Vikibot's massacre!

Well, well … This is where Viki’s interersts and the volunteer’s mindset totally clash.
Viki Rakuten wants to create a translation program at best and what better “playground” could there be than a platform like Viki. Rakuten didn’t buy Viki for volunteers to have fun, they bought it to generate a translating option better than g* translator and co. So there is a big chance to make money. Why Spanish now? How many people in the world speak it?
Of course such a system can’t work without mistakes right away. It needs time, one needs to be patient.
So in the end how will Viki turn out, no volunteers at all, or only the minor languages, or only for editing issues?
I guess we will see … As for Viki I fear they will more or less remain silent about the issue, or maybe sell it as a good thing on their blog? I haven’t been there for quite a while, because nothing much of interesting information for me.

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they recruited some volunteers from segmenting a bit ago to do some “repairs” in a timed test …of poor segmenting…and…maybe…that’s the thinking on their part, to make us all fix poor work rather than do good work more slowly. never mind the repairs take longer than our work and well…

let me put it this way. there’s a good reason certain places that buy video translation say “NO MACHINE WORK”.

in some languages, the crimes are much worse than others…:frowning: take two of the most complex languages in the world…and…bot it…and you get nothing but trouble.

sigh. Oh My Guanache!


Yeah they did this with some movies as well. We had to fix the segments and that took a lot of time and you don’t even get credited for the work… Quite sad :cry:

I hope this doesn’t become the new normal…

I had to fix all segments in a movie last year too and it took me ages.
Another one has been segmented by the bot this week. I’ve started to correct some segments and I had to add missing ones, but I will let the rest as it is. It’s becoming the new normal.


Ohh yes I remember that years ago we had to edit the itazura na kiss movie. It was such a pain as we couldn’t delete segments and combine stuff because everything was auto segged and subbed. Now I’m like why waste time to edit the bad auto seg/sub Viki wanted… If that’s the quality they want.


True T.T Good question…:worried:

At this point folks, we have two separate discussions really.

1. An apparent outlier of the vikibot ONE TIME outbreak here. First of all, I’ve done some checking about this. And then had to think back, just what the deal was and how you found out “what got hit” and how to deal with it.

2. New work done by machines or very badly-trained humans on dramas that are coming in now.

With regard to item 1 - I have just verified NO MORE WORK was vikiboted here. No more existing dramas hit, the ONE TIME was it.

So you say, how could this episode have been overwritten? Discovered only now?

At the time…CM’s only were the ones who were allowed to REQUEST A LIST OF WHAT GOT HIT IN WHAT LANGUAGES AND WHERE. Say you were on a project where the CM did not ask for the information - or was dormant or possibly had left? Then you did not know the status of “DID YOU GET HIT” in this drama at all. Make sense now? Odds are the CM on the project Anna has found the botting on was NOT one who asked for the list…or was aware of it or active. OR it may have been missed in the accounting to us, if there was a request made by the then-CM.

Clearly not all CM’s here are active and engaged day-to-day and get all the information, we have found sometimes folks are not aware going forward of changes even if we do put them up here and do our best to circulate it - and the overlords DID send out such notices.

I have sent Anna the information on how to roll back the episode - it’s by hand, unfortunately - as the episode had already been subbed in French…and the botting is the usual ineffective miss on translation.

I suspect we will still come across such outlying episodes due to the as I said before, folks who did not know about this or ask for a list of the affected episodes or a miss on gathering the list when the overlords did so, it was QUITE EXTENSIVE AT THE TIME. (I AM STILL FURIOUS about the huge chunks of CONDOR and other dramas done without even a MOMENT of courtesy…believe me…and only the fact this has TRULY BEEN HALTED makes me feel any better about this one. Make no mistake!)

With regard to Item 2 - THAT is clearly a live issue - the condition and ability of volunteers to work with poor flashy choppy segmenting and absolutely miserable translation - even a modern movie from Chinese to English was in extremely poor condition - and this was FAR from challenging dialogue! The lengthy time it takes to REPAIR THIS PAINFULLY…(shaking head)…

Clearly there was a “test” where segmenters were asked to come in and “participate in a paid experiment”…where they were to “repair” various problems…or seg without wave…all in a thirty-minute time span…obviously there was something going on with regard at least to the machine segmenting.

Here…is where I have to say as an editor…ROGUE work…whether it be human or machine, is not welcome. The pain inflicted on those repairing it is not worth the time …and…we do this for FREE.

Making it more painful for us to WILLINGLY GIVE OUR FREE TIME TO THIS SITE IS…a rather unfortunate and unwelcome development!

Generous and magnificent hearts of the volunteers…shot by unseen arrows in the darkness…this may cause us to lose that very lifeblood they wish to tap…unseen…for their own use.

I know I spend a considerable amount of time here gathered with the global talents of the world…and I would certainly NOT trade one moment with them for machine convenience.

And I do not envision my Teams…in this condition:

GenIe of the Lamp
Mei Daxia…will go where no bot dare to tread…


Hi Community,

We’re reaching out to you in regards to the concerns you’ve raised about Wok of Love.

We’d like to make it plain and clear that the confusion caused by this was never the intention from our teams. At the end of the day it’s our goal to ensure happiness from all of our users, from both the viewers as well as the ones that make it possible for them to watch these shows in their native languages. A subtitles suggestions tool was inadvertently launched within this project. As we continue to work for you, we’ll make this tool available in the near future to help as a guide. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on its release. These tools are meant to help channel teams decide on the best translations and not to be used a replacement. Viki’s subtitles are the best around, and it’s no secret that it’s due to the tireless efforts from the community members that provide them.

Moving forward Wok of Love will soon be open to additional languages. For all those who have already reached out to us expressing interest in working on this title, your requests have been noted and we will be reaching out to you soon.

As always, if you have any additional questions or concerns, we welcome you to write in to us.

The Viki Community Team

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You mean something like let’s say One Liners 2.0? :fearful:

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Let’s hope not…
Je bedoelt toch van die enkele zinnetjes terwijl er een hele reeks gezegd wordt?

Ja die. Was zo blij dat we daar eindelijk vanaf waren :sweat_smile:

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Laten we dat hopen :laughing:

Bump! This thread deserves to be read again, now that the situation with the bot has become critical.


All I read from Viki is “supporting tool”, “suggestions tool”, “empty subtitles”, “inactive channels” and all kinds of “we-care-for-you” variations. All I see is a buggy thing that ruins any chance to get a decently translated drama.