Viki system is not counting contributions accurately

Today, after not viewing K drama on viki for a while because I have been watching on other streaming sources, I learned I had to renew my QC status and needed 500 lines. I write Korean subs. Today on Episode 1 of a channel that I have never contributed to before, there are now 360 Korean subs after I wrote 349 today and another viki-an had written 11 several years ago. Episodes are less than one hour long on this channel so total number of segments is only 366. On episode 2, so far, I am the only Korean subber. I have written thus far 154 subtitles. So my total contributions as i write this are 503 lines.
When I felt I was near 500 lines, I checked my profile. My profile now says I have only written 240 lines! But simultaneously on Project contributions it says on the channel, I have written 504 lines! I am entitled to QC status right now per the project contribution page. I never cross checked my contribution count before. I checked Bulk Translation, my Profile, my project contributions and the Activities function for the channel (which verify that I have made over 500 contributions to the channel today). So viki’s counting of my contributions is off by 50%. I have submitted screenshots of my activities to the viki staff and will see how long before my QC status is restored.
I have noticed people complain that requests are not responded to for days, months, or years so I thought I might as well test the response rate on what I believe may be an important issue for many contributors.

You situation sounds very similar to this one.

There seems to be a delay somewhere in the counting process at the moment. It may well be that the count will be correct tomorrow.


Misery loves company I guess so I am not the only one who is a victim of a program which can’t count in real time. Gracious- I haven’t even checked my grand total to see if it is also miscounted! But if we were working for money, can you imagine working many hours but the boss doesn’t record all your time? Or as a volunteer who just wants to restore QC status, the undercounting, even if it is later rectified, means I contribute more than 500 subs to renew!
What about all the sub-athons? This same system is determining badges and prizes for the top contributors. Is the system doing this for everyone, or is it randomly doing this for some but not others?

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There is definitely a delay. The counts are not accurate by minute. It can take 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 12 hours or even a day for the ticker to be accurate. The activities tab on the channel you work on is the MOST accurate. If you are doing subathons, or keeping track of counts, it’s best to screen shot these in case you need to make a case with Viki.


Update. Problem solved now. My QC status was restored by the time I had done way over the 500 required. Also, a real person (not a bot) responded to my note to the help center and admitted there is a problem in the system. The real person response was posted six (6) hours after I wrote to the help center. The responder did close my request, even though at the time of closing my QC was not yet restored as the responder said I had 65 contributions more. The responder did not diclose what function he consulted to determine the number of contributions I had made since losing QC status.
So it is good to see a real person is reading help center requests on a fairly prompt basis.


it happens to me too sometimes but it shows correctly after refreshing the webpage

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