@Viki, stop moderating Team Discussions

It is absolutely contra-productive to stop a person’s comment based on some mysterious set of keywords, when they are trying to communicate with their colleagues in Team Discussion.

Who thought this was a good idea?

From my experience Team Discussion is being used mostly highly professionally. There is zero need to moderate comments there.

Please turn this off.

Do I honestly have to wait a whole day for my message to get though? Absolutely ridiculous!


Yes, I faced it. When I tried posting a comment with the track of my progress, it was detected as spam and never got approved.



That’s so strange! That’s never happened to me before.
I do get held for approval if I used words like: translation, subtitle, etc.


That’s precisely my point. Team Discussion is supposed to be used to discuss these exotic things such as translations and subtitles :smirk:


I thought that since Team Discussions message board is provided through the “famed” disqus so Viki has very little control about disqus “algorithm” of editing. Disqus’ has built in keywords that trigger the “is on hold” action, only Viki can elaborate if they have any system that syncs with disqus program to search for keywords that Viki wants to put on hold…

This wasn’t really so bad some years ago, something must have changed… and disqus has the keywords selections also in some other languages… I personally hate disqus for also other reasons, that when I check feedbacks it directs me so often to create an account with disqus… I use the messaging program only on Viki… so *******

Are you aware of this going on:

I therefore use the Viki email system for certain communication, but that is another story as well…


I had this isue, when I as CM replayed in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese to say thank you to their teams and that they have joined the drama & finished it so fast.
Was also confused. I thought it had something to with me being German, but I got help from German Volunteers who studies these languages, so I posted the thank you and had to wait hours for it’s approvement.


I completely agree. There have been too many instances where I’ve tried to communicate something about a segment and the message gets blocked for spam. It’s ridiculous. I think the last time I was blocked for the word “subtitle”.

We are using the Team Discussion to impart important information to our team members about something having to do with the show. Whether it’s a translation question or a timing issue, the team comments should not be blocked as spam.

It’s really frustrating when you don’t have time to fiddle with the wording to get it past the spam controls.


Oohh! I can understand that. It’s really very bad.


I got this thing for the first time today and I was reaaaally confused… Like what is even a point of that? Why do they do that???


So true. Couldn’t agree more.
In the past, I was often “moderated” with just “Thank you” to someone. That’s puzzling and I do wonder how “that so-called algor” works lol. But we still aren’t sure who’s the “caretaker” - Disqus or Viki? No one’s telling, so…:roll_eyes:


And the the request we submit for review, I think they don’t look at them at all.


@jeslynl, @giant_sean, please, please do something about this. It’s driving us slightly nuts!


Is it just me or Disqus is not working?






I can still use the function with a saved link:

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Did you have an update? Browser, Security System? Check your cookie, cache, …
Sometimes updates suddenly change the setting.
And the Cookie Policy …

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I am in Team Discussion now. Try restarting your browser.

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It just came back on its own. IDK, it went suddenly for half an hour and came back on its own.


I’m glad it’s working for you now.

My original username was “translate” and that made EVERYTHING I wrote in the team discussion censored. So I couldn’t communicate with anyone about my progress. Luckily(?), there was only 1 other subbed on that show, so I ended up sending PM to her and the CM to let them know what part I was working on.

Although I wasn’t 100% sure why all my comments were being blocked and deleted, I had a sneaky suspicion that it might be my username. So I ended up changing it to my current username. Even after that, when I used sentences like “Translated or subtitled Ep. 5.1” or something like that, it got blocked. So that’s when I was sure that they don’t like the words “translate” or “subtitle” for some reason.


You are right, and the reason is people who are writing comments and pushing teams to work faster …

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Just ran into this problem when trying to comment in team discussions and ask about our naming conventions! Thanks to you all, I’m realizing that I shouldn’t use the word “translate” in my comments. But it’s ridiculous that I had to search through the website to figure out what was going wrong.