Viki unavailable in South Korea :(

I received a notification from Viki saying that it’s not supported in Korea anymore starting from February 17th… :cry: (
Probably good to know for anyone planning on visiting / living in Korea.




Did they give a reason why? Just wondering bc it’s such a complicated puzzle with all those streaming platforms everywhere fighting for a bit of marketshare. Or is it because there is too little demand? I can imagine that there aren’t many non-Korean speaking Vikians in South Korea? But I could be wrong.

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Must be due region restrictions or something. I find it stupid though because people go on holiday, there are a lot of international students and expats there who would like to use Viki. And that way people in the business can be exposed to Viki.


I used to hear stories about difficulty in accessing viki in Korea so I signed up for a vpn service before my first visit but didn’t need to use it to do my segmenting and subbing on that trip and subsequent visits. I guess if I ever go again I will subscribe to vpn again.

No, it was just:
''We see that you have previously contributed from South Korea, and regret to inform you that Rakuten Viki (including all Contributor tools) will only be supported in South Korea until February 17, 2023 (KST) . The view, subtitle, and segment features will continue to be accessible until then.

We wholeheartedly thank you for all your contributions thus far, and for being a part of the Rakuten Viki Contributor Community.’’

I’m afraid a vpn might not work. When I was still a QC, I could work on dramas while being in Korea, but now that I’ve lost my QC status not anymore. Viki knows when you’re using a vpn. Although it might depend on the vpn service you’re using.

Hmm, and so it ends. Still wondering why but it’s a fast changing game they’re in I suppose. It must be due to region restrictions like @dudie said or licensing problems maybe or simply bc of the competition in the industry.
Nevertheless, enjoy your last month of Viki over there!