as a mod on SO MANY projects?! We cant let this go by unnoticed. I’m absolutely in support of Anshika and I’m here to do anything it takes to bring back her subs.


I am completely shocked by this decision. Viki desperately needs to reconsider this. Nimi is a hardworking, kind and friendly person. Making such allegations against an honest person, I don’t think it is by any means the right decision. This has hurt the sentiments of me and many others.


I have worked with Nimi in some projects and I have seen her work too. I can 100% assure that she makes genuine subs. The thing Viki did with Nimi is pure injustice. I really hope this issue solves as soon as possible.
Viki is not only scaring the hindi community but also other language communities. We give our free time to volunteer. And she volunteered for 2 years. I am just speechless with what Viki did. Nimi you have my full support.



I am horrified that this has happened. That Viki can do this without first checking with CMs is mind-boggling. I hope that someone from Viki jumps into this thread and explains what happened.

I am also completely shocked that Viki did not contact you before simply deleting your subs. You’ve been on Viki since 2018. Are Viki truly this inconsiderate and reckless? So many projects must have been thrown into disarray because of so many subs being deleted.



We were discussing about this… the whole situation is weird, actually. It looks like standard protocol wasn’t followed at all.

43k subs were deleted but 213 subs were left behind. There are no project contributions but all the badges are still there and it looks like she can still contribute. According to Viki guidelines, abusers are warned once and then either kicked off Viki or blocked, with their Pass revoked. None of that happened here. Nimi still has a Viki Pass and hasnt been blocked or deleted. She was also not informed of anything beforehand.


I thought that Viki was a non-discriminatory platform where the community can contribute as much it wants but seeing an experienced subber getting treated like this breaks my heart. I’m not sure if i trust Viki for its volunteer management. It is like being tyrannical without informing the person involved. Also, today, because of this issue i lost a very good Hindi Subber. That person just deleted his account stating that Viki doesn’t treat volunteers well. We come from different backgrounds and countries still we are able to contribute here because we trust people volunteering here and on Viki, but if Viki turns a blind eye to its Community then it’s their loss, not our. I’m so sorry Nimi that you had to go through this, and I’m so upset that our Hindi Team lost not one but Two volunteers due to Viki’s negligence/ mismanagement.


This is so strange. Sometimes it takes Viki I don’t know how long to remove subs of an abuser…

I know years ago Viki by accident deleted an account of a volunteer and she got her account back eventually.

I hope this gets sorted out soon.


I’d still recommend everyone to calm down first. Certainly this is a very emotional topic, but since we’re not directly involved, we don’t know anything about the claims or the concrete evidence. We can just assume it’s about English subtitles and/or certain projects.

Personally, I don’t know how Viki works either. Sometimes they just jump on a hint (XY is abuser Z, please take care), sometimes even concrete evidence leads to nothing, or it takes quite a while for them to react. Still, even in cases where subtitles were obviously copied from Google, a deletion never happened or happened only months later. :woman_shrugging:

If it’s about English subtitles copied from another source, it shouldn’t be an issue for them to provide evidence considering it doesn’t involve other parties or any business secrets (which was the case when I worked as a support in the gaming industry - there I learned, that evidence is always the key).

No matter if it’s reports or movies where someone inactive has been assigned as CM, it obviously doesn’t work as intended, and they should first follow their own guidelines. Just think about the abuser that received about 20 chances and now they leave him alone, even though he keeps applying for English stuff (and they still don’t know English, Korean, Japanese, Thai or Chinese) and I had been told that he’s being “monitored”. Yeah, sure. Not to mention the editor team that changes the dog’s name in a web drama three times, most likely because the TE doesn’t know Korean.

Just like there’s been a huge argument, because some staff member accidentally let the accused person know their reporter’s name. I don’t think that such indifference towards data privacy is in favor of such a huge company.


I accidentally clicked on the vote when I wasn’t looking :sweat_smile:. Not that I don’t stand with the volunteer, I’m just wondering what happened and why Viki did this. I would be baffled if this happened to me :hushed:.

I hope Viki gives an explanation soon!


If it involves copy pasting from a 3rd party then that is most likely the issue as to why the subs are deleted. Mind you I don’t accuse Nimi of doing this, I’m just saying this could lead to your work or even account being deleted.


A few years ago, like september 2019, we went on a translation strike because of vikibot. Following this, we spoke directly by videoconference with the vikistaff members of which Mariliam was still the manager (By the way, who is the new manager today?)

Anyway, we still have private writings regarding this hours-long meeting with members of the community (@cgwm808 @irmar @piranna @niennavalar @theparrot me) and vikistaff members (@giant_sean @amyk Mariliam, Camille).

Following that call, there was a release on Discussion and since then they’ve been doing their monthly “update” message thing. And in my memory, it was also suggested by the vikistaff to have other sessions each year with contributors to improve the platform.

Lately, they’ve been using this video meeting for segmentation, no? It has always been viki staff who suggested these meetings. Maybe it would be a good idea for us, the community, to request a meeting on the subject of abusers and reports. Because at the time, we did not discuss this subject, which was not so important like today.

Of course, participants of several different languages ​​are needed to avoid groups of friends…

We need a concrete proposal with ideas to think together about better management of this kind of problem. This call idea is not to complain or accuse, but rather to move forward together on better joint decisions.

(It reminds me, a few years ago, we needed the support of a moderator to enter the community. Each contributor received their vikipass manually)