Viki statistics

Does anybody know how many are the active volunteers on Viki?

Could we maybe have an interactive world map with number of volunteers per country, or per language? (of course these two would be very different)

It would be interesting to see some statistics about our community.


Yes, it would be nice. For french volunteers, we can “know” who is active because we work with google sheets and we see often same people in projects.
But, this feature would be nice to know how is active or not and that would be more easy to contact active people to join our projects.

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That would be so cool!
BTW I’m sure this is TOTALLY NOT related to me, but the flurry of discussions on viki is SO EXCITING! :smiley:

I’m thinking infographic! like the one they had about population and languages in business insider.

I wasn’t even thinking of projects, but just to look at. It would give a visual to the 150 languages and counting! aspect of viki

According to the Viki subtitling community, there are in total 161,889 contributors. But those, I believe, include also the non-active ones.

There was a statistics chart a while back when Viki achieved its 1 billionth word. The chart names most translated languages and series at the time (Oct '15):

From Viki’s press site we see that there are over 200 languages that the community translates into.

On the other hand, there is about 40 million Viki users out there, spanning 195 countries, with USA being most dominant:


I think 161,889 is about 1,000 more than the active contributors… At first I thought that number was high enough, but after seeing the same names over and over (not only in Greek, almost in any language) I now believe that the active contributors are really less than a thousand.

I would want something that illustrates what’s really going on.

And from 40,000,000 users, I would like to know how many are QCs. I don’t really care about Viki pass and free members, this is for the company to know.


Great idea!
I’d love to see an infographic and a map of active volunteers, it would be so cool! :smile:

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I think the numbers include anyone that has ever added a subtitle or segment. In volunteers finder, I see names that haven’t contributed anything for 5 months.
I also think that the active ‘other language’ volunteers are very few.
It would be nice if we could see the actual numbers over a period of time.

I know!! I see like the same 30 subbers. I’m like is that really so?
If that’s true each of need a minimum of 3 projects. To protect my life I am currently refusing to be on any more.

I wish there was a power subber was a thing where I could be like hey I need help today as an editor and know that some things may be out of context, but it’ll be fine otherwise.